Scott Steiner is such a legend

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Nov 29, 2014.

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  1. Not even talking about his promos, but I just saw this highlight from his early early days and dear god.... his athleticism and strength is other worldy

  2. Scott was a physical freak in his early years. The transformation into Big Poppa Pump made him into a physical freak for completely different reasons

  3. Did Steiner really innovate the 450? What a fucking animal
  4. Didn't 2 cold scorpio invent that move?

    Steiner did invent the Frankensteiner tho, right?
  5. Obviously he invented the Frankensteiner bro.

    On wiki it says 2 Cold innovated it, but if you follow the link it goes to this lol

  6. I think Steiner's accidental over-rotation led to the 450 splash

  7. CM punk owes everything he has to scott Steiner. The innovator of the "pipebomb"
  8. That's a rather silly thing to say. Giving a "pipebomb" isn't exactly some ingenious creation or something, anyone with access to a live mic and a need to rant can give one.
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  9. Punk obviously has Steiner to thank for everything.
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  10. Scott "Kurt Russel" Steiner was indeed something.
  11. This is a great listen. Funny and really gives you an insight to Scott.

  12. Punk was the one who cut the promo, not Steiner. And the material he used was his own, nothing he took from something Steiner said. He doesn't have Steiner to thank for jack shit.

    To add to that, Punk remained a top star for reasons other than just cutting that one promo.
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  13. Thanks to Scott Steiner
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  14. Everyone owes everything to Steiner. Without Steiner the industry would have folded years ago
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  15. Obviously this Lockard. Geez, wake up and smell the cocoa.
  16. in this thread just to lol @ lockard
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  17. Always liked me some Steiner action.
  18. Yep, people tend to forget what a beast in the ring Scotty was.
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