Weekly Saturday Night Precision Week 30 - Match Card

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  1. Live from Cincinnati, Ohio

    Match One

    Kyle Rayner @Welsh-Wizard-97
    Austin Cruz @Averous

    "We welcome you to the final Precision show before the historic Money in the Bank PPV, and kicking off the show is Kyle Rayner taking on the new Survival Champion, Austin Cruz. Cruz defeated Yuri Black for the vacant title last week, along with ending the Precision career of Black in the process. He faces Kyle Rayner, the man who accepted the open challenge of former Precision Champion Jack Rogue last week, but was unsuccessful in his attempt at defeating Rogue. Trent Kingsley is observing all matches tonight very closely, and later on will reveal the final entrant in the Money in the Bank ladder match."

    Will Neilson @Sanic
    Spencer Hyde @Reborn

    "Next up, the contract signing for the Precision World Heavyweight Championship match at Money in the Bank. Will Neilson and Spencer Hyde will meet inside the ring and sign the contract to make their match at Money in the Bank official."

    Match Two
    Jack Rogue @Geek773
    Lyle Bronson @Cero___Miedo

    "With a victory over Kyle Rayner last week, Jack Rogue looks set to continue gaining momentum heading into Money in the Bank as he faces another upcoming talent in Lyle Bronson. 'The Machine' only has one victory to his name, but it is against Chris Young, a man who Rogue failed to beat two weeks ago. Will Bronson upset the former Precision Champion and avenge his loss last week to Antonio Stark? Or will Rogue's momentum be too much for Lyle to stop?"

    Main Event


    "Well, this is definitely a first. The main event for the night is two mystery opponents going up against each other, we have some words from the General Manager about this match."

    Trent Kinglsey
    "I've managed to re-sign two former Precision talents back to the roster, and they will compete in tonight's main event against each other. It's fitting that it's these two are facing each other, because they've done it before and though most people might not remember them, I have high hopes in both of these men putting on a fantastic main event here in Ohio."

    Jack Rogue @Geek773
    Antonio Stark @The Anarchist
    Chris Young @impactking
    ??? @???

    "We will end the night with the Money in the Bank ladder match contract signing, not only will we find out who the fourth and final entrant is, but what each of the competitors have to say about their chances in the match. With Jack Rogue, it's a chance to reach the mountaintop again, just like he did when he won the Precision Championship. With Antonio Stark, it's a chance to prove the doubters wrong, and potentially change his entire career for the better. With Chris Young, it's a chance to show people why he is the 'Amazing One', and reach the main event scene where he has been fingertips away from in the past. With the fourth man... well, we'll have to find out what he's going to say."

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  2. Colour me intrigued for that main event...