Scott Hall talks about TNA lackluster

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  1. TNA Wrestling held its premiere event, Bound For Glory, this past Sunday in San Diego, California, and was unable to fill a good portion of the 12,000 seat Viejas Arena. To combat this startling lack of attendance, some fans were guided to seats in the lower bowl and moved near the hard camera in order for the venue to appear full during the pay-per-view broadcast. Scott Hall, who appeared for the organization as recently as 2010, weighed in on the lackluster turnout with the following message on Twitter.

    [email protected] @SCOTTHALLNWO
    A sad state of affairs....#TNA
    5:26 AM - 23 Oct 2013

    Despite the company’s ills, he feels that former New World Order cohorts Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff are not to blame. In response to a fan saying it’s their fault, Hall wrote, “The history is that [Bischoff] and Hulk left alone, draw money. They never had the control needed to pop that company in my opinion..”

    In response to whether WWE head Vince McMahon will ultimately buy the company out, Hall wrote, “Nothing to buy….” In his opinion, that includes talent. Hall wrote to a fan, “Name three people WWE would want…”

    Hall added that he he has no interest in returning to the company.

    Source: Pwmania
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    Fuck of Hall. I am sick of has beens coming out with crap.
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  3. Look at Hall being a prick again.

    Another former TNA talent that's bitter on the company's talent (that might well be the best roster on the planet). Fuck off Hall.
  4. While I disagree that TNA has the best roster on the planet, I can say there is plenty of talent there I as a fan would want to see in WWE, and that I think could do WELL in WWE. TNA's Bound for Glory attendance was pretty shocking though, and it is indeed sad times. Scott shouldn't be disrespecting talent like Styles, Roode (TNA's best talent), Aries, Joe, Magnus, etc., because all of them could do very well in WWE.
  5. I don't think Hall is being a prick though Testify. He isn't openly mocking TNA or insulting them as a brand, he's simply stating his opinion that the attendance was sad to see and that WWE has no reason to buy TNA (which they don't).
  6. lol, some of you guys got mad. Hall is the man!
    Although, I disagree with most of what he said in this article. I could easily name over 3 stars WWE would want in their company as of now. Well IMO.
  7. While I agree they COULD do well in WWE, look at what he said.

    "3 guys WWE would WANT"

    considering WWE's deep talent pool already, including NXT, who would WWE realistically want from TNA? TNA basically let Roode's deal expire and WWE wasn't beating down his door. Angle & Hardy they might take back and push because the fans would eat it up, but both would be liabilities as far as the wellness program goes.

    They didn't even want Aries on Tough Enough. They've repeatedly shown a lack of interest in Styles. So yea, if I'm Vince what value is their to buying out TNA? Not much.
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  8. "I as a fan would want in WWE". I already said I agree with Hall that Vince would get nothing out of buying out TNA lol.
  9. Congrats. That doesn't dispute the point Hall was making that sent the TNA fanboys into a frenzy
  10. I just have no idea why you quoted me.
  11. Honestly didn't see your stupid ass quote about what you as a fan would want (as if anyone cares). I saw your end quote about 'could see doing well in WWE" and I was just pointing out that Hall never said TNA didn't have guys who would do well in the 'E, just that WWE wouldn't be interested in them. That is obviously a fact. WWE doesn't want TNA guys. They've had a million chances to take a handful of guys that we as fans assumed WWE would want. Roode. Morgan. Styles. They simply want nothing to do with them.
  12. The way Hall said it looks as if he means who really is good enough on TNA for WWE to care about signing. My rebuttal to that is many of them can do well, and maybe only Roode can do REALLY well (I think he could be the top heel). If his point was that WWE don't care about TNA talent like you said, then I agree, but that's WWE's spiteful ways (more so Vince). There is plenty of talent that could vastly improve WWE.

    Otherwise, Hall has said nothing wrong and I agree with it all really.
  13. We're on the same page. I just know if 2 years ago you would have told me "WWE will have an easy chance to sign away Morgan, Styles, Roode, ect from TNA but will not even consider it" I would have thought you were nuts. But that's exactly how it turned out. I don't think Hall was shitting on TNA's roster, he knows how good those guys are, but he was indeed just saying WWE wouldn't be interested in signing them. That's how I took it anyway.
  14. Wonder why Vince doesn't want to do it though. I sort of get why signing them while TNA is still on and prospering might give them publicity or something, but if the company was dead and gone, surely they're too good to just ignore? I can see why they don't want Styles (controversial; TNA fans might hate me for that one). I can maybe see why they don't want Aries due to his height and having other high-flying talents like him (though I think they're so wrong if they think that; he's so good on the mic), but Roode? Fucking Bobby Roode?
  15. HHH probably read someone online compare Roode to himself and said "I CAN GUARANTEE-UHHHH. BOBBY ROODE-UHHHH. WILL NEVER-UHHHHH. BE IN THE DOUBLE YOU DOUBLE YUO EEEE0UHHH"
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  16. In a Bryan promo during the original NXT he said that Vince likes to push guys he made himself. And even though it was just a line in a promo I can see there being some weight to that. I can see Vince and even HHH going "We can create that ourselves". And with the facilities and staff they have I don't see how they can't create a Roode of their own. Its all about finding the right guy to mold.

    But yeah if the opportunity arose I could see WWE picking up the right guy from TNA but only if it was the perfect moment/guy.
  17. I'm not sure you can just create a Roode. He has that old school 80s heel feel that is a lost art in today's wrestling. I think WWE tried to give Axel that old school mentality and you see the results.
  18. Agreed, its hard to create that organic heel feel. But I'm damn sure WWE would give it their damnedest to try.
  19. Didn't The Rock praise Bobby Roode once upon a time? (During his WHC run)
    Surprised WWE didn't take initiative. Although, that one article pops up every year saying they're interested in him.
  20. By that logic WWE would have signed Steen as well since he also got praise from the Rock during his ROH title run.
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