News Scott Hall praises HHH in executive role

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, May 7, 2013.

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  2. Kliq ftw. Glad to see Hall full of praise, and HHH is deserving of it.
  3. Hall supporting HHH :youdontsay:
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  4. Learn to Kliq.
  5. If/when Scott Hall gets cleaned up, he could be an asset creatively to the WWE in some way. JR said on one of the Legends Of Wrestling episodes that Scott Hall was a brilliant creative mind (to which JJ Dillion agreed), Bobby Heenan has mentioned it and Eric Bischoff said he came up with the Crow gimmick and the "going up in the rafters" idea for Sting. It's also been confirmed that he came up with the Razor Ramon idea. Vince even thought he was a genius for inventing it (he apparently had never seen Scarface before.)
  6. :haha: you cant type a single post without a cheapshot buddy.

    Hall is a beast, and i love to point out that the Kliq was huge for a reason, and might have to do quite a bit with the success of wrestling in General.
  7. Typcal deepthroating.
  8. Who, me? The Scarface thing wasn't a cheap shot, just obvious inspiration. Just like the Crow gimmick. Hall WAS creative though, he was doing the whole "Bad Guy" gimmick as far as mannerisms and his finishing move even before his WWF days, even though he was called The Diamond Studd back in those days.
  9. From what I've seen with NXT, HHH does seem like the person I wouldn't mind having to run WWE since he can get good young talent signed, and he has the experience of being an in ring wrestler. Also, it would be great to see Scott Hall back to help WWE when he gets clean, I'm sure he can make great heels :true:
  10. all in for Hall being on the creative team just as long as Nash isn't on it too
  11. I guess Hall is looking for a job now too, bet he'll get it.
  12. If he gets healthy, I'd mark HUGE for Razor Ramon as the new RAW GM.
  13. Yeah about that...not in a million years
  14. A man can dream, can't he, chico?


    There's your new avatar Aids Johnson
  15. HHH straight edge. Gohan come over here,you have a new idol.

    Now seriously he's doing a great job.
  16. HHH is indeed good at it and it's great to see Hall acknowledging it. Would love it if he got a job in WWE after getting cleaned up.
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  17. nice man, thanks. Done.
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