Saturday Night ... Jimmy Jacobs Comes Home

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  1. Champions vs All Stars - Kalamazoo, Mi

    On March 2, 1991, at Wings Stadium in Kalamazoo, Michigan, a bright eyed 7 year old boy enjoyed his first ever wrestling event with his brother and father. “I was seven years old. I watched Ultimate Warrior beat Sgt. Slaughter in a steel cage in that building. My dad bought me Bret Hart sunglasses that I wore to school that week”. His friends thought he was the coolest when they saw him wearing them. Why you ask? He fibbed a little and told his friends “Bret gave them to me”. What young wrestling fan wouldn’t embellish that type of tale for a couple extra cool points?

    That boy grew to become the evil genius behind the Age of The Fall. He was the despicable catalyst for SCUM. That little boy’s devious mind currently assists “The Decade” with BJ Whitmer and “Mr ROH” Roderick Strong. That young boy developed into one of the most intelligent twisted minds that Ring of Honor and professional wrestling has ever seen. That young boy is now “The Zombie Princess” Jimmy Jacobs.

    Fast forward nearly 24 years and “The Zombie Princess” returns to Wings Stadium as part Ring of Honor’s annual Champions v All Stars event this Saturday night! “It's where I saw my first ever live wrestling show with my brother and my dad. It's where it all began for me. On Saturday, I'm coming home. That's real. “

    When asked if Kalamazoo had any other meaning to him, he responded “I lived in Kalamazoo for over ten years. I graduated college at Western Michigan there. I made lifelong friends there, got my heart broken there. From 19 to 29 years old, Kalamazoo... I grew up there”. His excitement for this Saturday night is very obvious.

    “I don't celebrate birthdays. I didn't walk at my graduation. This is my party. My parents are coming to see me wrestle for the first time in years. My friends I broke into the business with that have long since quit, one of my trainers that broke me in, students that I broke in- they're all coming. The girl I have a crush is moving to Florida on Sunday, but she's making one last stop to see me perform before she goes. Everybody's coming. This is my homecoming.”

    “I've main evented from Japan to Mexico to Germany. I've wrestled in the US from New York to LA. I've been so far north, the sun doesn't go down. I've wrestled on national television for every company on TV. Wrestling at the very venue I first watched wrestling in over 23 years ago, that beats it all. F the Garden. I'm going to Wings Stadium!”

    It is very tough to put any specific label on Jimmy Jacobs. He is unique, he is determined, he is smart, but this coming Saturday Jimmy is going to likely give everyone a few more potential labels. His energy for Saturday night’s event is very visible in his eyes and his words. The passion that he is bringing is immeasurable. The pressure he is putting on himself to be the very best in front of his friends and family is pressure most mortals can’t handle.

    This Saturday night in Wings Stadium the grown version of that little awe struck 7 year old boy isn’t sitting in the stands. He will walk down the aisle, in the very same building; his idols walked some 23 plus years ago. “The Zombie Princess” Jimmy Jacobs will realize a dream and this dream will be shared with his family, friends and fans of Ring of Honor. “Life is poetic. It's beautiful and magic. Saturday is one of those beautiful, poetic nights. I went to Wings Stadium as a young boy and Saturday I come back a man, in front of the people I love the most in my life, who have been the most influential in my life, maybe in front of a 7 year old kid who I will inspire to become a professional wrestler some day. I'm going there Saturday to steal the show. It's over 23 years in the making. The kid's coming home, and Warrior and Slaughter in a steel cage ain't got nothing on me come Saturday!”

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