School? College? Career?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Neptune, Oct 12, 2015.

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  1. What do you do with your life the most at this moment? Are you still in school? Do you take college classes? Are you a working class man/woman? A bit of both?... I think you get what I am asking.
  2. Work. Taking a break from school, but will probably end up going back next year.
    Kinda scary thinking I will have to be working for the next 20+ years soon.
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  3. Well, I graduated from high school last year, said "Fuck college!" - because going to college here in Serbia is a waste of time and money.
    So yeah, currently I'm an unemployed bum.
  4. I'm a final year undergraduate nurse, so all being well, will be qualified in three months.
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  5. If you lived in America, you would have it made living off unemployment. lol
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  6. Sorry about my damn luck then, I guess. lol
  7. It is sad though, this is the only country I can think of that rewards people for being lazy/uneducated. Don't get me wrong, I didn't go to college either, couldn't afford to, but there is still a lot of other opportunities here. We have the most choices (career and education wise) and some of the laziest people in the world lol
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  8. Work - Sr. Network engineer
    School - business admin; currently have associates
    Workout - MMA and weight lift
    Family - God help me
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  9. My family is literally loaded with cash so i don't need to do a damn thing.. I still work part-time for something to do.
  10. I've been teaching for most of the last sixteen years since college graduation (took two years off to sell life insurance and ended up out-of-work due to a severe injury and the resulting treatment, medical problems, rehab, etc.). Next summer, I'll be returning to school to get my Master's Degree.

  11. I thought you were quite young. Like, early 20s. :shock:
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  12. That's called luck
  13. lol...38.

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  14. I guess the 'kid' in your name fooled me.
  15. Well, he is a 'kid' from Waco, it just so happens that kid is 38 years old. I mean, young. Sorry for that little typo.:smirk2:
  16. Waco is a teacher, he's gonna teach you some manners, son. :heyman2:
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  17. Oh, yes! I need to be bent over a knee and get spanked!
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  18. I'm beyond hard right now .
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  19. Oh, boy. Ain't you ever?:smirk2:
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  20. :yesyes:
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