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  1. What is/was your favorite subject/class to learn about in school?

    I enjoyed Science and English, well, in high school anyways. My Science teachers in 7th grade on were fun and funny. Never really liked any of my English teachers but when we were doing short stories and poetry, I enjoyed it.
    I didn't care much for History or Math. :eww: Also, Art at any grade was always fun. I never had a great History teacher. They all made it sooo boring. Then math, same goes for that. My 8th grade math teacher was helping me with someone and in front of the whole class said I had pretty eyes... I was like OMG I wanna die. lolol
    The class I hated the most was Gym in high school. I actually failed it in 9th grade because I either didn't show up or didn't change into my gym clothes. I hated having to change in front of other people. In 8th grade, I remember changing and it just felt so uncomfortable when another girl pointed out how tan my legs were, everyone in there stared at me. She was saying she wanted her legs to be the color of mine, not that she was making fun of me, but the fact that all the girls in the locker room were looking. I like privacy more than most people do.
  2. The worst was Religious Education, it actually offended me that it was compulsory.

    My favourite was probably Science or Geography.
  3. Loved instrumental/vocal music, English, and philosophy. Hated history and math.
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  4. Did you go to a Catholic private school or something?
  5. My man. :obama:
  6. No just a normal school, i think everyone has to take the lessons in the UK, I wasted hours of my life bored in those classes.
  7. I never knew that. You would think it would happen in America not in the UK. No wonder so many people don't want anything to do with religion or God over there. lol I would hate to have stuff forced on me as a kid/teen.
  8. Learning a language was compulsory as well, that was excruciating. And some things i wanted to study they would not let me, like i enjoyed both Geography and History but they made us pick just one of the two.
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  10. hated math. liked history, geography, government, English... anything not dealing with math
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  11. I liked music. Still GOAT that I had to learn about Public Enemy, Byrds, Chuck Berry and other artists including Beethoven. Even suggested I listen to the Beatles and N.W.A. That was the GOAT subject for me obviously. Least favorite subject, I think was chemistry.
  12. I really enjoyed World History, Freshman English, Music Theory, and Web Design.

    I always found Math, and Science to be the two subjects that I did the worst in.
  13. Hate them all except 2, Business and Computing Science. Those are the only 2 where I can sit through the lesson and be interested and actually want to work, that is why I only see me having a job in IT or starting a business.
  14. To be honest, RE is an easy GCSE so who are we to bitch, I'm Welsh aswell; another compulsory subject, easy GCSE again.

    IT, History and Politics are my favourites.

    Although I took Geography as a GCSE, I dislike the subject but I knew it would look somewhat promising on a CV. Shit like woodwork annoyed me to death, was so happy when I was able to finally drop that tumour. I don't like Welsh, but at least I got a GCSE out of it. I dislike RE from Yr 7-9, but in GCSE; I actually enjoyed it, as there was more of a philosophical feeling to it in GCSE, which was why I destroyed the exams.
  15. I don't even put it on my CV.
  16. Years 7-9 (12-14ish I think) I did, Maths, English, French, Geography, History, Religious Ed (fucking bullshit compulsory shite where they'd constantly impose shite on you), Cookery, Design Technology, IT and Physical Education.

    They were all shite bar IT and maths.

    Years 10&11 (14-16) I did, Maths, English, French (still compulsory bullshit), IT, Computer Graphics.

    IT, Computer graphics and Maths were actually awesome, the rest shite.

    A-Level IT is much better :obama:
  17. A bit unnecessary don't you think :emoji_wink:

    I mainly meant that because I got it, and that the people who were also high in intelligence like me, who purposely failed because y'know...Their protest that they are above doing the GCSE, didn't get the RE GCSE, that I would be just above them in the pecking order for course priorities, which actually turned out to be the case.

    But yeah, in terms of CV's, I would assume the more the merrier, and I can argue my GCSE means I know lots about multiple religions, and that I am very philosophically strong, which I argue strengthens work ethic.
  18. BTW, I still have a compulsory hour of Religion Education a week in college because mine is Catholic.... Let that sink fucking in everyone.
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  19. History was my shit. Fuck math.