Scott Steiner fans (if there's enough of us here), here's the proposition

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Testify, Feb 27, 2012.

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  1. This crazy idea hit me out nowhere just moments ago when I saw the Bobby Heenan qoutes account on twitter, so what do you Steiner marks say we open our Scott Steiner quotes account (even though we know what kind of 'quotes' he uses) ? I think it'd be cool for 3-5 of us to run it on twitter?

    Of course there will be rules if that is in place, I have yet to specifically write them down.

    Throw down the propositions, dudes! They'll be helpful! :steiner:
  2. Such an awesome idea. Steiner = win.
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  3. Crayo, you in?
  4. I support this. This man deserves his own TV show.

    I support this.
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  5. Of course I'm in!
  6. Boy, there's already 3 of us. Dis gon B gud!
    If anyone else wants, join. ASA frickin P!

    Steiner TV show... How awesome does that sound? Should be called: "I've wrestled a lot a countries."
  7. Make the twitter account :emoji_slight_smile:
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  8. I will in an hour or so. I'll PM you and JoeRulz the passwords, so we can spread the greatness of the Big Poppa. :steiner:
  9. Twitter is up, it's in my sig, the three of us (have sent the pm's) will try to run it the best we can.


    Be sure to check the daily doses of STEINER.
  10. @[Jim Morrison] needs access!
  11. #FaceOfWWEForums
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  12. Acess approved.
    OK, so people running the account are myself, Joe, Crayo and Seabs.... Oh wait, it's Jim Morrison. :sky:

    I send you the passwords via PMs, let's try to keep it updated as much as we can. You know why? Because Steiner matters. :steiner:
  13. I've got some quotes..
    I want to help with the quotes, but can I leave u guys to do the account?
  14. The account is up already (in my sig). PM one of us, help is grateful.
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