Weekly Saturday Night Exodus - Week 18 - Results

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The man with the rear that makes the girls cheer!
Match Card:

Reese MaCleod @Jet Starr vs Reaper @Legit Boss
Winner: Reese MaCleod

Des Pierson @Emo vs JJ Colton @InFaMoUs1
Winner: Des Pierson

Robert Blake @TheFrostyBlur vs Tyson Frost @SmudgyParasite
Winner: Robert Blake

Todd McKay @MintMidget69 vs Ellis Klein @Ellis Sullivan

No Contest

(I mean... There's no point cleaning it up now)
Since I asked for people who wanted to run the league to step forward for some trial runs, i'm gunna give the first trial run to @Emo for next week. It's pretty close to the end of the league and if I want to fit everyone in, these trials are gunna start as soon as possible. I'll do the "Get a match" thread, then it's on him to make the card for the week, send out the match inboxes and create the results thread. It's up to him how he does it. If he wants to write up the threads differently than usual then that's up to him, that's how the trial works. Do things as if you were the actual GM, not just copy what I do (unless you feel like that's the best way to do things, that's completely fine).
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