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    Marking at 3am.
  2. Haha, nice. What if he joins the forum when he sees your username? LOL
  3. He'd instantly be an Admin.

    My god I'm happy. He'd be the top of my list if I had one of WWE employees to reply to me. <3
  4. But what if it's JeebaK and he steal the database and runs away? :shock: :upset:
  5. I'll :shovel: him.

    I can't wait for seabs to see this, I think he's a Stanford fan too!!
  6. I think the question is, who isn't a Stanford fan? He's also a sportscaster for ESPN. He has some great promos(forgive me for using WWE language)
  7. "@AlexRileyWWE You're a god. Play politics well so we can see you on TV."

    You tell em... although the site having all of our names' on it means JeebaK is going to be epically pissed.
  8. Does AJ Styles have a Twitter?
  9. I wanted Teddy to reply to my tweet, I'll tweet him again tomorrow.

    Will try and get Ace too! :emoji_slight_smile:

    That's AJ's Twitter btw.
  11. Followed... What's J. Ace's Twitter?
  12. Cool man!
    That's nice!!
    Lol, I got followed by Rihishi the other day.
  13. Damn, actually quite jelly. Stanford is a boss seriously.
  14. Greatest day of my life. Rikishi following is pretty cool, I'm so going to get Ace to reply to me.
  15. I don't wanna brag around (yes I do lol), but a few names replied to me multiple times in the past month or so, like Hogan, Bischoff, Jarrett, Doug Williams and Gunner. Doug Williams like a really cool guy to answer the tweets and questions.
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