Weekly Saturday Night Precision - Week 31 - Match Card

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  1. Live from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Tyson Blade @Electro

    "Welcome to the Precision after Money in the Bank, and we are set to kick off with the man who was unsuccessful in the Intercontinental Championship match, Tyson Blade. It is unknown on what Tyson wants to say, but we can assure that the result of his match at Money in the Bank will be something he wants to talk about."

    Match One
    Yuri Williamson @Sanic
    Frank Kanyon @impactking

    "Since returning to Precision, Yuri Williamson hasn't been having the best of luck, coming up short against Aaron Leon twice. Now, he faces Frank Kanyon, a former contender to the Intercontinental Championship. Who will emerge victorious in this contest?"

    Joseph Diamond @CiV

    "Joseph Diamond is seemingly out here tonight to gloat about his win over Tyson Blade at Money in the Bank. Still the Intercontinental Champion, it will be interesting to find out what is next for 'The Old Prince.'"

    Match Two

    Street Fight
    Kyle Rayner @Welsh-Wizard-97
    Antonio Stark @The Anarchist

    "Antonio Stark possibly shocked the entire galaxy, as he became Mr. Money in the Bank, the power is in his hands on when he wants to cash in. He faces Kyle Rayner, a man who he defeated at Money in the Bank, and is out for revenge. Trent Kingsley has made this bout a Street Fight in order for these two to settle their differences, and this is sure to be a good bout."

    Match Three
    Chris Young @impactking
    Lyle Bronson @Cero___Miedo

    "A rematch from a few weeks ago will take place here tonight, as 'The Amazing One' Chris Young takes on Lyle 'The Machine' Bronson. Lyle made Chris tap out in their first encounter, but can Chris avenge his loss and pick up a victory against Bronson?"

    Spencer Hyde @Reborn

    "The dream came true for Spencer Hyde at Money in the Bank, as he defeated Will Neilson to capture the Precision World Heavyweight Championship. Tonight, he will speak out on his victory, and the former champ is in the building so anything may happen."

    Main Event
    Tyson Blade @Electro
    Will Neilson @Sanic

    "A former champion faces an unsuccessful challenger in tonights main event, with Will Neilson taking on Tyson Blade. Both men have their history, Blade also being a former World Heavyweight Champion, so this is sure to be a main event that will not disappoint."