Say something about the person above you

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Roach, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. See how long this can go before we end up trolling each other :urm:

    Say something about the user above you.

    *hint* it does not have to be horrible *hint*

    Lets start.
  2. I don't know you. Sorry bro.
  3. He doesnt know the poster two above me
  4. He's an awesome new active member.
  5. He is my secret crush.
  6. He's mine too #love triangle.

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  7. He's GOAT

    Love this thread btw.
  8. Glad you love the thread :yay:

    The person above me is the admin...
  9. The person above me started this thread.
  10. The person above typed in this thread, he also once hugged a turtle.
  11. The guy above me is pink.
  12. The guy above me wants me to vote for vince for MotM, so i wont.
  13. The guy above is stupid if he does not vote for vince.
  14. Miz signature.
  15. Has a secret crush on me.
  16. Is my secret crush
  17. Got owned by me last night :true:
  18. Pretends he owned me somewhere
  19. doesn't realize i wasnt talking about him
  20. Has a funny signature.
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