Scenarios that would make the IWC implode

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  1. Post hypothetical scenarios that would make the IWC explode/implode in rage/commit sepuku. It can be serious, it can be hilarious, have at it.

    Dean Ambrose getting released by the WWE.
    Cena ending the streak (could both cause marking out and epic rage I think)
  2. Big Show being inserted into the biggest storyline of the year and massively overshadowing Daniel Bryan.

    Oh, wait...
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    You're an evil,evil man for even mentioning the first one. Seriously though,all hell would probably break loose within the IWC if that were to happen.
    I guess to build off/add to your list:

    - Cena beating Flair's title reign record
    - Someone such as Cena or Sheamus ending Taker's streak
    - Sami Zayn getting released before he ever gets called up
    - CM Punk retiring within the next couple years
  4. Hasn't he said that he wants to retire in 2015-2016?
  5. Yeah he has and it makes sense about why he'd want to retire so soon. He's only a year younger than Cena and he's always on the road.
    I just imagine whenever he retires whether it be in 2015 or later the IWC will be thrown into a state of chaos for a short amount of time.
  6. the die hard Punk marks refusing to let their hero ride off into the sunset. Looking for their next savior.
  7. Sin Cara wrestling a full year.

    Taker losing at WM30 to Cena

    Cena kicking out of a Reigns spear at 2. Then with a broken leg, arm or neck performing the AA and five knuckle shuffle to get the three.

    Ryback winning any ME title.

    HHH unifying the belts
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    Ryback ending the streak then going right back to jobbing.

    Brie Bella beating Dean Ambrose

    Daniel Bryan jobbing to 3MB

    Undertaker returns and loses ot Zeb Colter

    Antonio Cesaro gets released

    CM Punk's new gimmick is a transgender drag queen who manages The Great Khali
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  9. Would mark. Hard
  10. The only option you've written that can happen.
  11. This will happen, he must be getting close as it is.
  12. New Khali vs Great Khali WM31 main event book it now.
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  13. Eva Marie wins the Divas Title

    AJ loses the Divas title (only for the Deathclaws of the world)

    Alberto Del Rio wins another world title while not being over

    Ryback defeats the streak
  14. Hogan defeats the streak. An becomes a ME player in the WWE.
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  15. Bo Dallas win the WWE Championship at WM.

    Bo Dallas become a Main Event star

    Bo Dallas....Bo Dallas.....Bo F'ing Dallas.

    Oh, Also Sin Cara Winning the WWE Championship.
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  16. I'm probably the minority on this subject, but I'd personally love to see tranny-drag queen Punk. He could use that song Karma Chameleon or whatever by Boy George for his entrance.
  17. Cm Punk being released.
    Triple H burying everyone in 5 seconds from NXT.
  18. :yay:
  19. Not only he becomes a ME player, he goes on to defeat whomever the current WWE/WHChampion is at the time on the RAW after WM for the titles. Hogan then proceeds to break CM Punks record for being champion. Now that is best for business. Book it Vince
  20. You can surely bet on this happening. I can't say I'd be full of rage personally either (though many others sure would be) since winning multiple world titles doesn't mean today what it meant back then.

    -If Cena had not only defeated Daniel Bryan at Summerslam but done so by submission. Making Cena overcome the "Submission Specialist" by making him tap out to a submission move of his own would induce so much rage lol.
    -If Cena or especially someone like Ryback beat the Undertaker's streak. Imagine how badly people would flip their shit if Cena made Undertaker tap out to the STF.
    -If Triple H defeated Daniel Bryan in their eventual match, clean or not (but especially clean.)
    -If Dean Ambrose was either released and/or put into a gimmick that made him out to be a fool. Imagine they saddled him with a comedy gimmick or used him as a Ziggler-like jobber to put over other stars for the vast majority of his career.
    -If Sami Zayn was released the way Ohno was.

    That's all I got for the moment. Funny how you'll find Cena and Triple H at the center of most of the things that would send the IWC into a frenzy lol.
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