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  1. Hello, I'm Saylor. I'm 16 years old and a passionate wrestling fan, I watch different types of Wrestling shows, but nothing can beat WWE. WWE has been the one for me for a few years, I've watched wrestling ever since I was a kid and pretty knowledgeable around the wrestling industry.

    I'm currently a full time student, but been taking a few days off due to a tendon injury in my shoulder as this is causing me a lot of pain; I went hospital yesterday but they told me to go back to the doctors if it starts hurting and tell them to reffer you to a sports physio. That's just a little information about me for you, but if you'd like to know more, don't hesitate to ask me.

    I'm also a professional and knowledgeable around the webmaster scene, I've been around forums for a few years now and know a lot regarding that. I've ran a forum before in the past, it was quiet successful but it closed due to several different circumstances that occurred, that was ran on vBulletin. I personally like MyBB and vBulletin, however vBulletin is my stronger side.

    Specially for Crayo, I found this forum out on HF a while ago, but didn't register as I was busy surfing through the site seeing if it's worth signing up, I was impressed with the discussions and content so I decided to register and I don't regret in doing so.

    Well, that's my introduction, hope to see most of you around, let the road begin...
  2. Welcome to the forum Saylor. Quite rare to get such a nice detailed introduction, so will give you a detailed reply too. Can I ask where you're from? I'm presuming the UK since college here starts 16 as well, and your grammar is quite exceptional. Sorry to hear about your shoulder man, I had a very similar injury caused by Tennis, sports physio didn't help me at all though, don't want to dampen your hopes though; it might work out for you.

    I'm personally a bigger fan of MyBB, vBulletin was okay up until 4.0 started. I'm a big fan of IPB though.

    Now onto the wrestling! Do you have a favourite superstar other than Ziggler? Glad to see another Ziggler mark here, I'm one myself, he's been very impressive in recent weeks. How would you feel about him vs Foley at WM which seems highly likely?
  3. Already spoke to you, very cool guy :emoji_slight_smile:. Glad to have you here at WF, hope you're active :smile:.

    vBulletin I think has lost its place as the best software online. I mean, at one stage it was unstoppable. Everyone wanted it. Their developers left it however and created "Xenforo", since then it's sort of declined I feel anyway. However, I'm ridiculously bias as I'm a really passionate MyBB fan.

    Really glad to see that HQ discussions in the correct sections (wrestling related) is the main reason you signed up, that's good to hear. Hope your shoulder gets better, sucks being hurt especially if the doctors give you no help at all. At least you get a few days off though right? :emoji_wink:
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome Sage, it's a pleasure to be on here. I thought I'd make a detailed introduction, as after all I'm new here and nobody knows me here, it's only right if I made a valuable introduction. I don't think it'll work for me either, I couldn't get much sleep yesterday due to the pain. I agree with you, not much of a vBulletin 4.0 fan myself, don't think it's any good.

    Moving onto wrestling, I also like Christian, Cody Rhodes, and The Miz as they've got talent, although I'm disappointed to see Daniel Bryan as a champion and not Christian. As you can see I'm much of a heel fan as they're just entertaining for me, I find a few faces decent however I don't like faces much because of the PG regime.

    I think that'd be a great match between Foley and Ziggler, but the match would be too predictable.

    Thanks mate and it was a pleasure to have a nice little chat.

    I agree with vBulletin part, however I've used it the most and basically liked it, but I know I'm going to prefer MyBB after I get fully evolved around this forum, planning on staying here for long-term, hopefully.

    Yeah, the discussions won it for me, hopefully it'll win it over for others too as I know many people like to view the forums before they register to see the content, hopefully they'll register after seeing the content that's available for them. Yeah, it's a pain but it's worth taking for the few days of rest :emoji_wink:.
  5. What do you think the outcome will be for Foley vs Ziggler? I think even though it's obvious that Ziggler is going over Foley in a hardcore match, it'd still do wonders for Dolph's career. I'm personally glad Bryan got a championship reign, and he's currently entertaining (as he's turning/is a heel) but I agree that Christian should of had a much longer reign. The guy is completely underrated and used wrong. I love the guy :emoji_slight_smile:. You like the same people as me pretty much, I'm a big Miz and Rhodes fan. Of course Jericho is my fav :emoji_wink:
  6. I think the outcome will be Ziggler, I feel that 2012 it's his year and this year will do a lot for his career. He's really stood out to me, I'll be honest, I miss him being the US champion, I can't believe he lost to Ryder. Zack Ryder to me is just another propaganda tool, I don't like him, if I'm honest. He was struggling as the champion and he lost ratings for the championship, so they've mixed him up with Kane and Cena in hopes to make a bigger name for him, however I don't think he'll get much bigger than he currently is, that's just my opinion though. I think they need to turn Christian into a face again and shift Randy Orton over to RAW again and make Cena heel and throw Booker T into the Smackdown roster and make him somewhat a big face in order to help the Smackdown ratings.

    I think Jehrico's got talent clearly, however I didn't like his return as I hoped it to be Brock Lesner, but it wasn't, which hasn't made me get into the mood or in the like side of him, however as time goes on, I'll get back into him and I'll hopefully enjoy what he has to offer.
  7. Ziggler lost the title for one reason, to push him to the main event. It happens all the time. Miz lost the US Championship, let Bryan go over him cleanly then went and won MITB and eventually WWE title. Ziggler is now a full main-eventer, Ziggler marks should be pleased :emoji_slight_smile:. I'm glad he lost it and let Ryder go over clean, Ryder (love him or hate him) is REALLY over. Don't know if you saw, but The Rocks off-air goodbye speech at survivor series was replied with "We want Ryder" chants. Lmao. He may be a bad wrestler & quite boring at times, but I think they mire repackage him with this injury.

    I hate Christian as a face, it means we miss all his entertaining mic segments and get quite boring generic face ones.
  8. Yeah, I understand where you're coming from but he could've lost it to someone half decent that could've made that division stand out more, they where pushing Mon Ryan at one point, I was hoping that he'd somewhat beat Ziggler for the championship, which could've mean't Ziggler being pushed into the MainEvent title picture and Swagger feuding Mason Ryan which would've been a decent feud in my opinion.

    I don't like Christian as a face either, however if it mean's him becoming the World Champion again, I'd love for that to happen, but I don't think it's going to happen, totally underrated.
  9. Ryder is so much better than Ryan. Mason really can't wrestle at the moment, he's too green. Ryder has a personality, he's ridiculously over, Mason doesn't get any response :S. Plus, Ryder and Ziggler are close friends, the chemistry in the matches were great and they built the feud on Zack's internet show. It's something everyone wanted to see.

    Didn't Ryders petition for a US Championship match get the most signings of all time for online petitions or something? Not a bad guy to lose it too, a close friend who's really over. If it means Ziggler becomes a main eventer I'm all for it :emoji_slight_smile:. And yeah, Christian as WHC would make me smile a LOT. Even if a face.
  10. Thanks for the welcome, leojay.
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