Scott Stanford retweets me again.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Mar 29, 2012.

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    I'm sure we're going to end up having a bromance. :boss:

    Marking out so hard.

  2. How many times is this now?
  3. Get him to sign up here dammit

    Also I'm telling #Miz you are cheating on her with Stanny
  4. Retweeted me twice, replied to me once.

    We're best friends, calling it.

    @Dolph: I used Awesome in the hash tag, Miz won't mind :themiz:
  5. 3 responses? Damn, you're practically married.
  6. I know right? I'm so tempted to ask him to sign up. He'll become instantly chairmen.
  7. Don't want to scare him off though. It's a fine line you are walking with the bromance in such an embryonic stage
  8. Good point. I'll keep things slow. Perhaps I'll give him a Wrestlemania gift, I'll get #FuckJerryLawler trending world wide.
  9. People do.
  10. Know 1 care about Scott Stanford!
  11. How very dare you. @[Crayo] have you heard this man talking about your hubby?

    Show Spoiler

    Stanford is a boss, probably their best commentator in my opinion.
  12. Commentator SINCE WHEN????????
  13. Randy Savage, I'm normally a civil guy, but bad mouth MR Stanford and you'll be seeing Mr Socko and Cobra on your front door in seconds. He's the best commentator in WWE, including the current JR. Oh bring on the hate people, bring on the hate.
  14. October 2010 is when he debuted on Superstars.

    This is why he's a boss.
  15. WHEN IN THE FUCK HAS HE BEEN A COMMENTATOR????????WTF ARE U GUY WATCHING??????? I hate him b/c he start then dumb Zack youtube show and writing the crap!!!!!!!!
  16. I just lost my respect for him, you know what? Fuck Stanford.
  17. He just owned the self proclaimed best in the world.
  18. He's commentated on Superstars since 2010 bro.
  19. THIS IS NOT TV!!!!!!!!! I DON'T NON TV SHIRT!!!!!!!!! IF HE GOOD WHY IN THE FUCK IS HE NOT ON TV?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Superstars is NOT ON TV!!!!!!!!!! THAT DOES NOT COUNT!!!!!!!!!!!
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