Weekly Saturday Night Exodus - Week 19 (Emo's Week)

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    MATCH 1: JJ COLTON (@InFaMoUs1 ) vs. ELLIS KLEIN (@Ellis Sullivan )

    MATCH 2: LUIS ALVARADO (@Hybrid ) vs. DES PIERSON (@Emo ) vs. THE AMAZING H (@SupaHeeroh )


    *Boos erupt from the crowd as Terra Hayze makes her way out into the arena for the first time in months to open up Saturday Night Exodus. She's wearing a huge smile upon her face as she makes her way down the ramp and into the ring, Patrick getting up from the announce table to hand her a mic before she enters the ring*
    Terra Hayze: You know, if I didn't know any better, I'd say that you guys weren't very happy to see me out here tonight.
    *The boos erupt again, and Terra just continues to smile*
    Terra Hayze: Don't worry. I know that deep down, each and every one of you guys have missed me.
    *No! chants begin to surface, but Terra is still not fazed at all*
    Terra Hayze: Let's just move on shall we? Everyone...I'm calling the shots tonight!
    *The boos just pour in, louder than before*
    Terra Hayze: Isn't it great? Whoever has been running the shots for the past few months, well, he's taken a leave of absence from the company. It is unknown when, or even if, he will return, and therefore the board has elected to have weekly general managers for the upcoming weeks as a sort of safety net, just in case.
    *Terra pauses for a few moments to let the news sink in, before changing the subject*
    Terra Hayze: Anyways as this weeks appointed general manager, I have taken a look at the available talent, and I have put together two very noteworthy match-ups that I hope that you all will pleased with.
    Terra Hayze: For the first match, as you all know, JJ Colton has been eager to prove himself. And you know what? Tonight he is going to get that opportunity, because I'm putting the man with a chip on his shoulder up against the current reigning Intercontinental Champion, Ellis Klein! And as for tonight's main event, well I think you are all in store for a treat. In tonight's main event, we will see a match-up of pay per view material, as it will be the Iron Man Champion, Luis Alvarado, versus the future, Des Pierson....versus the returning legend, The Amazing H!
    *The crowd is erupting with cheers at the return to action of The Amazing H*
    Terra Hayze: Now, let's get this show on the road!
    *The show then switches over to commentators to talk about the upcoming match-ups*

    (I was a little disappointed in the lack of sign-ups for this week's show, however I made due with what I had. I'd also like to thank @SupaHeeroh for not only giving me control for this week, but also changing his mind and actually signing up for a match. I honestly feel like for the short list of competitors, that this is actually a really good card, and I do hope that we don't have any No Contest.
    P.s. This whole promo thing is something that I do plan to keep going with should I be chosen to run the league next year as a way of explaining each matchup. I also have plans to work on some new graphics, including a match-card backdrop to enhance the thumbnail idea incorporated this year. I also have a song that I plan to use to open off each match card as a theme song for Exodus which would take the place of Terra's theme song used in this one)

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  3. @SupaHeeroh you should make this thread sticky for the week.

    also cool card but I would chill with posting the matches in spoilers since this site does fuck them up quite a bit. Also I'm not a big fan of promos in the match card thread. If you want to add something then maybe talk about why the matches are happening under the match with a little summary? I think Yellow did something like that a few years ago. The green looks good. Maybe also add those face images with the green text. Overall not a bad first try.
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  4. I changed it up a bit so that the matches were at the start in case people didn't like the promos. Also, the promos is what I would use to explain each matchup, like I did this week. Sometimes it would be Terra, other times it would be Patrick and James. I also added in the thumbnails, but should I be picked to run things I was planning on working on a backdrop for them that would have room for the thumbnail, their names, and if they are champions. I would also be willing to work on one for the PS4 league should I be picked.
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  5. Would have loved to take part but my net is still capped :emoji_slight_frown: I'll be back next week though!

    I really like that promo bit in the card thread. :bodallas:

    And it's cool to have an authority figure people can hate :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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