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  1. Did anyone watch his YouTube channel back in the day? It was pretty entertaining. Better than TNA and RAW back in the day.(AKA 2010)
    Debut Episode:

  2. Go back to Puerto rico. HHAHAH!
  3. I watched a story about Scott awhile back (maybe a year ago)... It was kinda sad. He's like so obsessed with wrestling he lost his family over it... That and the drugs don't help either. I didn't know he had a youtube thing going.
  4. Hall was so out of place backstage. It was pretty entertaining since i watched the whole thing
  5. I post a video so you can watch the whole thing.:tough:
  6. Hey, I have a short attention span. I need fireworks and billy mays to keep my attention for over 5 minutes
  8. Aww Billy died, I forgot :sad:
  9. Okay now I haven't even got the chance to use that clip in a recap. Are you raiding my movie clip library :tough:
  11. I watched it all. :true:
  12. Good job Lacky!
  13. Thanks, do I get a prize?
  14. You got a laugh, what else do you want weirdo. :willis:
  15. I want some good rep dammit.
  16. Since you insist. Damn You Lacky! :aries:
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