Scavanger Hunt (Dec)

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  1. Sign-up List:
    You sign-up by simply posting I sign-up. You can post here again at anytime to retract from the competition. We look to start the show at the start of November, so the scavenger hunt will take place at the end of November when we have had at least 3-4 shows.

    Every person signed up will have a character. If you want to sign-up and do not have a character, we will issue you with a separate list. Everyone will be handed a list of items to locate by browsing the internet and putting them in a PM back to myself. Each list will be about the character and the events that included the character.

    Example List for Clash:
    "Swedish Flag with American Flag in the same image"
    "Video of someone performing a Facebuster similar to the Hiroshima Buster"
    "Definition of a Hurricanrana"
    "The name of the individual used for Clash's image"
    "Clash's opponents he is defeated in order"
    "The Album cover to Tommy Gun"

    These are based off the character, as nothing has happened we cannot include any events that he was featured in.


    Show Spoiler
    1st Peek of a Show. (The individual will be PM'd the show before it airs so they are able to see the show before anyone else)

    5 HQ Posts - We will add 5 HQ posts to your tab that we continue to count

    Your Own Match Card - You can submit a match card consisting of 4 matches. The more professionally booked they are the more chance we will make it an actual show. You are permitted to write any of that match card

    Automatic bump on the Power Listings. - We will bump you up one standing whenever you wish to cash it in and will have the additional bump until the next competition. Say for instance you were rank 3, your rank would go to rank 2. Say you dropped to rank 5, you would be put at rank 4. If your character went off the ranking, we would keep him on at the bottom.

    Free Jobber Match - Your character can face a Jobber from development territory on the show.

    Additional Signature Move - We will add to your characters move-set another move selected by you. As of now all move sets are locked, we will not add or change anything, so this is the way to add another move.

    Live entrance - We will have a band perform your entrance instead of it just being played one week.

    The 1st person to submit can select 2 prizes from this list, we will color the selected ones in red when they have been selected so the person in 2nd place can select 1 of the 4 remaining. That choice will be colored in red. Third place may select one of the none red prizes.

    The PM's will be sent out in order of who signed up first. We will prepare all the PM's before sending, but will send in order of who signed up first, await the waiting period before being able to send a message then send to the 2nd person......


    • No sending half messages, Your List must be complete before sending. Your questions must be posted here and will be answered asap.
    • No KayFab on this thread. There is allowed posts on what prizes you wish to take if you won, but this thread is none KayFabe
    • Winners must claim their prizes within a week, 2nd place will have 2 days after the 1st has selected and thirs place will have 1 day to select. If they do not select, the prizes will be revoked
    • Once PM's have been sent out, you have 18 Hours to send your completed list in. Any messages sent after will be dismissed
    • The final week before PM's go out, No one will be able to sign-up for the event. If you leave before the PM's go out during the week you cannot go back in.
    • The winner of the event this month will not be able to select the prizes they selected the following month if they are fortunate to win.
    • Sneak Peeks at the match card are not to be posted before the event. We give you this to prepare HQ Posts for the Show thread, and prepare a very HQ rating and review.

    Current Participants:
    Scarlette - Scarlette Rose
    .Exe - Zach Schmidt
  2. I join again. :emoji_slight_smile:)
  3. Me too.
  4. you can give me my prize now, im in
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