Save SmackDown.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, May 3, 2012.

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  1. Right now, tell me the instant actions you'd take if you were in charge of SmackDown.

    Save it, go.
  2. Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus WHC match this Friday. Ziggler wins, gets 30+ minutes on each show.

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  3. Taking these from my thread on the same topic I posted last week.

    A dedicated creative team - Need I really explain this. A Creative team charged with solely writing for Smackdown and that is actually dedicated to the show will produce better work then a team that has to write for multiple shows and therefore puts Smackdown as a after thought.

    Develop a tag team division - Whilst this looks to slowly be in the works I believe a good tag team division that can move between the two brands would help Smackdown majorly. Have them put out showstealers.

    Introduce and build new talent - I think it explains itself.

    Make all titles and all divisions mean something. Equal focus for all.
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  4. This and whoever disagrees can re-live the monstrocity of Shawn Michaels from 95-97. It can't be worst than that. Can't

    Add getting Orton's boring arse on RAW and Vince introducing establishing an FCW stable, personally

    McIntyre and Burke are not Ambrose/Rollins/Hero/Castagnoli. Do this
  5. Tag team division immediately moved to Smackdown. Smackdown need to use up more time on their shows so having tag division could do wonders for them. R-Truth/Kingston vs Primo/Epico vs Kidd/Gabriel kicking off this Friday's Smackdown in a 25 minute triple threat tag match.

    IC Title revamped, ideally Big Show would've kept it and fueded with Ryback in a few weeks time but that's not to be. I would build Cody a proper opponent to face as their is basically no Smackdown midcard faces besides Big Oaf.

    I would then have someone win the title off Sheamus immediately because his reign has been a disaster thus far (due to booking). I would probably give Henry another reign as his was fantastic. If not then I would get Ziggler accross and have him win at Over The Limit. Even if he needs built up that can be done once he's won the title cleanly.

    Along with Stopspot's idea of a seperate booking team this seems good to me.
  6. Air it live instead of taping it and make ALL superstars from Raw be on SD as well, so you can further storylines even more
  7. How would that make smackdown awesome lol? Don't get what people see in him and that other guy cody rhodes. none of them really stand out to me.

    Nvm, just noticed your name, that explains that. lol
  8. Shut up noob
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  9. #Pipefreakingbomb
  10. They're two of the best wrestlers in the company and ooze charisma. Both very good on the mic IMO contrary to what some believe.
  11. I'm guessing you're the same guy who makes threads absolutely nobody cares about.

    I see YOUR name and my *face palm* and *eye rolls* become tedious.

    I'm no flamer, but geez.... really dude?
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  12. Let's keep it friendly people, it's all opinions at the end of the day.

    Ziggler being WHC would definitely improve SmackDown. But that wouldn't save it, the rest of the show would still fucksuck.
  13. Dolph opens every SD with a 10 minute promo and closes every show with a 20 minute match.

    They could show 2 dogs humping for the other ~45 minutes of airtime for all I care. That's a great show.
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  14. That happened at one of my football games once, was really entertaining and it would definately take a few weeks for me to stop finding it funny.
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  15. Must stop watching your sig.

    I'd have Ryback go up against Rhodes eventually for the IC title. Eventually. When Ryback squashes good people and starts to speak on the mic.

    Ryback wins, starts his push, Rhodes moves to ME.
  16. Ryback feuding with Rhodes may happen in the near future, I think Cody and Show's feud is over.
  17. I hope so, I didn't watch SmackDown so I don't really remember what they done with Big Show. But if so, what the fuck was the point of Big Show winning at WM?
  18. Establish an identity for the show. If you want wrestling, watch Smackdown. If you want "sports entertainment", watch Raw.

    Get rid of the IC belt and elevate Rhodes to the ME scene. ADR is a proven failure atm, and the taped Smackdown can let the young talent have a chance to shine. Use it as such.

    Find something to do with all the squashers. Brodus Clay and Santino can continue their tag-team, Ryback can feud with Mark Henry if he's leaving the company, and Cesaro and Ohno can be a tag-team again.

    Tag teams, obviously. Call up Reks and Hawkins. Use the Usos, Call up Tyson when Baretta or Gabriel get healthy.

    Eventually turn Sheamus, Orton, Show, Daniel Bryan, Christian, and Mcintyre, among others. Way too many people on the wrong side of the fence. Have Show be the "massive obstacle" that all the young, undersized faces overcome since it's all he's good for. Wish Khali the best of luck in all his future endeavors.

    Actual feuds. Ryback and Henry can simply feud over who the better big man is. Face Hunico can battle ADR in a rich vs poor storyline. Heel Sheamus can play an anti-american, setting up a Swagger face turn (Barrett would be better but he should be on Raw).

    Show Superstars highlights. Just because there isn't enough time in the show doesn't mean the rest of the roster should be forgotten. If there's only time for one tag match, put another on Superstars and show us that they still exist.
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  19. Truly Sd Is Drawing Very Poor Ratings If I Was The Gm Of Sd I Would Make Matches Like A Fatal 4 Way Match For The Wh Championship Right On Sd Which Would Be The Main Event I Would Also Make Matches Like Randy Orton V/s Cm Punk By Bringing Punk On Sd I Would Bring Back The Undertaker To Sd And Put Him To Action Immediately And Do This Every Week In Order To Bring Back The Old Days Of Sd Back To It
  20. I do believe Smackdown still is the top draw on Syfy. Not sure if that says a good thing about Smackdown or bad things about Syfy :silva:
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