Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by CM Punk, Dec 10, 2013.

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  1. ffs

  2. great thread would click again
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  3. Didn't her (and other "Oh my god, this song may actually be worse than Friday" people) 15 minutes of fame run out 24 hours ago?
  4. you are using the word 'fame' loosely
  5. Did she get better at singing? Definitely a better produced track than her earlier "attempt".

    Also I want the fucking Triceratops plushie. Gimmeh
  6. Lets all give shitty music and videos more views and attention.
  7. enough people do that already... Its called mainstream. :pity: :pipebomb:
  8. Also... THIS SONG SUCKS! OMGERRSH! Yet another song by an underage twat singing about getting drunk/partying. :gtfo:
  9. She's underage? Ruh roh :urm:
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  10. good guy dolph didn't even click the link :russo:
  11. Her fame is pretty real really. She did really well coming out of that Friday song. She's hot as fuck as well. Don't care about her age.
  12. She is famous outside of people who spend their lives on the Internet?
  13. Hipster.
  14. Yeah, you should really stop posting King Diamond. :pipebomb:
  15. googles king diamond

    danish heavy metal band

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  16. Well, it's hard for anyone to be "famous" any more to those who don't partake on the internet daily with social media and such. If you consider YouTuber's like KSI and stuff famous, then Rebecca has to be as well as she does have a large social media following.

    To summarise, it depends on your definition of famous lol.
  17. I don't consider any Youtuber famous. Unless they've actually starred on TV, no.
  18. So your definition of famous is TV based? I can name so many YouTuber's who are more well known than familiar TV stars. Some of their following is scary.
  19. YouTube to TV.
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