Scott Steiner is the greatest mic worker alive.

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Red Rain, Sep 28, 2014.

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  1. I had to post this again. This cat is beautiful on the stick.

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    That first clip you posted is pure gold.

    Scott Steiner being semi-retarded is what made him so fucking entertaining.
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  3. It's the passion. Every word he speaks is literally full throttle. It's like he has no clue what gentle means.
    Whereas the normal man contains minimal levels of estrogen, this cat has literally zero.

    Scott Steiner could be getting ready to turn in and sleep and yells at his old lady to sleep tight.
  4. Lol, you're right.

    In life, the guy probably takes everything to the heart. That's not necessarily good, imo.
  5. True.
    Being that jacked up at 53 isn't pleasant, mentally or physically.
    Can you imagine him singing lullabies to an infant?
  6. :nope:
  7. Why does Scott Steiner hate Samoa Joe?

    Scott is the man. So over the top, everytime he's involved in something, you just want him to say something.
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  9. Where Scott Steiner finds a toddler guitar and incorporates it into his beyond me.
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  10. I'd talk shit but i'm so glad this is in TNA and will get some activity here.
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  11. My inspiration and should be everyone's inspiration. He is a hero, he is... SCOTT STEINER! :steiner:
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  13. He is the man with no sympy, the genetic freak, the big bad booty daddy! HOLLA if ya hear me!
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  14. Steiner is the greatest.
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  15. Except he'd mess up his line.

    "Sreep tight!"
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    Complete with subtitles for our amusement.

  17. I imagine every letter Steiner writes or types are written in nothing but CAPS.
  18. Threads like these make my life entertaining.
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  19. I find it amazing that the man on the right in the first picture is the same human being in the second picture.

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