Scariest thing in my life.

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  1. So just a hour ago,me and my friend were playing 2k12 upstairs when we heard a thump from our window like someone threw a rock at it. We ignored it and then went downstairs to eat some pizza. When I went to get the pizza slicer near my kitchen sink window, another rock kind of thump happened behind me. Me and my friend were scared out of our asses and went back upstairs. We were panicking thinking of what to do because we thought there was someone outside. We go to get out of my room to wake up my older sister up and as I open the door, I feel something is holding the doorknob as well. We are scared out of our shits and are bawling as we call our friends and one of our friends pick up. We talk to him but realize they cant do anything so we call my sisters from our phone and luckily they pick up. Weird thing is, they came to our door and got us out. No one was found anywhere near the house. I heard whispers and footsteps and everything. Still have an adrenaline rush right now. I'm not going to sleep now.
  2. Sorry, i didnt mean to scare you like that. :upset:
  3. Dude I know your trying to be funny but no lie scariest shit ever in my life.
  4. Want a hug? :emoji_slight_frown:
  5. Carry a gun. Or stay with your sis
  6. Had my BB shotgun.
  7. Carry a bat with you when something like that happens, no joke.
  8. Yeah 2k12 is scary as hell.... Don't do that again...

  9. Theres this rumor that ghosts come out at 3:00 in the morning. And by the time it was over, it was 3:30. So I have a feeling it was spooky shit like that.
  10. LoL. Its the devils hour, the opposite time of day from 3pm which is supposedly the time christ died on the cross. 1:11 is what you should fear for ghosts/devils. That is all.
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  12. Just saw it @[email protected] :upset: it was a porn where someone cut the girls hands and feet off and put a tail on her to try to make her a dog. :upset: Even if it is hentai it's freaky as hell :upset:
  13. was it real or? O_o
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