Other Science debunks Bigfoot. But makes yeti related discovery

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Stopspot, Jul 5, 2014.

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  1. Discovery
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  2. I don't really see where they "debunked" Big Foot when they only examined one portion of what used to be considered 'evidence' of it and other creatures (not that I'm a believer in any of them, but still.)
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  3. I have no problem believing Russians are the reason people think of Bigfoot's existence. The real cool shit is in the giants that have been dug up and whether or not they are the ones spoken of in the bible and other religions as becoming extinct through the great flood (noah's ark is in 8? religions I think, google the shit yourself)

    Interesting piece though Stop, I think it's always really awesome just to look at the history of the animals, men and beast alike, that have become extinct. 10% of their brains would have been quite a bit larger than what we have, and if so, what were they lacking to make it through until today? I in no way subscribe to them still being alive, since the majority of lifeforms we estimate to be unaware of are aquatic by nature.
  4. I still think "Big Foot" is the result of genosplicing and DNA tom foolery.
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