Saved an old man today.

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  1. What a weird experience this was. I was jogging to the gym, and the route I jog has this lovely cycle path which is right next to a beach. It was about 10am I guess and I saw this old man walking as if he was drunk to the ocean. He was wearing (unfortunately for me) just his underwear. Naturally I knew something was wrong and decided to stop for a bit and see what would happen. He went in the water, attempted to swim but kept going under and back up, unintentionally I thought.

    So I didn't know what to do, there was no one around and he could just be swimming innocently. But then he was taking longer to come up and his hands were flapping around a bit, so on instinct I ran towards the beach, having to climb over these shitty boulders and the tide was out, so it must have been 300 metres to the sea. I swear I've never ran so fast in my life, it was weird. I shouted pretty much all the time to the man to see if he was okay, and I got no reply. I went into the sea and got closer and yelled "Are you ok?" and he replied with "Shit son can you help me" (I lol at that looking back no it), so I swam to the point where I could no longer touch my feet on the ground beneath me and grabbed his arms, turned him on his back above me (yes, waiting for gay posts) and swam backwards to keep him and me afloat. I remember that technique from years ago at swimming practise.

    It turned out the guy was lost and he was meant to be in town with his family on a visit away from the home he stays at (he's mentally unstable). I asked him if he had a phone or any clothes and he pointed me to them like 500m away at the other side of the beach, so we went there -- slowly -- and got his phone and I had to contact his sister to come pick him up. Bastard made me late for work but oh well. Was an awesome experience really, scary, but awesome. Thought I'd share it.
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  2. Well done, you did a very good deed today. You should be super proud!
  3. Well done Crayo. Was away to mock you for being gay but decided that because you had possibly saved someone's life then that's a bit dickish!
  4. Good job man :smug: keep doing the good work
  5. Since when do you work? You're always on here.
  6. How many times did you give him mouth to mouth? I started reading this and that how to save a life song from scrubs played. Wild.
  7. Ladies and gentlemen, the biggest moron on the forum ^^

    Lol Farooq, I don't really want to do something like this again. It's incredibly worrying and suddenly you're responsible for someone you don't know :emoji_slight_frown:. But it was quite rewarding I guess. The family took my number as they want to get in touch with giving me a reward lol.
  8. Your first reward, some American football
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    Then some futball
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    Then some cricket
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    And last but not least some wrestling
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  9. :eww: NO ME GUSTA.
  10. Crayo's a good person. :obama:
  11. <3 Good deed was good. :]]
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  13. I am proud of you Crayo. :smug:
  14. maybe next time im in cornwall in my underwear we can both go for a swim?
  15. :awyeah: :yes:
  16. Very nice story.
  17. Otunga, get your mocking ass out of here.
  18. :otunga: :emoji_hushed:tunga1:

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    :otunga: :emoji_hushed:tunga1:

    Congrats on the saving btw, it's all about the power.
  19. we don't give a fuck crayo we all know you did this to get some sort of gay thrill
  20. You must have felt proud of yourself huh?
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