Saturday Night Precision - Week 30 - Results


The Architect

Live from Cincinnati, Ohio

Match One

Kyle Rayner Welsh-Wizard-97 Welsh-Wizard-97
Austin Cruz trumanblack trumanblack

Winner - Kyle Rayner via pinfall

"Kyle Rayner was able to defeat the new Survival Champion in Austin Cruz, rebounding after his loss to Jack Rogue last week. However, after the match, Precision General Manager, Trent Kingsley, came down to the ring and officially announced Kyle Rayner as the fourth and final participant in the Money in the Bank ladder match. We have our line up for the Money in the Bank ladder match, but who will walk away with the coveted briefcase?"

Will Neilson Sanic Sanic
Spencer Hyde @Reborn

"Will Neilson took to the microphone and gave out his thoughts on Spencer Hyde, he welcomed the challenge, and promised Spencer that he won't be going easy and that he would be walking out with the Precision World Heavyweight Championship."

"Then, almost out of nowhere, Spencer Hyde ran into the ring and nailed the champ with a Revenge Therapy, causing him to drop the Precision World Heavyweight Championship. Hyde picked it up, and raised it up high to mixed reactions, before throwing it back down at Will Neilson, and walking back up the ramp and to the back."

Match Two
Jack Rogue @Geek773
Lyle Bronson @Cero___Miedo

Winner - Jack Rogue via submission

"Another win in the books for Jack Rogue, as he knocks off Lyle Bronson en route to Money in the Bank. Jack now looks towards Money in the Bank, where he has the chance to earn a guaranteed opportunity at the Precision World Heavyweight Championship, but of course, three other men stand in his way."

Main Event

Yuri Williamson ( Sanic Sanic )
Aaron Leon (@CiV)

Winner - Aaron Leon via pinfall

"Anyone remember these two? Nevertheless, former Tag Team Champion Yuri Williamson, and a man he faced before in Aaron Leon, were revealed to be the two mystery men that Kingsley had re-signed. Aaron picked up the victory, and it has been revealed that these two men will face off once again at Money in the Bank."

(Here come the dislikes, apologies to anyone (mostly everyone) who was expecting someone bigger. This was done in order to make sure that the league makes it successfully through 2K17 and to 2K18, and it won't hurt to have two more guys on the roster (even tho they are handled by people who already have wrestlers on the roster, one of them being myself).)

Jack Rogue @Geek773
Antonio Stark @The Anarchist
Chris Young @impactking
Kyle Rayner Welsh-Wizard-97 Welsh-Wizard-97

*insert thread I will set up soon*

(This will be done during Money in the Bank week, which is of course, this week coming. The thread will be up by tonight and so will the PM, so you guys can get discussing on ideas, if you have any for sure.)

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Helo, dwi'n Gymry!
Building up the dominant look in my first two matches... So far so good. Also, it's the first time that I've legit won since the TLC match at the first PPV, I think.

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