News Scott Steiner Allegedly Threatened to Kill Hulk Hogan - Cops Investigating

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Apr 7, 2015.

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    Whatcha gonna do brother, when a former wrestling star (allegedly) threatens to KILL YOU!?

    Well, if you're Hulk Hogan -- you call the cops ... because that's exactly what happened during an alleged incident in San Jose involving Hulk's former wrestling ally Scott Steiner.

    Here's what we know ... Hulk's wife Jennifer flew into San Jose for WrestleMania on March 26th -- and claims Steiner grabbed her at baggage claim and said he plans to "kill Terry" [Hulk's real name] as soon as he lands.

    Sources close to the Hogans tell us ... Jennifer didn't recognize Steiner and called Hulk immediately -- who took the next flight into S.J. and went with her to file a police report early the next morning.

    We're told cops are now investigating Steiner for "felony terrorist threats" -- and so far, officials have already gathered airport surveillance video which we're told shows Steiner confronting Jennifer.

    As for Steiner, he's been very public about his dislike of Hogan for years -- and blames him for the demise of WCW wrestling ... where Scott and Hulk were allies in the NWO.

    We reached out to Steiner for comment -- who told us, "Typical Hogan. He's just a punk."


    Source : TMZ
  2. Scott is stupid and if this story is completely true. I would've called the cops, too. Steiner is fucking stupid.
  3. The story lives on.
  4. Not surprised
  5. The last I checked, Scott Steiner said that "Hogan was the man" on his 2007/2008 RF shoot interview, so I'm curious when and why the vitriol hate for him suddenly began.

    And I'm sure when he said he was gonna "kill" Hogan, he only meant that he would give him the ass-whooping of a lifetime since people often use that sort of terminology when they want to describe how badly they'll pummel someone in a fight. He's said before in the past that he would "kill" Triple H in a real fight, too. Still, it helps to remember to be careful with what you say around certain people. Jim Cornette suffered the same legal troubles back in 2010 when he talked about how much he wished he could kill Vince Russo and that if he could pull off murdering him in a way that didn't send him to prison, it would be the greatest accomplishment of his life. (At least that was originally intended as a private e-mail, though.)
  6. Maybe because Steiner is a rood raging freak who will do a complete 180 on anyone if it deems it as justifiable.
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  7. TNA 2009. Steiner got into big beef with Hogan and Bischoff.
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  8. You can't kill the immortal one, Steiner. :hogan:
  9. Ah, good stuff. So Scotty was going to show up on the HoF or whatever before this? Too bad he didn't.
  10. lol fucking Hogan. Yea, Steiner SURELY meant it literally as a death threat. I'm sure the San Jose police could be using their time for more pertinent issues.

    Just settle this with some celebrity boxing or something. We'd all love to see Scotty put it on Terry
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  11. Isn't that how Scott says hi to people? Grabbing their family members and threatening to kill them?
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  12. The best thing to come out of this is going to be when the cops show up at Steiner's house, sirens blaring and Steiner starts yelling HOLLA IF YOU HEAR ME as he walks out.
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  13. GOGAN!

    Scott Steiner: redefining terrorism since 2015.
  14. Source:
  15. I just want to know how the conversation between Hogan and his wife after Steiner threatened him went since she doesn't know who Steiner is. Did she have to describe his facial hair? his nonsensical talking?
  16. Me reading this:

    "Scott steiner allegedly threatens to kill-" Oh my god what a jerk. "Hulk Hogan" Oh, I see, there must be some reasonable explanation for it.
  17. Wife: I'm not sure... he was just, rambling.. he had like 12 veins sticking out of his head and was saying "I wannafireoldg TERRY! I'll kill him!
    Hulk: Scotty smh...
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  18. I like to think that Hulk's immediate reaction when someone says kill and his name in the same sentence is to think of Scott.

    Either that or he starts going over the numbers to see how much it would cost to put Beefer through bodyguard training.
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