Scott Hall, where do you rank him?

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  1. I think it's well known among at least the forumers i chill with that Ramone was my first favorite heel, and Hall was easily my favorite WCW/nWo member. His in ring work was quality, he generates heat without really saying much (Anderson-esque) and always made mid card matches so much bigger with his talent.

    2 minutes of entrance, and 45 seconds of constantly interrupted boo'ing. This was the Hall i grew up wanting to be like.

    Never understood 1-2-3 kid/xpac/whatever the fuck ever being in the big scene, but Hall just rocks shit here.

    Fucking lolworthy, what a stupid idea. White dudes getting heat in a cheap way, hoping it generates views.

    Stellar hall video. Guy just generates lol's when he wants, hate when he speaks, and had an amazing finisher. I am a mark for sure when it comes to him, HBK and Jericho honestly.

    He is one of the best sellers of all time, and i feel it is the reason he was never put over as well as he could have been (at least one world title) So, because of the huge mark i am, what do you think of Hall?
  2. One of my all time favourites. Big guy who could sell, looked realistic in the ring, and always entertained on the mic. Razor Ramon was my fourth favourite as a kid behind Hart, Perfect, and HH. I think if he had stayed in WWE, and not let his addictions control him, he would've been in the mix with the Rock, HBK, and SCSA in the AE main event scene. Could you imagine a Razor/Austin feud for the world title? Or Razor/Rock?
  3. I know it was end of the run, but god was this dank.
    ETA: lol the tuts my barreh video.

    He only was there because of Nash's injury, but he always put on a quality show, and i cant imagine two stars getting this much pop during both enterances today.
  4. Best selling of the Stunner ever :otunga: He was still fucked up during this though. I mean a clean Hall against Austin with a proper build.
  5. a clean hall period. I honestly hope the DDP build works and they can go TNA (bias) to sell the management of wrestlers, Snake (get rid of him quick) DDP and a sober Hall? Yes.
  6. DDP's allegiance is to WWE. If anything, we get a Kliq reunion on RAW, now that PAC and Nash have legends contracts.
  7. Sounds like a shitty sell. Who will they put over?

    I guess that's the topic for a different thread, possibly, someday.
  8. Hall said he never wanted to win the world championship because he didn't want to have to deal with the pressure of having to carry the company on his back. I agree though that he could have been world champion had he not left the company.

    He was above average in the ring, above average on the mic, and also a great wrestling mind according to everyone who knew him. Vince thought he was a genius for coming up with the Razor Ramon gimmick (apparently, McMahon had never seen Scarface) and Bischoff said in his book that he was the one who came up with the idea for Sting to adopt the Crow look and go up into the rafters doing the whole "feeling alienated from WCW" thing.
  9. You were the last person i hoped to reply. Great post as always. Go apply nWo, pm if you need the link man, it's a subforum full of these kinds of posts, and Rain could use another enigma in his subforum.

    Great post though, and thanks for contributing.
  10. God i love the sting reference, he MADE a legend into a God.
  11. I loved the Outsiders as a kid, that's right AS A KID. And Razor was one of my all time favorite characters to go back and watch as an adult. Hall is pure class as an entertainer, easily in my personal top 10. Just as his overall abilities as a performer I'd still list him top 20-25 of the Wrestlemania era, if not higher.
  12. Always consider him as the best guy to never hold a world title, Hogan was the shock factor sure but Hall makes the nwo cool from what I see.
  13. Hall and Nash were the coolest motherfathers around in the mid 90s.

    And yea, I would bring up Perfect, but Hall was 6'7 for God's sake. How he never got a world title run is a travesty. Especially with Nash booking! Come on BIg Sexy, throw the medium sized man a bone ffs.
  14. He probably would have if Hall was at least a bit sober. I think he no showed a couple of events where he had to defend his US Title. You can't have that happen with the big belt.
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