Weekly Saturday Night Precision - Week 28 - Results

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    Jack Rogue @Geek773 vs. Chris Young. @impactking

    WINNER - Chris Young via pinfall.

    After an astounding 40 minute match, Chris Young was finally able to get the win with The Breakdown.

    Intercontinental Championship.
    Joseph Diamond @CiV vs.
    Tyson Blade. @Electro

    WINNER - Joseph Diamond via pinfall.

    In a match that was somehow riddled with more controversy than DUALITY, Joseph Diamond was able to get the win after a masked man distracted the referee, allowing Joey D to low blow Tyson Blade and hit the Unbreakable Facebreaker for the win. After the match, Tyson attacked Diamond and left him laying in the ring.

    Trent Kinglsey's
    Money In The Bank announcement was the first entrant into the actual match itself, former Precision Champion Jack Rogue! Along with that, there will be three qualifying matches taking place within the next few weeks to determine the rest of the entrants.

    #1 Contender's Match For The Unified World Championship.
    Spencer Hyde. @Reborn vs. Yuri Black. @Averous

    WINNER - Spencer Hyde via pinfall.

    After 15 minutes of back and forth action, Spencer Hyde defeated Yuri Black with Revenge Therapy and will challenge Will Neilson for the Unified World Championship at Money In The Bank!
  2. Yuri Black is our real champion
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  3. I mean after beating me clean @impactking should totally be in MITB right? Also impact post the vid pls cos the match was L-I-T

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