Weekly Saturday Night Exodus- Week 21- Match Card (Ellis' Week)

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    Welcome To Saturday Night Exodus!

    Match 1
    Ellis Klein ( @Ellis Sullivan ) Vs Gareth 'Big Bad' Wolf ( @RedDwarfTechy ) Vs Jet Starr ( @Jet Starr )

    ~With two of the men losing their title matches at Jail House, including Ellis dropping his Intercontinental Championship and Gareth losing his Iron Man Title shot to Luis Alvarado. The Returning Jet Starr interefered at Jail House and he sure knows how to fight, when these three men step into the squared circle on Saturday we are sure to be in for a good, violent display of professional wrestling.~

    Match 2
    The Amazing H ( @SupaHeeroh ) Vs Des Pierson ( @Emo )

    ~ With both of these men losing at Jail House they will both wanting to prove a point to the Exodus Universe on Saturday night, what makes this match even more heated is that Des lost to H's K.O.W partner Lukey at Jail House; Des will surely want to seek revenge on the K.O.W for beating him at Jail House. This match will definitely be a good one, with both men ready and willing to severely damage their opponent in order to get their hand raised st the end of the match.~

    Match 3
    Iron Man Championship Match
    Luis Alvarado ( @Hybrid ) Vs Ben Song ( @Papa Franku's ear )

    ~With Luis Alvarado looking to defend his Iron Man Championship for the fifth week and Ben Song looking to win the his first ever title in Saturday Night Exodus this 15 minute Iron Man match will be sure to push both men to their limits. So, the question is, who will be the Iron Man champion at the end of this weeks Exodus? Will Luis defend or will Ben Song earn gold for the first time?~

  2. If im not mistaken, I think that if Hybrid defends his title and wins this match, he can drop the belt for a shot at the WHC for next week. This is his 5th defence.
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  3. Okay I'll change that
  4. World title matches are for PPV events only.
  5. I ain't going to lose my title on a normal show haha

  6. I miscounted anyway, this is the 4th defence. I counted a no contest.
  7. You scared me man.....Hybrid fucking scares me. Stay away from me @Hybrid
  8. If I win the next 2 defenses I'm gonna do that cash in shizz
  9. Nice card! Like the intros @Ellis Sullivan :emoji_slight_smile: really looking forward to the match.
  10. Yeah, Ellis, replace Reese MaCleod with Jet Starr, since Reese is gone now.
  11. Okay will do
  12. You should change the description to, to fit the match now.
  13. Good point
  14. *Returning, not debuting
  15. 100% knew that lol