Weekly Saturday Night Precision - Week 28 - Match Card


The Artiste

Live from Newark, New Jersey!

Duality left a lot of people seemingly shocked, from the ups and downs of the Survival Championship match to the end of the show, where Spencer Hyde had a golden opportunity of his own presented to him! Therefore, I present the newest card for Precision.

Will Neilson has his Unified World Championship celebration.

Jack Rogue @Geek773 vs. Chris Young. @impactking

"It'll be quite interesting to see how these two go after eachother, the two men who lost their title opportunities at Duality square off."

Antonio Stark has demanded a microphone, what will he have to say about the events of the triple threat?

Intercontinental Championship.
Joseph Diamond @CiV vs.
Tyson Blade. @Electro

"After the interference of Alexander Diamond this past weekend, these two will finally square off in a fair one on one match. With Alexander banned from ringside, can Tyson Blade finally build himself back up to the prominence he once had? Or will Joseph Diamond's championship reign remain unbreakable?"

Trent Kingsley has a special announcement regarding Money In The Bank!

#1 Contender's Match For The Unified World Championship.
Spencer Hyde. Reborn Reborn vs. Yuri Black. @Averous

"Spencer Hyde was given the opportunity to give up the Survival Championship to face the winner of the Golden Opportunity triple threat, Yuri Black, to his dismay, found it out to end Duality. With the loser recieving an incentive themselves, the stakes couldn't be higher in this week's main event. Will The Weight of the World crumble Yuri Black? Or will Hyde's empire fall before him?"

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