Weekly Saturday Night Precision - Week 29 - Results

Discussion in 'WWE 2K17 League Archive: PlayStation 4' started by Sanic, Jul 10, 2017.

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  1. Live from Chicago, Illinois

    Match One
    Jack Rogue @Geek773
    Kyle Rayner @Welsh-Wizard-97

    Winner - Jack Rogue via submission

    "The debuting Kyle Rayner accepted the open challenge of Jack Rogue, however he couldn't put away the former Precision Champion and tapped out to the 'Bridge to Victory'."

    Spencer Hyde @Reborn

    "Spencer addressed the crowd, thanking Kingsley for the opportunity of a lifetime for him in Precision. He promises Will Neilson that he is going to take the Precision World Heavyweight Championship away from him, and will not stop at nothing to get it."

    Match Two
    Survival Championship

    Tables Match

    Austin Cruz @Averous
    Yuri Black @also Averous

    New Champion
    Winner - Austin Cruz via table breakage

    "A new Survival Champion in Austin Cruz has been crowned, as he wins the title in his debut. However, this also means the end of the road for Yuri Black, as he is now forced to hang up his boots and leave Precision for good."

    Match Three

    Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
    Lyle Bronson @Cero___Miedo
    Antonio Stark @The Anarchist

    Winner - Antonio Stark via pinfall

    "The veteran in Antonio Stark finally picks up his first victory in a while here tonight, as he defeats Lyle Bronson to advance to the Money in the Bank ladder match. Stark now joins Rogue as the second entrant in the match itself."

    Match Four
    Winner picks the stipulation
    Alexander Diamond @CiV
    Tyson Blade @Electro

    Winner - Tyson Blade via pinfall

    "Joseph Diamond couldn't stop Tyson Blade tonight, as Blade defeats the man who has cost him two opportunities at the Intercontinental Championship in Alexander Diamond. After the match, Tyson took to the mic, the power in his hands, and decided that the Intercontinental Championship match at Money in the Bank, will be a 15 minute Iron Man match with Alexander Diamond not only banned from ringside, but from the arena itself."

    Main Event
    Chris Young @impactking

    Will Neilson @Sanic

    Winner - Will Neilson via pinfall

    "The Precision World Heavyweight Champion continues to show why he holds that very belt, as he picks up a hard fought victory against Chris Young. The two put on a spectacular match, and after the match itself, Trent Kingsley came out to announce that Chris Young will be the third entrant in the Money in the Bank ladder match. Young now joins Jack Rogue and Antonio Stark, as one spot remains up for grabs. Who will get it?"
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  2. Wait a second...Kyle Rayner? Didn't know Welsh was a fan of Green Lantern.
  3. I actually ain't... But the name generator that I got the name from must be!
  4. Geek, post the match so I don't look like a fucking jobber :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  5. @Geek773 Post. The. F*cking. Match... Now!

  6. I'll do it for him.
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  7. Damn, I remember it being a little less one sided, lol. So, just so everyone knows... Yeah, get a submission finisher because that's about all the chance anyone's got against me!
  8. Next week: Ryan Vendetta vs Austin Cruz for the right to use Countdown by Dangerkids and the Survival Championship :kappa:

    @Averous don't worry, you can keep the song, I am never using my character in this league, just allow me to tease ya while I can. I liked his promo btw.
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