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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dat Kid, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. WWE is retarded so come up with a way to save the tag team and divas divisions from their current state.
  2. Tag-Team is doing alright.

    Have Natalya in the title picture feuding with Layla in 10 minute matches.
  3. Yeah, tag team is doing OK currently with Kane and DB as tag champs. Divas need more time, and Natalya being the main focus wouldn't hurt either. Although what they're doing now is not so bad given the regular standards... it's just that the division gets so little focus that it doesn't really matter what's going on unless it's very very big, it'll probably be irrelevant.
  4. Tag-team division is doing fine now.
  5. Tag team division is doing good now. That tag team tournament makes the tag team division great, and they put the teams together well too. Plus they are making actual smart choices, such as yesterday, they put the tag team champions in a tag team match against a random team, instead of having them lose they won, THAT is what should keep happening. The tag team champions should always win in a tag team match if it's against a random team, it makes them look good still.
  6. Instead of saving a division, they should revive the cruiser weight division. :pity:
  7. Agree with CM Punk, the crusierweight division should come back, it was a great division. The Diva's division doesn't exist. It's like Chris Benoit's world championship reign, it's missing.....
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    And it's found upon Randy Orton's waist :otunga:
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