Saturday Night Precision - Week 31 - Results

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  1. Live from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Match One
    Yuri Williamson @Sanic
    Frank Kanyon @impactking

    No Contest

    Match Two

    Street Fight
    Kyle Rayner @Welsh-Wizard-97
    Antonio Stark @The Anarchist

    Winner - Antonio Stark via pinfall

    Match Three
    Chris Young @impactking
    Lyle Bronson @Cero___Miedo

    No Contest

    Spencer Hyde @Reborn

    Spencer stands in the middle of the ring, World Championship over his shoulder, the fans are cheering for the new Precision World Heavyweight Champion as Hyde raises the microphone up with a smile on his face.


    Before Spencer can get out a sentence, two masked men in hoodies rush the ring, they immediately go after the World champ, grounding him with brutal punches to the skull. The assault doesn't seem to be stopping, as Hyde seems almost knocked out, the crowd booing loudly. Then, one of the men picks up Spencer and throws him to the other who hits...

    "That's the-"

    "It's them two! But why?"

    An Unbreakable Facebreaker connects to Spencer Hyde, sending him crashing down to the mat. The man who hit the move pulls down his hood and his mask, it's Joseph Diamond. The other man also pulls his hood down, and it's Alexander Diamond. The Intercontinental Champion taunts to the crowd, and then goes to the corner of the ring, waiting for Alexander to bring Spencer to his feet. The lifeless body of Spencer Hyde is barely lifted up by Alexander, and Joseph spins around and hits a vicious Big Boot to the face, the Diamond in the Rough. Satisfied with his work, Joseph leaves the ring, Alexander following as they exit through the crowd. Spencer is layed out in the middle of the ring as referees and doctors come out to check on him, and then...

    Antonio Stark's music hits.



    Stark runs to the ring, briefcase in hand, he goes to one of the referees and shows them the briefcase, he's cashing in his World title opportunity. The doctors beg Stark to leave Spencer, as he's not in a stable condition to have a match. Antonio doesn't care though, and demands for the match to be started and the referee reluctantly rings the bell, with the doctors forced to leave the ring.

    "This is a great moment for Stark to cash in, the champion down and out!"

    "Are you kidding me? This is despicable. Spencer didn't deserve that attack, and Joseph Diamond may have just cost him his World title!"

    Stark circles Spencer for a bit, Hyde still not moving, before lifting him up and onto his shoulders. Antonio smirks to the crowd before dropping Hyde off and nailing a deadly Roundhouse Kick to the side of the head, the Anarchy Injection! Antonio goes into the cover!




    He's done it! Stark is World Heavyweight Champion!

    "Here is your winner... AND NEEEEEW Precision World Heavweight Champion... Antonio STARK!"

    Antonio is handed the Precision World Heavyweight title, and raises it high in the air much to the crowd's displeasement. Only a week after winning it, Antonio Stark has cashed in his Money in the Bank contract and taken the World Heavyweight Championship away from Spencer Hyde. The camera cuts to a commercial with the last image of Stark raising the title, the fallen Hyde at his feet.

    Main Event
    Tyson Blade @Electro
    Will Neilson @Sanic

    Winner - Will Neilson @Sanic

    (No descriptions to get this out quickly, hope you guys don't mind.)
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  2. TONY STARK HAS DONE IT! THE NEW WORLD CHAMPION BAYBAY! lmao both the world champion and Mr. MITB only held them for less than a week
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