Scott Hall needs everyone's help

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  2. I hate to sound like a pessimist, but I don't see them getting that much money unfortunately. I hope they do, and I hope he continues to improve.
  3. Lets see if any of his NWO for life buddies help him out! Looking at you Nash!
  4. Between Hogan and Nash $80,000 is pocket change.
  5. I love ya Hall, but bro, you made more money in 2 weeks than I'll make in my entire life. If you can't pay for your own hip surgery, tough shit.
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  6. They raised like 60 grand or something to fund Robert's shoulder surgery in just two or three days or something if I remember correctly. Never count out the internet.
  7. This right here.

    And if anyone can help him money wise, it Hogan, Nash and Bischoff.
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  8. Exactly. I'm the ultimate Big Sexy defender, but if he can't help his bro out, when his bro is clearly trying to help himself out, then fuck him.
  9. If WWE is willing to spend 90 million on Linda's stupid senate, give $80,000 to the bad guy.
    I'm seeing them getting around $4,000 and then Wrestling Stars donating the rest.
  10. I'm kind of surprised the E isn't all over this just for some good publicity if nothing else, they cover rehab costs and I know this is a lot more money but imagine the PR they could get if they promoted it.
  11. I'm gonna tweet HHH and Steph about this right about in 2 hrs. :hallofpain:
  12. No one denies Win! :boss:
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  13. Yeah, not even Swagger's Eagle! :bury: Viva la Win!
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  14. I heard they're already up to around $22,000. Almost doesn't feel right given how much money he should still have from over the years, and doesn't he live in like a mini-mansion anyway?

    I'm not putting down any money on this dude. Hope he gets the help he needs, but any money I give will be to those whose problems weren't brought on so much by their doing like in the case of some crackhead or cokehead or alcoholic or whatever Hall is/was.
  15. I tweeted HH, Kev, Trips, EB and Steph about this. You go wonder if they will actually give a flying fuck.
  16. I don't see why Bischoff and Stephanie would. Bischoff isn't even friends with the guy personally (that I can recall personally) and WWE has blown enough money on rehab for people like Hall (and Sunny and others) enough over the years.
  17. I think DDP does a great job helping many people. I don't understand some people's skepticism over his ability to retrain Scott Hall. He already manage to save the life of Jake the Snake, so I really think he can manage to do this with Scott Hall.
  18. Not bad actually.:obama:
  19. WTF did Nash contribute? :Aries:
  20. I heard he went to donate but those pesky quads kept tearing.
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