SCOH 9 is tomorrow night in Redwood City, Ca!

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    We are mere days away from SUPERCARD OF HONOR IX! Every ROH championship will be on the line in Redwood City on March 27th. This is event is SOLD OUT, but you'll be able to purchase the Video On Demand right HERE when its made available next week! Here is the full line-up for SUPERCARD OF HONOR IX:


    - Mark Briscoe vs. ACH

    The Master of Redneck Kung Fu takes on high energy personified in this new match just added to SUPERCARD OF HONOR IX! These athletes employ two very different styles in the ring, but they have one thing in common: charisma. Both Mark Briscoe and ACH are well known in and out of the squared circle for their unique personalities. And both are renowned for capturing the attention of audiences night after night! On March 27th, this clash of styles comes to Redwood City!

    - 6 MAN MAYHEM

    Matt Sydal vs. Tommaso Ciampa vs. Moose w/ Stokley Hathaway & Veda Scott vs. Cedric Alexander vs. Caprice Coleman vs. Andrew Everett

    The most exciting tradition in ROH is back for SUPERCARD OF HONOR: the 6 Man Mayhem match! A non-stop showcase of different styles and techniques, the 6 Man Mayhem just might steal the whole show. Plus, March 27th sees the ROH return of Andrew Everett! Everett was forced to take time off with an injury, but he's been watching the action closely. This match promises to have a little bit of everything...from high-flying to incredible feats of strength, the only place to see this crazy lineup is Ring of Honor!


    Samoa Joe vs. Jay Briscoe (c)

    Samoa Joe's thunderous return to Ring of Honor unfolded live on pay-per-view at the 13TH ANNIVERSARY. Joe made it crystal clear: he wants his ROH World Championship back. He wants Jay Briscoe! Although Jay is one of only two men to claim the World Championship twice in ROH, Samoa Joe still holds the prestigious honor of longest reigning World Champion of all time, holding the title for over 21 months! And there's no question he intends his second reign to go on forever. There's just one problem. The Jay Briscoe whom Samoa Joe knew years ago is very different than the man who holds gold today!

    During Joe's tenure as champion, he and Jay Briscoe engaged in a war that only got more and more violent. Back then, Jay Briscoe was a young kid many thought overstepped his bounds and disrespected the champion when he goaded Samoa Joe. Eventually, they squared off in what might be the most brutal, bloodiest steel cage battle of all time. Now it's over a decade later and Jay Briscoe is on top of the mountain himself.

    If Samoa Joe topples the World Champion, he will enter his own second title reign, securing his claim as greatest of all time. But the stakes might be even HIGHER for Jay Briscoe. Not only is he fighting to retain his championship, he is fighting to prove to the world how far he has come in over a decade. In the end, this match is about PRIDE and HONOR as much as it is about that championship belt.

    Jushin Thunder Liger vs. Jay Lethal (c)

    Only a short time into 2015 and Ring of Honor has already announced numerous dream match ups. Topping the list, the man known as “The Best First Generation Wrestler” and without a doubt the greatest ROH Television Champion of all time, Jay Lethal, takes on the legendary Jushin “Thunder” Liger!

    “This may be a dream match for the fans, but this is going to be Jushin Liger’s worst nightmare” claimed the adamant champion. “Liger is the only thing standing between me and 365 days as the ROH World Television Champion and I’ll be damned if him or anyone is going to stop me from proving once again why I am not only the greatest champion in Ring of Honor, but the whole damn world. Liger, your fate was sealed when you signed that contract, not only did you enter a losing proposition, you did it against the greatest professional wrestler in the history of the sport."

    Liger is without a doubt a legend, not only in his native land of Japan, but in Ring of Honor and across the globe. Having held 38 World Championships all over the world, Liger has yet to taste gold in Ring of Honor. Can he end the nearly one year reign of Jay Lethal?

    The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Michael Bennett) w/ Maria Kanellis vs. reDRagon (Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish) (c)

    Current champions reDRagon have established themselves as the best of the best, defeating opponents all around the world. But on March 27th, a relatively new team on the rise has the chance to make history. Michael Bennett and Matt Taven have had nearly unprecedented success as a team. They've been so cohesive it's easy to forget they've been working as a unit for under a year! But with Maria Kanellis at their side, The Kingdom has shocked the wrestling world - touring Japan, defeating world caliber athletes, and thanks to their victory over the Young Bucks on Ring of Honor Television this week, they have the chance to win the ROH World Tag Team Championship.

    The Kingdom's rise has not been without controversy. And at the 13TH ANNIVERSARY pay-per-view, the mysterious masked red figures who interfered in the main event seemed EXTREMELY familiar to anyone who has been watching Taven and Bennett. With their propensity to appear during critical matches, you have to question if these uninvited guests will be in Redwood City.

    - BJ Whitmer vs. Jimmy Jacobs

    At Final Battle 2013, three Ring of Honor veterans came together to rid the company of returning stars they believed had used the company as a stepping stone. Roderick Strong, Jimmy Jacobs and BJ Whitmer would become known as The Decade. They would seek and destroy as many victims as possible.

    In December of 2014 “The Bully” BJ Whitmer would take it upon himself to kick Roderick Strong out of the group. He would also take it upon himself to force his then “young boy” Adam Page in as an official member. Jimmy Jacobs, the devious mastermind, remained befuddled and silent. He wondered, however, how he was being left out the decision making process. Whitmer has also developed issues with Jacobs following the Code of Honor recently. This has lead to some real visible tensions. Whitmer and Jacobs agreed that brothers fight and that’s exactly what they will do!

    On Friday Night March 27, 2015 both men have agreed to fight it out! Both men recognize the visibility of Supercard of Honor and have decided this is the place to physically resolve their issues. The violent history between Jacobs and Whitmer is the stuff of legend. Will this be the final chapter?

    - Christopher Daniels vs. Roderick Strong

    On March 27th, two of the most respected veterans in ROH face each other! Christopher Daniels and Roderick Strong have devoted their lives to perfecting their craft and their accomplishments reflect that commitment. At this stage in the game, these men stand as examples to young athletes breaking into professional wrestling.

    The Addiction have been competing as a team in ROH, but at SUPERCARD OF HONOR IX they look to pick up victories in singles competition. Fans in Redwood City are in for a treat. Roderick Strong calls himself "Mr. ROH" - and his credentials as Triple Crown Champion certainly bolster that claim. But Daniels is a former Television and Tag Team Champion himself. Strong and Daniels have traveled the globe together, competing for the same titles and acclaim. And, interestingly, they have unique insight into each other after a tenure in the House of Truth. Both Strong and Daniels studied under the twisted tutelage of Truth Martini. So what side of these men will we see as SUPERCARD OF HONOR? The honorable competitors...or the wily, cagey veterans?

    - Frankie Kazarian vs. Michael Elgin
    Ever since Michael Elgin lost "his" ROH World Championship, he's been more and more paranoid. He claims ROH let him down and the world is against him. The cheers turned to boos. Elgin has always been dangerous. But now he's completely unpredictable! Regardless of his personality, there is no denying the Elgin remains one of the absolute best professional wrestlers in the world. Just last weekend, he faced Samoa Joe in what many instantly called the potential match of the year. Elgin will ride the adrenaline from his battle with the Samoan Submission Machine right to Redwood City...and straight into the path of Frankie Kazarian.

    Although we have primarily seen Kazarian compete in tag team action, he wants to remind the world that he's a consummate singles wrestler as well. At SUPERCARD OF HONOR, he tests himself against a former ROH World Champion! This is a first time EVER matchup and it's coming to you on March 27th!


    FRIDAY, MARCH 27TH, 2015
    The Sports House
    3151 Edison Way - Redwood City, CA 94063

    8:00pm PST Bell Time

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