Scott Steiner launches another attack.

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  1. Interesting read tbh lmao.
  2. Steiner is so bitter. Fact of the matter is TNA is on a roll. The BFG Series is coming up, they are coming off the heels of one of the best PPVs of the year, and they have a handful of guys that everyone wants to see right now with Roode, Bully, Aries, ect.
  3. Lmao. Yesterday he joked about the size of Brooke Hogan's head, lmfao. :steiner: Some epic stuff.
  4. ""Ive always said hogan n b***hoff are car salesman and are the best at it but how do these con men. Convince a company that they have brought nothing but bad storylines and bad ratings and trying To save money hire their siblings who are both worthless,they were paying garrett b***hoff more money To go thru school than they are paying most of their cruiserweights and he still cant throw A believeable clothesline,fn bulls**t."

    This is so true though.
  5. Of course the nepotism is obvious and Garrett sucks at wrestling. I don't need Steiner to tell me that lol
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