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  1. Is it important? My mom told me if you keep focusing on wrestling you will stop focusing on school, thing is I don't want to go to school I don't want college I want to get out of this hellhole and chase my dream.
    What do you think about school? I'm not this good student, I'm arrogant and I always get bad math results so I'm no way near my father who's a doctor...A doctors son and fails in school, how bad can it really get?

    Not really proud of myself...
  2. School 1st wrestling 2nd. The odds of making it to the WWE are very slim for anyone. Not to mention if you're as arrogant as you say the chances are you wouldn't last 5 minutes in a wrestling locker room those guys are big on respect.
  3. Well I'm going to change that locker room, no Albertio Del Fuck is going to stop me from being myself.

    And no Wrestling 1st School 2nd, I don't care about the odds I'm chasing it and I will do anything to get there, I won't stop no matter what because my choice of career is wrestling I don't want to do anything else.
  4. Fair enough, but think about this there are thousands of people trying to make it into what 200 spots in The WWE and FCW? It's always good to have a back up plan isn't it? For example how will you fund your training if you can't get a job? I get your passionate and I'm really sorry if I sound like I'm trying to destroy your dream but it is always good to get an education.
  5. I'm not quiting school, I'm going to become a IT-Technician just like Sheamus but that'll be my reserve plan and not what I'd do on a daily basis.

    You know when you have thoughts like that, it won't help you it will only destroy you, I try to keep myself from thinking "Oh one million people trying to become a WWE superstar..why me out of everyone?"
    Well what was Sheamus thinking all the way from Ireland, did he realize that there are thousands of ONLY Americans trying to become what he currently is? Did he have any thoughts like the one you're referring to? I don't believe so because if that was the case then we wouldn't have seen him today. Seriously he came all the way from Ireland, worked as a IT-Technician and finally @[RKO] is much bigger than him, how did he get what he dreamt of? That is why I'm taking him as an example because he is great as one.

    I won't ever think about "200 spots" and "Thousands are trying to do this and that" No that won't happen, but you got one point and that's the education part.
  6. It does not madder how good you are in school THAT IS BS! I have been trying to get in to wrestling for 2 year now and I been out of High School for 2 year now! Here what you got to do you have to find a trainer to train you at a Iddy wrestling fed that not that hard if you live in a good state but here the hard part how much MONEY it will cost to paid to get train that the hard part! It a good $100-200 for a month of training which it is a lot of MONEY! So ownly do it if you REALLY THINK you want to be wrestler! I the part of NY were I live that are not that many Iddy Wrestler fed to go to to get train and that not to metion the money it cost!
  7. So Sheamus made it to the WWE? People like Super Dragon, El Generico, Kevin Steen, The Briscoes, Davey Richards and Roderick Strong haven't. They all have the talent to but haven't yet. How do you know Sheamus is smaller then RKO also? He has more muscle mass but Sheamus is what 6 ft 4? Has RKO released his height? Not to mention it took Sheamus 5 years to make it and he only did because he was a phenomenal wrestlers with charisma and mic skills. Plus he was one of the biggest names in IWW in his time. Size doesn't matter but all I'm saying is the odds are against you making it. Sometimes you've got to know the limit between risk and success, after all you could end up working local indie shows for your life.

  8. I'm not 18 yet and I always take a camera, stand in front of the mirror, and cut promos.
    I try to improve my microphone skills every day, And when the day comes that I can start paying for a good wrestling school, I look at the wrestlers and try to do things they don't do (Thank you Punk).

    Indie shows can happen, TNA can happen and even ROH can happen but no matter what happens I will chase my dream. My father will support me with all the money, I'm doing what good ol' J.R told me, I'm going to either Storm Wrestling Academy, Harley Race School or Funking Conservatory Wrestling (He recommended these)
  9. It's nice to see you've thought this through actually alot of people just think it's a case you train and then Vince shows up. It will be difficult, but I wish you the best of luck Zamo.
  10. My dream has happened, Stanford replied to me on twitter.


  11. I know, thanks seabs :emoji_grin:
  12. Don't think like that brother. School is very important and very essential for anything you do in life.

    Like others have mentioned, you're going up against many others for this spot, think of this like trying to get the world title. When you compete in anything, you must be at the top of the game, whether it be school or wrestling. When employers are looking for workers, they look at who would be the best candidate overall, not just in ring skills, not just mic skills. They want it all. There are people that are honestly better wrestlers, apply and don't get there because of things like school holding them back. Then the other guy that is a less skilled wrestler gets the job because they didn't find anything wrong with them. It could even work as neither of them getting the job. Don't let that keep you down because that is how business works.

    I admire your desire and determination. Keep going!
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  13. I'd say school first.
    I will finish school and maybe when I turn 18, start training.
    So I will combine it.
    But still, 1 School/Work 2 Wrestling.
    It are the only 2 things that are important to me now.
    I'm a salesman, so I have no troubles with talking. (promo's)
    I'm 6ft1 atm, and still growing.
    So who knows.
  14. Such an epic 200th post @[Goldberg]
  15. I wish a college degree mattered as much as they did in the 80s and 90s.
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  16. Lol CM PuLs3

    Liked ur post for that one.
    80's and 90's where the best years for school..
  17. Why do you think professional American sports stars in the NFL/NBA/NHL/etc have to go through college/university? Education is the most important thing in a persons life. How much, that's your decision.

    You should complete all compulsory education. Higher education is a choice for careers, so it's not that important.
  18. Randy Orton is very educated, he was prisoned for running from the army.

    (Or whatever happened)

    Education doesn't matter, it only matters for a small reason because if you don't succeed in what you're trying to become then you must always have a Plan B and that's where education comes in.
  19. Education doesn't matter?

    I apologise for getting all philosophical about it but without education the human race wouldn't be here. You've been educated to speak, listen, write, read, eat, touch, play football, use a computer, play an xbox game. You didn't do it by yourself, you were educated. As long as you've completed compulsory education (note, completed, not excelled) then that's fine.

    As a side note, Orton finished compulsory school, joined the army and went AWOL. His army days has nothing to do with his education.

    Also, don't base your life off someone elses (Orton's). Be yourself.
  20. I was always a failure in school. I went against the grain and felt that the teachers were full of nonsense and I knew better than them. My first language is not even English and I spoke and wrote better English than the damn teachers for god sake. I dropped out of the last year of high school at age 16 and never went to school again lol. I turn 19 next month. People always told me that I will regret it, but I still haven't. Must be because I see University graduates stuck in corporate enslavement, with a 500.000$ house loan, a wife and 2 kids all the time and they aren't happy either. I am thinking of going to trade school though to learn a skill. Or I can always join the army or do business with my dad.
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