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Would you watch this lineup of PPVs?

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    No more Battleground as it is replaced with WCW themed BATTLEBOWL where every member of the roster is put into a lottery. Each match will be 2v2 with tag partner and opponents being drawn at random. Winning team advance to 2 Ring Battle Royal at the end. In the Battle Royal, each ring is filled with Superstars. When it comes to a winner in each ring, the two left will battle for the win.

    Example) 10 matches. 40 superstars. 20 entrances into battle royal. 1 winner.

    It would be exciting to see teams such as Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt vs Big Show and Dolph Ziggler. Or Big E and Jay Uso v Kofi Kingston and Jimmy Uso. The selection process is done live and the locker room is divided into two rooms (heels and baby faces) with cameras on them and the lottery to see reactions. It would create new story lines heading into SUMMERSLAM and Survivor Series that otherwise would not be there.

    Also eliminated is Payback which would be replaced by the King of the Ring tournament. The whole 8-16 man tournament should be broadcasted via pay per view. With only the WWE Championship and women's championship matches being the other fight on the card to give wrestlers a break after semi finals. It's always fun to watch wrestlers like Stone Cold or Mabel fighting 3 matches in a night to wear a crown at the end. According to Austin: If it wasn't for King of the Ring back in the 90's, the Stone Cold character would have never been created.

    Final PPV eliminated from the current format is Fastlane. It has never been a good PPV. It's supposed to be a filler between the two biggest events of the year but you could easily make it an amazing PPV by replace it with the old school WCW War Games. The final match is two rings, side by side, surrounded by a low ceiling cage. Now for WWE, I believe the cage should be a little taller for the high flyers such as Neville or Finn Balor. The final match of the evening is two teams of five battling it out in the closed cage. The match starts 1 vs 1. Then turns into 2-1 after 5 minutes, 2-2 after an additional 2 minutes, 3-2 after another 2 minutes and so on and so forth until it's a 5 on 5. No pin falls or submissions will be counted. Now with the old school war games, the only way a team would win is when a team forfeited. I believe with WWE they could make it elimination style after 5-5. Similar to Survivor Series but with a lot more enclosed and vicious match. Imagine the winner of the 2017 Royal Rumble making a team of 5 individuals to take on the WWE champion and his 5 individuals. Or a team of the League of Nations (plus let's say Cesaro to make it 5) take on the Wyatt Family (plus another scary looking bearded superstar). OR THE BULLIT CLUB VS WYATT FAMILY etc etc.

    How amazing would it be if these were the PPVs for the year. Each more special than the last in its own unique way. I believe it would be worth the 9.99 per month for WWE Network or a sports bar paying the 59.99 for the single PPV.

    What do you think of the lineup?
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  2. I would do

    Jan- Royal Rumble
    Feb- Elimination Chamber
    March- Wrestlemania
    April- Backlash
    May- Extreme Rules
    June- Money in the Bank
    July- King of the Ring (tournament winner gets title shot at Summerslam)
    Aug- Summerslam
    Sept- Hell in a Cell
    Oct- No Mercy
    Nov- Survivor Series (would turn it into an NXT vs WWE special)
    Dec- TLC
  3. Explain to me what's so special about no mercy or backlash? They have no themes. They're boring. They're overdone in the 90's-00's.
  4. I'd bring back Armageddon in place of TLC.
  5. Backlash is good because its basically a Wrestlemania rebound PPV. Its where the rematches take place if the title change hands. And it was between No Mercy and Night of Champions. And honestly I don't see the point in Night of Champions because all of the title are on the line at every PPV anyways. No Mercy can have the theme of doing matches like Last Man Standing or I Quit every year.
  6. Payback or Retribution sounds like a good name for a Mania rebound PPV. Not a big fan of rehashed PPVs.
  7. Ive read that Payback is gonna be the PPV after Mania for now and Extreme Rules will happen after Payback, which makes sense.
  8. I really feel like having a TLC and Extreme Rules is redundant. Have a TLC match or two at Extreme Rules otherwise all the matches are basic street fights.
  9. I personally do not care for gimmick PPVs like TLC or Hell in a Cell. I feel like it depletes that type of match and it feels more special when it could go on any PPV and isn't expected.
  10. Jan- Royal Rumble
    Feb- Elimination Chamber
    Mar- Wresltemania
    Apr- Backlash
    May - Extreme Rules/Payback
    June- Money In the Bank
    July- King of the Ring
    Aug- Summerslam
    Sep- Vengeance
    Oct- No Way Out
    Nov- Survivor Series
    Dec- Armaggedeon

    Notice how all gimmick related ppvs/specials are gone except for the important ones
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  11. Elimination Chamber > Hell in a Cell all day every day
  12. No Way Out should be in February. The name fits much better there. And Elimination Chamber should not be a PPV in itself. It ruins the gravitas of the match type if it is just a match that comes once a year. It should be used for special occasions.
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  13. I don't want any of this, if the brand split happens they could cut it back.

    I'd do:
    4 RAW PPVs
    4 Smackdown PPVs
    4 containing both, whatever they want the big 4 to be. Survivor Series, WM, SummerSlam, and either MITB/the PPV before Mania.

    Gives 2 months for build per brand, meaning less half hour set up promos.
  14. No, I wouldn't watch that line-up of PPVs.

    I don't want 12 PPVs a year, and we're probably not going to get a brand split BECAUSE FUCK YOU THAT'S WHY, but I want at least two of 'em gone. Meaning shitty Fastlane and shitty Payback need to be scrapped.
  15. Your idea is horrible and you should feel ashamed of yourself.
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