News Scott Steiner banned from WWE venues

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    The saga that is Steiner continues.
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  2. Steiner invading WWE confirmed.
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  3. I don't remember who sent me this, but boy is it epic. Steiner is such a damn legend that he's BANNED, to the extent of them having the picture there HAHAHAHAH
    He probably just asked Hulk's wife if she wanted to know why they call him the big bad booty daddy.
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. It would have been gold if he plowed through security at Wrestlemania and took out both DX and NWO.
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  6. Steiner is a legend. :steiner:
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  7. The most Steiner thing of the day.
  8. Guilty
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  9. GET YOUR OWN BAGS!!!!!! :steiner:
  10. Reading this made my day. 'Nuff said. :steiner::steiner:
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