Weekly Saturday Night Precision - Week 29 - Match Card

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  1. Live from Chicago, Illinois

    Match One
    Jack Rogue @Geek773
    Open Invitational

    "Opening Precision here in Chicago will be former Precision Champion, Jack Rogue, holding an open invitational challenge. Rogue himself requested this, and we will probably find out why when Precision opens up."

    Spencer Hyde @Reborn

    "Last week, Spencer Hyde picked up a huge victory when he became number one contender for the Precision World Heavyweight Championship. Tonight, he speaks out on his victory and Will Neilson will probably be watching, as the two are set to collide at Money in the Bank."

    Match Two
    Survival Championship

    Tables Match

    Austin Cruz @Averous
    Yuri Black @also Averous (God damn)

    "Austin Cruz was the man who attacked Yuri Black after his loss against Spencer Hyde, and tonight the two clash in a tables match for the Survival Championship. Will the rookie in Cruz upset the long time roster member in Yuri Black? Only time will tell."

    Match Three

    Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
    Lyle Bronson @Cero___Miedo
    Antonio Stark @The Anarchist

    "Antonio Stark demanded to be put in the Money in the Bank ladder match last week... and it's sort of worked. If he wants to get in the match, he's going to have to go through Lyle Bronson. Who will be the second man in the ladder match that could make or break someone's career?"

    Match Four
    Winner picks the stipulation
    Alexander Diamond @CiV
    Tyson Blade @Electro

    "The Diamonds have always seemed to have gotten the upper hand on Tyson Blade. At Duality, Alexander cost Blade the chance to win the IC title, and only last week, a masked man distracted Blade for Diamond to low blow him and hit the Unbreakable Facebreaker to retain. The match will happen one last time, but at Money in the Bank, and whoever wins this has a say in the stipulation. Who will gain the advantage heading into Money in the Bank?"

    Main Event
    Chris Young @impactking

    Will Neilson @Sanic

    "The main event for tonight is a one on one match between 'The Amazing One' Chris Young, and the Precision World Heavyweight Champion Will Neilson. Young impressed a lot last week, defeating Jack Rogue and now he faces the man who made history at Duality. This is Will's first match after his Duality victory, and it will be his first test as champion."

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  3. Thanks for that. I think I was thinking of this match whilst doing the match card.

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  4. Meh, I've already done the me vs me thing... #FirstToDoEverything