Say what you will about Big Sexy...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jun 9, 2013.

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  1. but the dude is the best shoot interview to listen to this side of Jim Cornette

    Dude is so damn entertaining. I love how he just playfully ribs the IWC for hating him so much lol. All of his stories are money.
  2. I love Kevin Nash. He's honestly one of the best on the mic, and it's always an entertaining time when he's in an interview. I saw this before, it was awesome.
  3. Watched a bit of his old WCW stuff recently and he does really draw you in on the mic, agreed he's a very good shoot too.
  4. He has a logical story for every bad rumor floating around about him as well. Someone asked about his 'hissy fit' in the locker room after Joe's shoot in 2007, and he was like 'how is me slapping the shit out of him twice a hissy fit?" lol. Badass
  5. Him and sean waltman tell great stories in interviews too. It's fun listening to them talk.
  6. does anyone have a list of shoot interviews that they think are worth listening to? I haven't seen many and really enjoyed this one.
  7. The new age outlaws one is supposed to be good.

    Also Steen vs Richards is good.
  8. Honky Tonk Man is the most entertaining man of shoot interviews, as I've found. I bought his 2007 Youshoot last year and it's easily the best shoot interview I've seen yet, especially since he's halfway in character for it (he still lives the gimmick of the HTM, amusingly enough.)

    Someone did post the entire 2-3 hour Jim Cornette - Year In Review: 1997 shoot that was released by Kayfabe Commentaries last year over on Youtube, but seems it's been taken down (or I just can't be bothered looking hard enough.) I still need to see his Youshoot one, too.

  9. I'm watching it now
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