Scariest moment of my life.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jonathan, Apr 6, 2012.

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  1. Just went to the shop to get some cans of Monster, on my way there I've gotta go around this bend, and on the other side was about 15 people. They all just stopped talking and just stared at me as I walked right past them. I honestly thought I was about to be murdered. Scariest moment of my life.

    For the record, these people were of Asian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi origin. I find these more intimidating than 'chavs' for the simple fact they talk in a foreign language.

  2. I was hoping they kicked your ass.

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    Jk :pity:
  3. Scariest moment ever.:sting::silva:
  4. Should have done a Randy Savage and be like "WTF YOU LOOKING AT ILL BEAT CRAP IN YOU PIPEBOMB". They wouldn't touch you.
  5. They'd inject their bomb vests and I'd be smoke from the bomb.

  6. Should have called them all Iron Sheik. :gusta:
  7. Scariest for me was when I was working for a different company then the one I'm with now.

    Picking up a client for the day program I worked at I went to walk up to the door to knock as this guy runs towards me I didn't recognize. thinking he was part of their family I said hi as he went by with no response. He got into their vehicle and drove off. I went to the door and knocked for the dad to come to the door to say.

    " please call 911 we were just robbed at gunpoint!"


    If I had startled that guy I would have been dead 8 years ago!

    Not only me, prolly my co worker and the other client in my van at the time.

    That day weighs heavy on me some days

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