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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nikki Nitro, Sep 6, 2017.

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    Now that some of us arent in school, what's the one thing u missed about school? Whether it was Middle/High school...
  2. well i went back today to college but probably nothing.
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  3. Most of my time there I was ignored like a legit ghost (by other students and teachers), teased, or thought to be one of "those kids" who would bring a gun to school because I was shy and kept to myself so not many people talked to me. Yeah... I don't miss a thing.
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  4. That's so strange to me because to me you seem like such a nice kind caring person. I would have been your friend.
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  5. I miss being Connect 4 Champion of my high school. I went for the fifa championship but was knocked out in the first round by the eventual winner. Don't miss that.
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  6. People like to label other people they don't understand and I guess because I didn't really fit a label or give one to myself, they did it for me.
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  7. Loved college. Graduated with honors there. Did the science/engineering thing but the intellectuals were some of the interesting and stimulating conversations I've ever had.

    I was a complete rebel in high school in every way. I didn't seize my potential. I wasted four years having fun, flipping off teachers, cutting school and fighting.
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  8. Back in elementary the lunch ladies used to heat up smores poptarts so damn perfectly I'd ready for a nap after eating them sh*ts. f*ck everything else.
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  9. I miss not having to be an adult. I'm in Uni now and it scares me :why::hutz:
  10. I never had interest in college.... Still Don't
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  11. I don't miss school at all.

    Besides my best friend whom I've known since we were both 9 years old, I didn't have any friends. I didn't fit in with anybody, when I was younger I was too shy to talk to anybody. When I got older in middle/high school, nobody wanted to talk to me because I was weird. Wore a lot of black, listened to "scary" music and didn't really share common interests with anyone. Got bullied a lot for being different, lots of rumors got made up about various things.

    Glad to never have to deal with that place or those people again.
  12. Loved school so much that I became a teacher in the very same school.

    My school is very one of a kind though so I never had to deal with bullying and stuff.
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  13. I actually enjoy college more as i feel like im doing more work. I dropped about ten subjects so im only doing three and it still feels like im achieving more.
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  14. Wow, I didnt know one could hv so many subjects in College.. :emoji_astonished:
  15. Well i went from high school to college.
  16. OH, ya.... Ok
  17. I don't miss high school exactly, but I think about that time period a lot, especially junior and senior year. Like, how different would my life be if I had chosen to be with Kaitlyn instead of my ex (both of whom I met on Xbox playing Uno). On one hand, Katie was such a sweetheart and had the prettiest eyes I still have ever seen to this day. On the other, I never would have met my ex's family, who have helped me through so much, and I probably wouldn't have lost my virginity in the middle of a hurricane lol. Other than that, well...

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  18. Ha! I like that song
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  19. I miss those awkward moments when your beaten up by the girl you fancy :flair:
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