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  1. crayo
    crazy, insane, unbelievable

    believed to have started somewhere on the east coast of america at one or two womens colleges, the word crayo is just a slight disambiguation from its meaning (crazy).


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    Here's another one

    the act of removing the penis from partner's mouth and unloading on her face

  3. Vince McMahon
    A guy who staged his own death on live television and people are stupid enough to believe he's really dead.
    "Dude, did you see RAW last night? Vince McMahon got into his limo and it exploded and he died!"

    "Um, jackass, it was fake. He's laughing at morons like you as we speak."

    @[Vince McMahon]

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  4. wwerulesrkolover23
    Meaning to lose ones intestinal fortitude while playing with a tickle me Elmo toy, and proceeding to wipe ones own faeces on said toy.

    "Dude i just s*** my pants, lemme wipe the s*** off with this tickle me Elmo toy."

    "Elmo: ahahahahahahaha."

    ok so i made that one up lol :haha:
  5. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P
    Lolololololol :yay: I already have a UD entry!
  6. Big Hoss Rambler - pedo

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