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    Scottish Championship Wrestling​
    A new era in wrestling............​
    AJ Lee​
    Big E Langston​
    Briley Pierce​
    Billy Gunn​
    Bray Wyatt​
    Brad Maddox​
    Chris Jericho​
    Colt Cabana​
    CM Punk​
    Dolph Ziggler​
    Drew McIntyre​
    Hulk Hogan​
    Gail Kim​
    Jay Lethal​
    Kevin Nash​
    Kurt Angle​
    Road Dogg​
    Leo Kruger​
    Luke Gallows​
    Oliver Grey​
    Johnny Curtis (Gimmick subject to change)​
    Joey Mercury​
    Johnny Nitro​
    Scott Hall​
    Seth Rollins​
    Summer Rae​
    Shawn Michaels​
    Wade Barrett​
    EL Generico​
    Titles: SCW Championship, SCW Elite Championship, SCW Dynamic Duo, SCW Womens Championship.​
    Show: Monday Night Massacre​
    GM: Mick Foley​
    Feuds List:​
    Ziggler Vs Lethal​
    Punk Vs Rollins​
    Team SCW (Shawn Michaels, Undertaker and Sting) Vs nWo​
    Barrett Vs McIntyre​
    Jericho Vs Wyatt​
    Maddox and Pierce Vs NAO​
    Bittish Invasion Vs The Odd Squad (Goldust and Curtis)​
    Sheamus Vs Kruger​
    The Shield Vs SES​
    (Had some GFX for this on MP but if CiV still has it could you PM me it?)​

  2. Monday Night Massacre!​
    The pyro goes off and the crowd erupts!​
    Joey Styles: Welcome everybody to SCW Monday Night Massacre! Im Joey Styles along side Jim Ross!​
    Jim Ross: Great to be here Joey and we are live from the Magnum Center in Irvine!​
    Match 1 El Generico Vs Johhny Curtis​
    *Generico comes out and the crowd go crazy*​
    *Johhny Curtis' music hits and he gets into the ring, He grabs a mic*​
    Johhny: Were you expecting someone else? I hope so, My friend Fandango couldnt make it tonight so your stuck with me.​
    Match: Curtis drops the mic and the ref calls for the bell, Generico and Curtis lock up, Generico puts Curtis in a headlock, Curtis goes under Generico's arm and hits a belly to back takedown, Cutis gets up and hits a kick to Generico's back while Generico is on the ground, Curtis hits the ropes and Generico kicks up and leaps over Curtis' head and Curtis hits the other rope and Generico hits a drop kick, Generico goes for a pin and a 1 count, Generico puts Curtis in a chin lock but Curtis pulls Generico's arms apart and throws Generico over his head, Curtis hits Generico with a back elbow, Then a clothesline and an arm drag, Generico dodges the hip toss, Generico hits the rope and jumps at Curtis into a hurricanrana, Generico goes off to the other rope and spring board moonsaults Curtis, Generico with a pin, And a 2 count, Curtis gets up as Generico does, Generico leans against the ropes and Curtis runs at him but Generico throws Curtis over the top to the outside, Generico runs off the the ropes and dives to the outside on Curtis, Generico and Curtis both seem out, Generico and Curtis both get in the ring by the count of 7, Curtis gets more angry and ties Generico's arms in the ropes and hits 4 knife edge chops on Generico's chest, Generico looks like he is in agony, Curtis unties Generico and irish whips him against the ropes, Curtis hits Generico with a back body drop. Curtis climbs up top and signals for the leg drop and Generico rolls out of the ring, Curtis pauses and diving cross body on Generico on the outside, Generico seems out and Curtis does too, both men are in the ring by the count of 8, Curtis climbs for the leg drop again but Generico gets up there too, Generico grabs him and BRAINBUSTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Generico goes for the pin, 1! 2! 3!​
    Winner: El Generico​
    Match 2: Dolph Ziggler Vs Sheamus​
    *Dolph walks out with Big E and AJ*​
    *Dolph gets in the ring and looks ready for anyone*​
    Dolph: Tonight I will beat my opponent and advance to the SCW championship match! So whoever this loser is, Send him out!​
    *Sheamus music hits and he walks out on stage beating his chest, And walks down the ramp, And Big E hits Sheamus with a clothesline, Big E picks up Sheamus and throws him against the barricade, Big E stomps on Sheamus. Sheamus gets up a bit later and runs after E but Ziggler gets out the ring and dropkicks Sheamus, Ziggler picks up Sheamus and throws him in the ring*​
    Both men are in the ring and the ref rings the bell, Ziggler working the back of Sheamus with kicks, Ziggler goes for an elbow but Sheamus rolls out onto the apron and Ziggler takes a hard fall, Sheamus hits a flying shoulder over the top rope when Ziggler gets up, Ziggler sits up and Sheamus runs off the roeps and hist a low down clothesline, Sheamus gets Ziggler up and lays some elbows but Ziggler throws Sheamus off the roeps and jumps over Sheamus's head and Ziggler dropkicks Sheamus's knee and Sheamus drops to the floor, Dolph starts stomping on Sheamus's back, Sheamus rolls away to the apron, Ziggler goes for a dropkick but Sheamus drops to the outside. AJ is distracting the ref and Big E throws Sheamus into the steps! Big E is laying into Sheamus and throws Sheamus back in the ring, Ziggler goes for a Zig-Zag but Sheamus throws Ziggler off his back and hits a brogue kick! The ref begins the count 1..2 and AJ jumps in front of the ref! She is grabbing the ref! Ziggler grabs Sheamus as he gets up and tries for a Zig-Zag and Sheamus holds Ziggler on his back and turns it into a white noise! AJ leaves the ring. Ziggler is down and out, The ref goes for the pin and Ziggler kicks out at 2. Sheamus picks up Ziggler and knees him in the gut, Sheamus throws Ziggler against the roeps and Ziggler rolls over Sheamus's back and turns Sheamus around and hits a jumping DDT. Ziggler signals for the Zig-Zag and he hits it. Ziggler goes for the pin And a 2 count! Sheamus gets up as Ziggler argues with the ref, Ziggler turns around and ducks a incoming Brogues Kick! The ref is taken down! Ziggler runs out the ring and Big E runs through Sheamus and hits a BIG ENDING! Ziggler climbs back in and pins Sheamus! A new ref is running down the ramp and Ziggler is going for the pin, The new ref is in the ring 1! 2! 3! ZIGGLER's DONE IT!​
    Winner: Dolph Ziggler​
    Commercial Break​
    Match 2: New Age Outlaws Vs Brad Maddox and Briley Pierce for the SCW Tag Team Championships​
    *Brad Maddox's music hits*​
    *Maddox's voice goes off*​
    Maddox: Oh you didn't know?​
    *Maddox and Pierce walk out, and Pierce takes the mic out of Maddox's hand*​
    Pierce: Brad, of course we know. We've been hearing this shit since the 90's​
    *Maddox rips the mic out of his hands*​
    Maddox: That's great Briley, but um I was talking. Did you just say future SCW Tag Champs? ARE YOU STUPID? Do you realize that I *Briley taps Brad's shoulder* I, I mean WE are in SCW! Tell me how exactly you're gonna be Tag Champs with us here?​
    Gunn: Because we still have no competition.​
    Maddox: Hehehehe you made a funny. *Crowd starts a New Age Outlaws Chant* Do you all think that NAO will be the first ever Tag Champs? *Crowd starts a Yes Chant* That was a retorical question. SHUT YOUR MOUTHS WHEN I'M TALKING! We-​
    Road Dogg: No, I think we've all heard enough. If you wanna prove that you should can be the first tag champs then come on down here, and tell it to us to our face.​
    Pierce: Why would we even waste our breathe?​
    *Mick Foley walks out on stage*​
    Mick: Well no matter if you like it or not, You wil face them right now!​
    Maddox and Gunn start off the match with a tie-up, Maddox puts Gunn, Maddox is happy but gets thrown away at the ropes and gets a shoulder next to the ropes and rolls out the ring, Gunn follows Maddox runs to the other side of the outside and gets in the ring, Gunn goes fater him but gets clotheslined by Pierce, Gunn doesnt make it back into the ring till the count of 6, Maddox tags in Pierce annd Pierce goes with the right hands on Gunn backing Gunn into a corner and hits a monkey flip, Pierce goes for a pin and gets a 2 count, Gunn gets up and starts with fists and Gunn throws Pierce off the ropes and gives Pierce a hip toss, Pierce gets up and Gunn gives him an arm drag and then a scoop slam, Gunn goes for a pin and gets a close 2 count, Gunn sets up for a fame-asser, He jumps for it and Pierce pushes Gunn away mid air and Gunn takes a hard fall, Gunn dives and tags in Road Dogg! Dogg runs with the clothesline and Pierce ducks and kicks the back of Dogg's leg, Dogg is down on his knees, Pierce runs off the ropes and hits a dropkick on Dogg, Pierce drags Dogg over to Maddox and tags Maddox in, Maddox climbs up top and hits a big elbow! Maddox goes for a pin and Gunn gets his foot on the rope, Maddox picks up Gunn, But Gunn starts hitting elbows, And pushes Maddox against the ropes and hits a back body drop! He signals the fame-asser and it connects! Gunn looks like he is going for a pin but WAIT! What the hell! Magnus and Oliver Grey have ran in and are fighting off everyone! Magnus has picked Road Dogg and throws him out the ring! Magnus give Gunn a back body drop out the ring! Oliver Grey hits a double crossbody on Pierce and Maddox! Paige is walking down the ramp and gets in the ring!​
    *Mick Foley comes out*​
    Mick: Well, This isnt my plan for you brits, You asked to be No.1 contenders but I guess we have no champions, But 1 other team that want in on it soooo! Next week its a fatal 4 way tag team match for the TAG TITLES!​
    Winner: No contest​
    Match 3: Chris Jericho vs Johnny Nitro​
    *The lights go out, The jacket lights up, And the pyro goes off, And Jericho's music hits*​
    Commercial Break​
    Nitro kicks Jericho's leg and Y2J locks up, Y2J hits a snapmare and locks in a knee to back submission, Nitro breaks out and throws Y2J over his head, Jericho runs at Nitro but Nitro counters into a sunset flip which gets a 1 ****, Y2J gets up and Nitro sits up and Y2J hits a kick to the head of Nitro, Nitro holds the head and gets up, Y2J hits some strikes and throws Nitro off the ropes Nitro leaps over Jericho and hits an enzuguri on Y2J, Nitro gets a schoolboy as Y2J stumbles, 2 count. Jericho gets up and tries to throw Nitro out the ring but Jericho is sent flying to the outside, Nitro bounces off the ropes and hits a suicide dive, Nitro land and climbs up to the apron, Nitro looks behind him nad springboards off the second rope with a backflip and lands on Jericho, Both men get in the ring at the count of 7, But Y2J has climbed to the top and hits a diving axehandle, Y2J goes for a pin and gets a 2 count, Bray Wyatt's theme hits and he walks down the ramp circling the ring, Jericho hits the lionsult and locks in the liontamer on Nitro, Bray takes off his hat, And his shirt, He takes his time getting in the ring, Wyatt stares down Jericho, Jericho runs at Wyatt and then start brawling, Bray gets the upper hand and puches Y2J off him, Wyatt spears Jericho and starts laying punches until security break it up.​
    Winner: Chris Jericho​
    Match 4: Drew McIntyre Vs Wade Barrett the SCW Elite Championship​
    *Drew comes out to a home town reaction, And he embraces it*​
    *Wade Barrett comes out with a mic*​
    Wade: The fact that I even need to compete for this title is a horrible disgrace, Especially against this asshole Drew McIntyre, But I will compete because if the so called boss Mick Foley thinks im not good enough for the title, Ill show him right now.​
    Drew gets out the ring and goes after Barrett and Wade hits the elbow into Drew and Drew falls down on the ramp, Wade taunts Drew and Wade goes down to ringside and takes the title, Wade goes backstage as Drew is still down, Wade is now shown on the tron backstage getting water from his locker room, Drew is coming too and looks at the tron, Drew stumbles to his feet and walks backstage, Drew has regained energy and starts running down the hall after seeing Wade heading to the parking lot, Drew runs after him and catches up in the parking lot and hits Wade from behind, Drew throws Wade into a car, And starts throwing Wade's head into the car and Wade hits his elbow into the gut and kicks Drew in the gut and Drew is winded, Drew takes a minute to re group but Wade wont wait and attacks from behind with a pipe found on the ground, Drew seems out and Wade starts dragging Drew through the backstage and Drew comes to and kicks Wade in the face, Wade stumbles over to a table and Drew gets up and dives onto Wade, Drew is throwing punches into Wade and Drew steps back and runs to Wade and Wade counters into a hip toss through the table! Wade goes for a pin but the ref wont count because it isnt falls count anywhere, Wade picks up Drew on his shoulder and carries him out to the stage, Wade drops Drew onto the stage, Wade hits a big kick into the gut of Drew, Drew is in bad shape, Wade picks up Drew and tries to throw him off the stage but Drew trips Wade half way across the stage to avoid it, Drew now has the upper hand and starts laying into Wade Drew picks up Wade and hits a snap suplex on the stage, Both men have felt that one, Drew gets up first and drags Wade to ringside, Drew picks Wade up and throws him into the steel steps, Drew picks up Wade again and throws him in the ring and the match has OFFICIALLY started, Drew goes for a pin but gets a close 2 count, Drew seem stunned, Drew is in alot of pain and is still sitting on the mat sunned and Wade gets up, Drew gets up and both men lock up, Wade puts Drew into a head lock and gets thrown off the ropes and hits Drew with a shoulder, Wade bounces off the ropes and Drew dives under his feet and Wade jumps over him and bounces off the other ropes and Drew leapfrogs over him and Wade bounces off the other rope and Drew hits Wade with a hip toss. Wade gets up quick and takes an arm drag and gets up quick again and Drew hits him with a scoop slam, Drew goes for a pin and Wade kicks out at 2, Drew gets up and shouts in anger and Wade gets a roll up 1.2 kick out! Wade and Drew both get up and Drew runs at Wade and winds of change! Wade goes for the pin and gets the 3 count! Wade Barrett is your new Elite Champion!​
    Winner: NEW CHAMAPION! Wade Barrett​
    Match 5: Sting Vs Hulk Hogan​
    *Sting drops from the rafters to a huge reaction*​
    *Hogan comes out to a huge reaction*​
    Both men stare each other down, This is an Icon Vs Icon match right here. Both men lock up and Hogan throws Sting down to the ground, Sting is shocked, Sting gets up and locks up, And Sting throws Hogan to the ground. Hogan gets up, Sting throws Hogan off the ropes, Sting bends over and Hogan kicks Sting in the face, Hogan throws Sting off the ropes and gives Sting a back body drop, Sting gets up quick, Hogan hits a clothesline and another then a hip toss and an arm drag! Hogan is fired up and goes for a scoop slam and Hogan lifts up Sting but Sting escapes and lands behind Hogan and goes for a roll up, And a 2 count Hogan hits a boot and static appears on the screen of TV viewers! It keeps appearing as Hogan seems to miss a leg drop, Sting and Hogan lock up again and a WCW logo appears on the screen! A 8 second clip of Scott Hall and Kevin Nash appear on the screen, Styles: We are back folks, Its appears we have some issues but stay tuned to this match!​
    Hogan and Sting are throwing punches and Hogan with a kick to the gut, Hogan picks up Sting in a military press position and Sting gets dropped, Hogan runs the rope and more static appears on the screen and when we return to the match Sting is up top and hits a big splash, Sting goes for a pin but gets a 2 count! Scott Hall is coming out on the stage, Sting looks distracted by it and Sting turns around to a big boot from and a leg drop! Hogan goes for a pin and gets a 2 count, Here comes Kevin Nash on the stage. Sting gets upa nd Hogan is confused and distracted by Nash and Hall, Sting hits a one-handed bull dog on Hogan and tries to lock in Deatlock but hogan kick him off and hits another big boot and Nash and Hall are coming to the ring and Nash and Hall are at ringside and climb into the ring, Nash and Hall start laying into Sting and the ref calls for the bell, Hogan is recovering and Nash picks up Sting and jackknife! Its Hall's turn and a Razor's Edge! Hall and nash point to Hogan! And the leg drop! The nWo music hits and Hall and Nash rip they're SCW shirts off to reveal nWo shirts! They pass one to Hogan and he puts it on! nWo has came to SCW!​
    Commercial Break!​
    Styles: Welcome back to SCW Monday Night Massacre and Im not sure on what we just seen Tommy.​
    Ross: Its just shocking, nWo brought WCW to ashes and now they're here in SCW. Our future may be in jeproday.​
    Styles: Anyway our Main Event is next Seth Rollins Vs Jay Lethal and the winner will face Dolph Ziggler next week on Massacre!​
    *Seth Rollins is shown on the tron backstage getting ready for his match next, Luke Gallows walks in*​
    Luke: This is a disgrace, Your in a match for in the tournement. And im not, They over looked me for you!​
    Seth: My high flying and technical skill make me better than half the guys here, Im better than you and im sure as hell better than Jay Lethal and tonight I will beat Lethal and Ziggler and win my title!​
    Luke: You? Seth Rollins? That idiotic reckless kid that has a fit on the ramp?​
    Seth: You better watch your mouth! Im here to show all of you, Mick Foley and those fans out there why im better than you, Punk, Hogan, Nash Stig you name I can beat them all, Im different than all these guys here, You all use power and make yourselves look tough but you break, You break quickly in a match, You use all your energy in your strength and get worn down, I save mine and next thing you knwo im stomping you gut and pinning you 1 2 3.​
    Luke: Your drama doesnt work me on me, Im a big tough guy for sure, That doesnt mean that im a stereotype who cant even run the ropes. I am one of the best big guy wrestlers and I could whip your ass before you could even think about reacting to it!​
    Seth: Your big guys voice and smack talk isnt working, Im going to go out there and prove why im better than you and all of SEW!​
    *Mick Foley walks in*​
    Mick: Your pretty confident there, You like flying high dont you? Well lets test that and mix things up a bit, You will now face Jay Lethal in a STEEL CAGE! And Gallows you get your ass out of here before I fire you.​
    *Tron fades to black*​
    *The steel cage is being lowered*​
    Styles: This is exciting! Seth Rollins taking on Jay Lethal!​
    Dreamer: This will be awesome!​
    *Jay Lethals music hits*​
    Announcer: The following contest is a STEEEEL CAAAAAAAAGE MATCH! The winner of this match will advance to the SEW championship match! The only way to win is to escape the cage in anyway possible!​
    *Jay Lethal walks out and the crowd goes wild for him*​
    *Lethal climbs the cage and stands on top holding the cable that lowered the cage, He taunts and climbs into the ring*​
    *Seth Rollins music hits*​
    *Seth Rollins does his psyching up phase on the ramp, He finishes and walks down the ramp only to be attacked by LUKE GALLOWS!, Gallows attacks Rollins from behind and throws him into the barricade at the side of the ramp, Gallows then picks up Rollins and puts him in a military press position and carrys him down the ramp and throws him into the steel cage, Gallows picks up Rollins and hits a double handed chokeslam on the floor!*​
    Commercial Break​
    Styles: We are back live from the Magnum Arena in Irvine, Seth Rollins has had medical attention and is cleared to work this match after the brutal attack from Luke Gallows.​
    Main Event: Seth Rollins vs Jay Lethal Steel Cage​
    Rollins limps up the steps into the cage, And Lethal doesnt wait for the bell and starts hitting boots into Rollins in the corner, Lethal puts his boot on rollins face and is holding it. Rollins hits Lethal in the knee but it makes nearly no effect, Rollins hits the knee again but still no effect, Rollins then hits a kick to Lethal's ankle that had a major effect and Lethal falls to the ground, Rollins is now in control and starts kicking Lethal in the gut, Rollins picks up Lethal and throws him against the ropes and goes for a brittish back body drop put Lethal just rolls over the back and kicks Rollins in the head, Lethal starts to climb the cage but is stopped while still on the top rope, Rollins pulls his trunks and Lethal falls from the top rope on his back, Rollins goes up top he turns around and goes for a moonsault! And Lethal lifts the knees! Lethal grabs Rollins and throws him head first into the cage wall 4 times, He throws Rollins against the ropes and flapjacks him against the cage wall, Rollins falls behind the ropes in the small gap between the cage and the ropes, Rollins stumbles to his feet, He holds onto the top rope, Lethal gets to his feet and turns around and Rollins hits a flying crossbody! Rollins is getting pumped up and running around the ring and hits a leg drop on Lethal and starts climbing the cage wall, Lethal slowly gets up as Rollins is hitting the top of the cage, Lethal jumps into actions and grabs Rollins legs and Lethal pulls Rollins onto his shoulders, Rollins is now sitting on Lethal's shoulders, Lethals falls back and rollins takes a HUGE fall! Lethal gets up and climbs up to the rope, He signals for the diving elbow drop, Lethal jumps and Rollins puts up his knees Lethal's elbow connects but takes a knee to the gut in the mean time, Both men seem down and out, Both men are down for a minute and both eventually reach theyre feet and start throwing punches, Rollins throws Lethal against the ropes and Rollins hits a back body drop on Lethal, Lethal gets up and takes a hip toss, Lethal gets up again and takes an arm drag, Lethal gets up again, Seth goes for a scoop slam but Lethal hits Rollins with an elbow to the face, Lethal sprints up to the top ropes and starts climbing the cage he sits on the top of the cage as Rollins chases him, Rollins grabs Lethals arm, Lethal has a scarred look in his eyes, And Rollins hits and arm drag for the top of the cage! The crowd has exploded! Both men seem down and out. 4 mins later...... Rollins stumbles to his feet, He spots that chair in the corner Lethal brought in at the start of the match! Rollins grabs it and stares at it with a weird look in his eyes, Lethal is back on his feet and Rollins turns around with the chair in front of his face and Lethal hits a dropkick and the chair hits Rollins face, Rollins is on the floor, Lethal picks up Rollins and throws Rollins face against the cage wall and starts rubbing Rollins face against the cage, Lethal throws Rollins face against the cage one last time with alot of force and Rollins is busted open, Rollins looks dead. Lethal falls down out of exhaustion, he picks up the chair and hits Rollins in back, Lethal falls again, Lethal crawls to the door and the door is opened and Lethal begins the long crawl to the door and Rollins grabs Lethal's foot and kicks Lethal's head, Rollins climbs the cage and Lethal follows both men are standing on the top of the cage, *Punks music hits* Rollins looks around and Lethal hits a kick to Rollins leg and Rollins sits down on top of the cage, Lethal hits a kick and Rollins falls, Lethal climbs out of the cage a falls to the outside.​
    Winner: Jay Lethal​
    Punk comes out with his old SES music and has his old SES looks too, Gallows and Mercurey climb over barricades, They destroy the refs and enter the cage and attack him! Gallows hits a double handed chokeslam and Mercurey hits a moonsault, They lift up Rollins onto Punks shoulders and hits the G.T.S, Punk cuts off a part of Rollins hair and holds it up.​
    *Gallows passes Punk the mic*​
    Punk: Rollins as you sit in agony, I stand here with the first of your hair for your transformation! This is the start of something great for you Rollins, You have lived a life of sins, You have paid for your sins, You are welcome to the Straight Edge Society and welcome to a new life!​
    *All men stand fists in the air in the ring as the screen fades to black*​
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  3. Great show. Keep it up
  4. Love the fact you inserted commercial breaks.
  5. Thanks, Im going to start adding in real adds for anyone that needs something promoted.
  6. Dirtsheet Report:​
    Rumours are Dean Ambrose was spotted backstage!​
    Seth Rollins is reported to be injured after his steel cage match last week, It doesnt sound serious but may cause him to not wrestle a match this week.​
    Management were very pleased with El Generico's performance this past week and a push may be in his future​
    The Rock was spotted in town this week and he is rumoured to be appearing tonight​
    Jigsaw will not be appearing tonight as he will be wrestling CHIKARAS King Of Trios show​
    3 major signings have taken place this week but no names were revealed, Rumours backstage are Austin Aries and Christopher Daniels were signed.​
  7. Monday Night Massacre Week 2:​
    *After the show intro we see Rollins in the ring with a mic*​
    Rollins: There is a guy backstage, He goes arund pretending to be a saviour, He cut my fucking hair and pretended to be a saviour. He isnt, He is some stupid mot-​
    *Punk's music hits and he walks out with the SES*​
    Punk: If you dont believe I can save you... Well Luke and Joey havent beaten you bad enough, Men do the deed.​
    *Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns jump over the barricade and attack Luke and Joey*​
    Rollins: Punk, I have friends too!​
    *Rollins gets out the ring and heads for Punk with Ambrose and Reigns as Punk runs away leaving The Shield standing tall*​
    Commercial Break​
    Styles: Welcome back folks and GM Mick Foley has made the match as tonight, The Shield will take on the SES in a 6 man tag match tonight!​
    Match 1, Sheamus Vs Kruger:​
    *Sheamus comes out and beats his chest and Kruger hits him from behind, Kruger throws Sheamus down the ramp, Kruger rams Sheamus into the ground, Kruger pulls aways a part of the mat on the outside and slams Sheamus on the concrete and Kruger walks off*​
    Styles: We have word that Kruger is backstage with Gavin Loudpseaker, Over to you Gavin.​
    *Gavin appears on the tron in the interview area with Kruger*​
    Gavin: Im here with my guest Leo Kruger, Leo we all would like to know, Why did you attack Sheamus?​
    Kruger: I destroyed Sheamus because I have been overlooked so many times for that pale ass mother fucker and Im sick of it, Im making my impact here and Sheamus your my first step.​
    Gavin: Thank you for your time.​
    *The crowd erupts into a huge pop!*​
    *The Rock walks out on stage*​
    Styles: HE's HERE! THERE HE IS!​
    *The Rock makes his electric walk down the ramp*​
    *The Rock climbs up to the top rope and raises his arm, He then walks into the ring and is given a mic*​
    Ladies and Gentlemen, I watched last week and saw the piece of trailer park trash running this company and it made me sick, The way this compan is run is terrible and that piece of trash can get thrown of cages and go throw fire but It will not make me respect his ass, Mick, You and I have faced many times, We have teamed together. I want 1 more match with you.. But not just any match! If you lose, I become in charge of SCW....​
    *Mick comes out on stage*​
    *Mick stares at Rock and walks backstage*​
    Commercial Break​
    *We come back to a live video feed of The Rock backstage*​
    *Rock is running after Mick and attacks him, Rock is throwing strikes and knocks Mick down, Rock picks Mick up and throws him into interview area 2 and then Rock bottoms him on the ground*​
    Match 2, Jericho Vs Wyatt:​
    Jericho and Wyatt lock up and Jericho is pushed across the ring, Jericho runs at Wyatt and is thrown back, Wyatt starts kicking Jericho into the corner, Wyatt backs up and dives for a splash in the corner and Jericho dives out of the way and Wyatt goes face first into the corner, Jericho dropkicks Wyatt and goes for a pin, And a 2 count, Jericho goes for a lionsault and the knees go up, Wyatt hits a back elbow, Clothesline and a slam to finish the sequence. Wyatt throws Jericho out the ring, Wyatt throws Jericho into the steps, Wyatt slams Jericho on the outside, Wyatt pays no attention to the ref reaching the count of 6, The ref shouts at Wyatt and Wyatt gets in the ring and clotheslines the ref, Wyatt gets out the ring and Jericho hits a codebreaker, Jericho leaves and the screen fades to black.​
    *A video plays on the tron showing Lethal and Ziggler winning they're matches to compete for the title at Never Forget (First PPV)*​
    *Commercial Break*​
    British Invasion Vs New Age Outlaws Vs The Odd Squad Vs Maddox And Pierce: Elimination Match For The Dynamic Duo Championships​
    We come back from the break to Billy Gunn and Magnus starting off, Magnus and Gunn lock up and Magnus pushes Gunn to the ground and Gunn jumps back up, Gunn runs at Magnus but Magnus hits a big boot, Gunn jumps back up and takes a back elbow from Magnus, Magnus goes for a cheap pin and gets a 1 count, Magnus puts Gunn into a head lock and takes him over to Grey, Grey tags in and Magnus and Grey throw Gunn off the ropes and hit a double back body drop, Grey hits a dropkick as Gunn gets up, Grey goes for a pin and gets a 2 count, Grey throws Gunn off the ropes Gunn hits Grey with a shoulder tackle, Gunn hits a hip toss, Arm drag and goes for a fameasser but misses, Grey hits a knee and Gunn falls down, Grey puts Gunn into the corner of Curtis and Goldust and Curtis tags in and Gunn leaves the ring, Curtis runs with a clothesline at Grey, Curtis puts Curtis in his corner and hits 3 knife edge chops on the chest of Grey, Curtis puts Grey up top, Curtis climbs up, Goes for the superplex but Grey pushes Curtis down, Grey sets up for the moonsault and Goldust pushes him off, Grey lands on Curtis but Curtis had the knees up. Curtis goes for a pin 1.2 and a kick out, Grey dives and tags in Magnus, magnus runs in throwing strikes, Magnus hits a big boot, Magnus picks up Curtis and slams him, Magnus takes a drop kick from Grey and Paige jumps on the apron and is distracting Grey, Magnus turns Grey around and a MMD! Magnus pins 1 2 3!​
    Announcer: The Odd Squad have been eliminated!​
    Billy Gunn runs in and hits a fameasser on Magnus, Magnus rolls out, Gunn climbs up top but Maddox tags in but Gunn dives on to Magnus, Magnus gets into the ring at the count of 6, Maddox tries to run at Magnus but Magnus over powers him, Magnus throws Maddox into the corner, Magnus starts striking Maddox with punches, Maddox hits a knee to gut to Magnus and Magnus back away, Maddox climbs to the second rope and hits a double axe handel, Magnus falls down, Maddox starts laying into Magnus, He tags in Pierce and they hit a double suplex on Magnus, Pierce goes for a pin but a 2 count, Magnus crawls away as Pierce agrues with the ref, Road Dogg tags in and runs at Pierce they brawl, Piece hits a clothesline, Then a shoulder barge and finally a scoop slam, Pierce climbs up top and hits a diving cross body on Dogg, Pierce jumps up and hits an atomic drop, But Road Dogg is fighting back, Dogg hits some punches and shake ratle and roll and a final punch knocking Pierce down, Dogg hits some clothesline and a climbs up top for a double axe handel, Maddox runs in but takes a clothesline, Dogg picks up Pierce for the piledriver and Maddox hits a low blow on Dogg and Pierce escapes, Gunn runs at Maddox but Maddox pulls the rope down and Gunn flys out the ring, Pierce goes for a pin 1 2 3!​
    Announcer: The New Age Outlaws have been eliminated!​
    Grey runs on and dropkicks Pierce, Grey hits a few kicks to Pierce's leg, Grey irish whips Pierce against the ropes and Grey hits a back body drop, Grey tags in Magnus, They hits a double flapjack. Maddox runs at Magnus but Magnus big boots him, Magnus picks up Pierce but Pierce escapes, Gunn and Dogg climb up on the apron and distract Pierce, Magnus goes up behind and electric chair drops Pierce, Magnus pins 1 2 3!​
    Winners: And new Dynamic Duo Champions: British Invasion!​
    *Grey and Magnus grab the titles, They hold then high as Paige climbs in the ring to celebrate*​
    *Maddo and Pierce brawl with the NAO until security break them up*​
    Commercial Break​
    *Wade Barrets music hits and he comes out on stage*​
    Wade: To much of the delight of you people, Im back in this shit hole called Scotland, Last week I decimated that faggot Drew McIntyre and made him piss himself, Im the Elite champion and I am now in an Elite group of wrestlers who will go down in history as the greats, Steve Austin, The Rock, Mick Foley, The Undertaker and me! But im better than all of them so I make a new class of elite wrestlers, The Barrett Barage! Now thats Drew is done and never coming back I can take on a real challenge!​
    *McIntyre attacks Barrett from behind, Drew garbs Barrett and throws him off the stage through arena equitment*​
    *Drew grabs the Elite Championship which fell from Barrett's waist during the attack and holds it above his head, The crowd pops*​
    *A video is show of Mick Foley being taken away in an ambulance*​
    *Jay Lethal's music hits and he comes down to the ring with a mic*​
    Lethal: Im sorry guys but there will be no title match this week, After my brutal cage match last week with Seth Rollins, Im not cleared to wrestle tonight but I promise you next week on MASSACRE I WILL BEAT DOLPH ZIGGLER FOR THE TI-​
    *Dolph Ziggler's music hits and he, AJ and Big E walk down to the ring*​
    Ziggler: Whoah Whoah Whoah! Dont get ahead of yourself, You think you can beat me? Dont make me laugh, You can fight sleep, Im the man, ANd to become the man you need to beat the man and I did that last year at WWE:TLC, I beat John Cena, I stole the show and his girlfriend, Oh, She was your too? That didnt work out well did it?​
    *AJ grabs the mic*​
    AJ: Jay, Your not half the man my Ziggy is, You are to scarred and too worried to face him tonight, What are you gonna do next week? Get DQed? Get counted out? Well think again, Its No Holds Barred next week! And if you dont show up Dolph is awarded the championship and you will never get another shot at it.​
    Jay: AJ come on, You know your not really like this, Dolph has changed you, Your a better person than this, This isnt you!​
    AJ: Your right Jay, Sorry Dolph​
    *AJ walks over to Jay and she kicks him in the nuts*​
    *Big E runs at Jay as he stumbles and knocks him down, Big E hits a big ending*​
    *Dolph lies down on the mat and shouts insults in Lethal's face*​
    Commercial Break​
    Announcer: The following contest is the Main Event for this evening!​
    Main Event: The Shield Vs The Straight Edge Society​
    *Shield enter through the crowd wearing they're old Shield gear*​
    *The SES enter and Punk's beard and hair getting longer each day*​
    Ambrose and Mercury start off, They lock up and the strength battle begins, Ambrose over powers Joey and throws him down, Joey crawls to the bottom of the corner and Ambrose starts kicking Joey in the corner, Punk distracts the ref and low blows Ambrose, Mercury gets up a laughs, Mercury starts hitting kicks on Ambrose, Mercury bounces off the ropes and hits an elbow and tries a cocky pin, Ambrose kicks out, Mercury tags in Gallows and they hits a double DDT, Gallows goes to the second ropes and splashes, Gallows pins and a 2 count, Gallows picks up Ambrose and goes for a chop, Ambrose ducks and dives out of the corner, Ambrose runs and tags in Rollins, Rollins climbs up top and hits a dropkick on Gallows, Rollins is getting pumped up, He hits the ropes and hits another dropkick, Rollins hits a clothesline, A back elbow and a huricanrana, Rollins points to the top rope, Rollins climbs up and hits a frog splash, Rollins pins and a 2 count, Rollins seems shocked, Rollins irish whips Gallows and Gallows knocks him down, Gallows stomps on Rollins, Rollins gets up and runs at Gallows but Gallows hits a sidewalk slam, Gallows runs off the ropes and goes for a splash but Rollins roll out of the way, Gallows hits hard, Rollins dives at Gallows but Gallows headbutts him mid air, Rollins is rolling in pain, Rollins crawl towards Reigns and misses a tag and Gallows drag him into the middle of the ring, Gallows watches Rollins stumble to his feet, Gallows goes for a flying shoulder but Rollins dive out of the way and tags in Roman Reigns, Reigns throws strikes on Gallows, Gallows backs into the corner, Reigns throws strikes again, Reigns runes at Gallows and squashes him in the corner, Gallows walks out from the corner and a spear from Reigns, Reigns goes for a pin and a 2 count, Gallows tags in Punk, Punk hits a springboard clothesline, Reigns takes cover in a corner and takes a big knee from Punk and then a bulldog, Punk signals for the GTS, Punk lifts Reigns up but Rollins and Ambrose hits Punk from behind, everyone is brawling in the ring until Gallows and Punk escape, Mercury is lifted up for the triple powerbomb and they hit it, Punk and Gallows walk up the ramp shouting at The Shield, The Shield stand tall and have sent a message to Punk.​
    Styles: Ladies and Gentlemen thank you for joining us tonight and we will see you next week!​
  8. Monday Night Massacre Episode 3:​
    *A video plays showing the highlights from last week, Highlights included: Lethal Vs Ziggler promo, Shield Vs SES and more*​
    *The pyro goes off and the crowd do wild*​
    *The Rock's old hollywood theme hits and he walks out on stage*​
    Rock: FINALLY! *The crowd repeat him* No no no no, Sing along with the Rock is over! Now, FINALLY THE ROCK *The crowd repeat* No! Im not saying it screw all of you!​
    *Rock Pauses*​
    Now to the point! That piece of trash Mick Foley is in hospital I am incharge for tonight, And a few and by a few I mean a lot of changes with be going on around here! First of all Mick Foley your ass is FIREEEE-​
    *Mick Foley's music hits and he runs down the ramp*​
    *They brawl and Rock leans on the ropes and Foley hits the clothesline over the top, Foley runs at Rock but Rock dives out of the way and Foley hits his knees off the steps, Foley is down again and Rock takes apart the announce table, Rock throws Mick on it and sets up the rock bottom, Foley elbows Rocks face and hits his DDT on the table*​
    Commercial Break​
    Match 1 Leo Kruger Vs Sheamus:​
    *Kruger walks out and is hit from behind from Sheamus, Sheamus is laying into Kruger and throws him in the ring and the match begins*​
    Sheamus is laying into Kruger getting revenge for last week, Sheamus taunts, Sheamus hits 4 clotheslines and then a scoop slam, Sheamus picks up Kruger in a powrbomb position and throws him into the corner, Sheamus runs at Kruger in the corner and Kruger moves out the way, Kruger hits a big boot on Sheamus in the corner, Sheamus rolls out of the ring, Kruger rolls out and hits Sheamus with a clothesline, Kruger throws Sheamus into the baricade, Kruger throws Sheamus into the ring, Kruger hits a big boot and Sheamus gets up, Sheamus runs at Kruger with the brogue kick but Kruger ducks and hits a low blow and the ref misses it, Kruger pins 1 2 3 and Kruger gets a pinfal victory over his rival.​
    *Leo Kruger is celebrating and is hit with a brogue kick from Sheamus, Sheamus throws Kruger out the ring, Kruger leans on the barricade and takes a brogue kick and flies over the barricade*​
    Styles: Remember folks we have that huge TRIPLE main event tonight! Our first Main Event will be Reigns and Ambrose Vs Mercury and Gallows, Then it will be Punk Vs Rollins and finally Lethal Vs Ziggler for the SCW title!​
    Match 2, Curtis Vs Magnus:​
    *Curtis walks down to the ring with Goldust*​
    *Magnus walks down with his title with Paige and Oliver Grey*​
    Styles: If Curtis wins this match The Odd Squad become No.1 Contender for the tag titles!​
    Curtis and Magnus lock up and Magnus throws Curtis like he is nothing, Curtis shakes it off and runs at Magnus but Magnus hits him with an elbow, Magnus hits the ropes and Curtis dives under him, Magnsu jumps over him and hits the other rope, Curtis leaps over Magnus and hits a dropkick on Magnus dropping the big man, Curtis goes up top and hits a crossbody on Magnus, Magnus catches him and tosses him across the ring, Magnus hits a clothesline as Curtis gets up, Magnus hits the ropes andhits an elbow drop and a cocky pin, And only a 2 count, Goldust is watching but seems more interested in Paige than the match, Curtis hits a kick to the gut on Magnus, Curtis locks Magnus in a wrist lock and Magnus punches Curtis in the gut, Magnus runs off the rope and hits Curtis with a shoulder, Curtis stumbles back, Magnus hits the ropes again and hits a flying shoulder on Curtis taking him down, Magnus goes up top and hits Undertaker/Kane styles clothesline, Curtis gets up quick and is hit with a snap suplex, Curtis again gets up quick and Magnus goes for a big boot and Curtis ducks, Curtis hits a neckbreaker. Curtis goes up top and hits a diving leg drop, Curtis goes for the pin and a 2 count, Both men are down, Magnus gets up first and spots Goldust trying to look up Paige's skirt and Magnus shouts at him and Grey starts brawling with Goldust, While Magnus is distracted and Curtis hits a roll up and the 3 count! Curtis rolls out the ring and runs up the ramp to the backstage with Goldust leaving British Invasion stunned and angry.​
    Gavin Loudspeaker: Hello folks im here with Drew McIntyre, Drew whats on your mind with your upcoming match at Never Forget for the Elite Championship and your tag team match tonight?​
    Drew: What do you thinks on my mind? I have to go through 2 grueling matches but a the end of it Ill be the new ELITE CHA-​
    *Wade Barrett comes out of no where and attacks Drew*​
    Wade: Dont mess with Barrett!​
    *Al Snow's theme music hits and he walks out with the Hardcore Championship*​
    Al: Its back folks! And under my rules.... 24/7 RULES!​
    *Brock Lesnar's music hits and he walks out on stage*​
    *The ref calls for the bell*​
    Match 3, Lesnar Vs Snow 24/7 Rules:​
    Lesnar looks at Snow, Lesnat attacks Snow laying punches into Snow's gut, Lesnar pick up Snow in the F-5 position and a F-5 on the stage, Lesnar pins and a 3 count, Lesnar grabs the title and walks out.​
    Match 4, The Shield (Ambrose and Reigns) Vs SES (Mercury and Gallows):​
    *We return from a break to all men in the ring*​
    Match: Reigbs and Mercury start, They lock up and Reigns goes straight into a wrist lock, Reigns hits a kick to the back of Mercury's leg and he drops to his knee, Reigns kicks Mercury in the gut and releases the lock, Reigns tries a pin and a 1 count, Reigns picks up Mercury and throws strikes into his gut, Reigns tags in Ambrose and Ambrose starts throwing strikes and then a snap suplex, Ambrose goes for a pin and a 2 count, Ambrose throws Mercury into the bottom of the corner and runs at him with a knee but Mercury moves out the way, Ambrose his knee badly and Mercury tries a roll up and a 2 count, mercury hits a flying elbow on Dean knocking him down, Mercury drop kicks Ambrose as he gets up, Mercury tags Gallows in. Gallows run at Ambrose who is on his knees but Ambrose trips Gallows down and Gallows falls on his face Ambrose dives and tags in Reigns who hits a spear on Gallows who rolls out of the ring, Gallows is on the outside and is counted out. Mercury helps Gallows to his feet and they limp away.​
    Main Event 2, Rollins Vs Punk No DQ and No Countout:​
    *CM Punk's music hits and he walks out down the ramp into the ring*​
    *Rollins comes out and runs down to the ring and starts attacking Punk straight away*​
    Rollins hit a luthez press and hits fists at Punk, Punk throws him off and Rollins rolls out the ring and a suicide dive from Punk takes both men down, Rollins gets up and leans on the barricade corner, Punk runs at him but Rollins throws Punk over the barricade and into the screaming crowd, Rollins climbs on top of the barricade and dives on to Punk, Rollins and Punk brawl through the crowd of 8,000 fans, Rollins throws Punk into some arena stuff and places Punk on a table, Rollins climbs up to a balcony and stands on the edge, He dives for a big elbow and Punk rolls off! Rollins fell 8ft through a table and seems out, Punk stmble to his feet, Rollins gets up but takes a clothesline from Punk, Rollins gets up and tries to get away from Punk, Punk catches up but Rollins kicks him in the gut, Rollins puts Punk on his shoulders and walks to the barricade, Rollins throws Punk to ringside and climbs the barricade. Rollins climbs to the apron and hits a running knee drop on Punk who just got up, Rollins and Punk are both out of it, Punk gets up first because Rollins hit his face on the barricade on the way down, Punk grabs a kendo stick and starts hitting Rollins over and over again, Rollins is screaming in pain, Punk backs off and argues with a fan, Rollins gets up and grabs a beer bottle and smashes it off Punk head! Punk drops down, Rollins throws him in the ring and pins 1 2 and a close 2 count. Rollins is amazed he kicked out, Rollins goes up top and sets up for the double foot stomp but Mercury and Gallows run down and throw him off the top, Rollins falls hard and takes a double handed chokeslam from Gallows and here comes The Shield, Shield chase off SES and all four men run into the crowd. Punk awakens and sees a downed Rollins and crawls and pins, 1 2 3! Punk wins and he is helped to the back by refs, Rollins is still out as we go to the break.​
    Commercial Break!​
    Final Main Event: Jay Lethal Vs Dolph Ziggler for the SCW Championship:​
    We return from the break to see both men in the ring.Lethal and Ziggler lock up and Lethal throws strikes into Ziggler's gut backing Ziggler into the corner, Lethal throws more strikes at Ziggler, Lethal backs off at the ref request and Ziggler runs at him but takes a backbody drop from Lethal, Lethal is fired up and hits the ropes but Lethal gets caught on the ropes and Lethal falls face first while the ref checks on Ziggler, Ziggler dropkicks Lethal and pins and a 1 count, Ziggler waits for Lethal to get up and tries to hit a zig zag but Lethal throws him off his back and clotheslines Ziggler, Lethal picks Ziggler up and hits a suplex, Lethal pins and a 2 count, Lethal gets angry, Lethal stomps Ziggler. Lethal picks Ziggler up and Ziggler hits strikes, Ziggler throws Lethal into the corner and hits a stinger splash, Lethal stumbles out of the corner and Ziggler hits a superkick, Lethal rolls out of the ring and falls down, Lethal gets back in, A man jumps the barricade and stands at ringside his face is covered, Lethalis shouting at him and Ziggler gets a roll up 1 2 3 and Ziggler steals the win, The man runs in and lays into Ziggler his hood falls and is revealed as DANIEL BRYAN! Daniel lays into Ziggler and pulls out a steal pipe and hits Ziggler in the gut with it, Lethal gets up and holds Ziggler by the arms and tells Bryan to hit Ziggler in the head, Bryan goes for the hit and Ziggler dives and Bryan hits Lethal by accident right on the skull, Lethal drops and stops moving, Ziggler rolls out the ring and grabs the title and leaves, Daniel Bryan stands in shock looking at Lethal who is knocked out on the mat​
    *The screen fades to black and the show ends*​
  9. SCW Monday Night Massacre Week 3:​
    *Big E Langton's theme hits*​
    *Big E Walks out to the ring*​
    Styles: Last night on SCW.COM an article was posted saying that Big E will start his 5 Open Challenge where he must beat a man with a 5 count!​
    *Adam Hawk's music hits (Its a generic theme)*​
    And from Glasgow Scotland ADAM HAWK!​
    Styles: This is Adam's debut here and is a local here!​
    The ref rings the bell, Adam runs at Big E and Big E stands still, Adam hits Big E and it hurt Adam more than E, Adam runs and jumps at Big E and E hits him with a headbut to the gut, Adam rolls in pain, Big E picks Adam up and hits the big ending, 1 2 3 4 5!​
    *Post match*​
    Big E walks around as the crowd chant 5! 5! 5! Big E looks at Adam and Adam rolls out, Adam starts to run from E but E catches up on the stage and hits a big ending and walks off*​
    *The pyro lights off and the show begins*​
    Match 1, Sami Zayn Vs Jigsaw:​
    *El Generico's theme hits, Sami Zayn walks out and tells a producer to change the theme, Zayn's theme starts, And he rolls into the ring*​
    *Jigsaw makes his entrance*​
    Both men circle the ring, The crowd have realised who Zayn is from his previous WWE run. Zayn and Jigsaw lock up, Zayn is thrown down by Jigsaw, Zayn gets up and kicks Jigsaw twice in the leg and puts Jigsaw in a headlock, Zayn breaks it into a wrist lock and hits a dropkick. Zayn taunts and hits a back elbow and then a clothesline on Jigsaw, Zayn climbs up top and jumps for the crossbody and Jigsaw dropkicks him in mid air! Both men are down, The ref reaches the count of 7 and both men are up, Zayn runs at Jigsaw but takes a superkick, Jigsaw pins 1 2 and a kick out, Jigsaw goes up top for the moonsault and Zayn puts the knees up and Jigsaw takes that hard, Zayn stumbles to his feet and wait! Who the hell is that! AXEL GRINDER! A man jumps over the barricade and hits the Axel Grinder, When we get a clearer look at him its CURTIS AXEL! Axel throws more punces into Zayn he is then dragged out of the ring away.​
    Commercial Break​
    *We return from the break to have CM Punk in the ring with a mic*​
    Punk: I have tried for a long time to save you all, I try and I try and I get rejected, You are all too weak and I need you all to be string and accept my help with open arms, I know some of you are not able of doing that and one of you who cant, Is Seth Rollins. The man is sick and ill, He needs help which is not provided to him, But Seth. I am here and I can save you, All you need to do is raise your hand and accept the help being offered to you. You need to let me help you Seth. Now please come down here and let me save you!​
    *The Shield theme hits and Shield run through the crowd and jump over the barricade and into the ring and the brawl begins, Punk i thrown out and Mercury is next, Reigns spears Gallows and they hit him with a triple powerbomb*​
    *CM Punk is angry and rusn back only to be speared by Reigns, The screen fades to black*​
    *A promo shows hyping The Shield Vs Mercury and Gallows and Seth Rollins Vs CM Punk at Never Forgotten*​
    *Dolph Ziggler's theme hits and he walks out with a doctor from backstage*​
    Ziggler: Ladies and gentlemen, After last weeks events from last week, The match ended in my favour and I am your champion! And I am telling you that there will be NO title defense at Never Forgotten, Our No.1 Contender isnt able to compete!​
    *The doctor is passed a mic*​
    Doctor: Ladies and Gentlemen, After the attacks last week from Mr. Bryan, Mr. Lethal is suffering a concussion and was knocked out cold. He is unable to compete for a number of weeks. There will be no match at Neve-​
    *Mick Foley's theme hits and he walks out*​
    Foley: There is 2 guys I have had word from who want a shot at your title, So we will have a NEW No.1 CONTENDERS MATCH TONIGHT!​
    *ZIggler gets angry and kicks the ropes as Foley walks off*​
    Commercial Break!​
    Match 3, Luke Harper and Eric Rowan Vs Chris Jericho, Handicap Match:​
    *We return from the break to see the men in the ring and Wyatt at ringside in his rocking chair*​
    Jericho and Harper start, They lock up and Harper throws Jericho into the corner and lays punches into Y2J's gut, Harper runs away and rusn at Jericho but Y2J raises his leg kicking Harper in the face, Jericho climsb to the second rope and hits a crossbody, Jericho hits Rowan down off the apron, Jericho jumps off the ropes for the lionsault but Wyatt knocks Jericho off and the ref calls for the bell, Wyatt starts attack Jericho and hits sister abigail on Jericho.​
    Wyatt, Harper and Rowan walk off.​
    *We cut to a stream of backstage, Johnny Curtis and Goldust are backstage, They are looking through a crack in the door of Paige's locker room door, Magnus and Oliver Grey come up behind and throw them away from the door!​
    Magnus: What the fuck are you doing!​
    Goldust: N n n n n noooooooothing!​
    *Curtis runs and Oliver Grey chases him*​
    *Goldust backs off as Magnus gets closer, Magnus starts laying Goldust, Magnus throws Goldust into some boxes and Goldust crawls away, Magnus checks on Paige*​
    *Screen fades to black*​
    Commercial Break​
    Match 4, Leo Kruger and Wade Barrett Vs Sheamus and Drew McIntyre:​
    We return from the break to see all 4 men in the ring and Kruger and Drew starting off​
    Drew tries to lock up with Kruger but Kruger knees Drew in the gut, Kruger elbows Drew in the back of the head, Drew drops to his knees, Drew throws hits into Kruger's gut and bounces off the ropes and tries a shoulder but Kruger stands and gets more angry and hits a big right hook knocking Drew down, Kruger drags Drew into the corner and throws more strikes into the gut, Kruger throws Drew across the ring and tags in Barrett, Barrett runs at Drew but Drew tafs in Sheamus and Sheamus knocks Barrett down, Sheamus hits 2 big clotheslines and then a big suplex, Sheamus goes up top and hits his big shoulder, He sets up for the brogue kick in Kruger's corner, Sheamus brogue kicks Kruger, Barrett gets up in Drew's corner and Sheamus goes for a brogue kick but Barrett ducks and Sheamus hits Drew, Sheamus turns around and is hit with the bullhammer, 1 2 3 and Barrett/Kruger win!​
    Sheamus rolls out the ring and seems dazed, Drew is getting up and is shouting at Sheamus, Barrett and Kruger walk out.​
    Match 5, Brock Lesnar Vs ????​
    Styles: The hardcore title is still under 24/7 rules​
    *Lesnar is sleeping in his hotel, Al Snow has sneaked in and pins, He wins and leaves with the title, He walks outside and RKO! Orton pins 1 2 3 and Orton runs off with the title*​
    Match 6, Road Dogg Vs Brad Maddox​
    Both men lock up, Road Dogg throws Maddox in the corner, Road is throwing punches left and right until Pierce who is at ringside jumps in and takes down Dogg, And Billy Gunn runs in and both teams start brawling, Here comes Magnus and Grey, They start laying into everyone and here comes Goldust and Curtis, All men are brawling, Magnus throws the NAO out the ring, Maddox and Pierce throw Curtis and Goldust out and Maddox and Pierce throw Grey and Magnus out, They stand tall above everyone until Paige comes in from behind, She kicks Maddox in the head and low blows Pierce! She stands tall as Magnus and Grey grab the titles and raise them high as we go to break​
    Commercial Break​
    Match 8, Daniel Bryan Vs CM Punk​
    Punk and Bryan shake hands as a sign of respect, Bryan kicks Punk and they circle the ring, Punk gives him a kick too, They lock up, Punk puts Bryan in a wrist lock, Bryan reverses into his wrist lock, Bryan locks in a hammer lock and then a headlock, Bryan hits a perfect headlock takedown, Punk raises his legs enough to lock in a leg lock on Bryan's head, Bryan kicks up out of the hold and kicks Punk as he sits up, Bryan pins and a kick out, Punk hits a drop toe hold and locks in a surfboard, Bryan escapes, He pulls up Punk and a schoolboy and a kickout, Punk hits a big kick knocking Bryan out of the ring, Punk hits a suicide dive, Bryan rolled out of the way, He climbs on the apron and hits a running knee drop on Punk, Bryan screams YES! and the crowd pops, Bryan rolls into the ring and Punk follows, Bryan tries a roundhouse kick and Punk ducks, Punk rolls him up and a 2 count, Punk ties up Bryan's legs and locks in the surfboard submission, Bryan some how rolls out of it and kicks Punk in the head, Bryan pins and a 2 count, Bryan climsb up top, He signals for the headbutt but Punk dives up and hits the top rope and Bryan falls down to the outside, Punk screams "BEST IN THE WOOOOOOORLD!" and suicide dives on Bryan, The ref counts to 8 and both men get back in the ring, Punk and Bryan trade kicks and Bryan grabs Punk and locks in the YES! lock, Punk reaches the ropes, He breaks the hold and Punk low blows while the ref was distracted, Punk climbs up top and hits that elbow drop, Punk signals for the GTS and hits it, He pins 1 2 3.​
    The Shield run down the ramp and Reigns spears Punk, Ambrose and Rollins lift Punk and Reigns hits the triple powerbomb!​
    The screen fades to black as the 3 men stand tall​
    *The show ends*​
    Dark Main Event:​
    Roman Reigns Vs Luke Gallows​
    The match was good, Reigns hit a spear and Punk broke up the pin ending the match in a DQ, A brawl erupted between the S.E.S and The Shield, The SHield retreated through the crowd and ended the show.​
  10. SCW Live Event:​
    *Most matches will be recaps*​
    Drew 5,000 fans and sold 6,225 pieces of merchandise.​
    *Show opens with The Rock*​
    *Rock walks out on stage, He walks down to the ring*​
    Rock: FINALLY! *The crowd repeat* THE ROCK HAS COME BACK! To this trash hole of a city! *The crowd boo* Dont boo me! Boo yourself, You make this city so shit so dont blame The Rock blame yourself, The Rock is running the shots again tonight because that piece of shit Mick Foley is still injured so get all you booing out of the way! Now Mick, I am throwing out the challenge, Me Vs You, Never Forgot. You will go ONE ON ONE WITH THE GREAT ONE AND YOUR GETTING YOUR ASS WHOOPED!​
    *Rock's theme hits and he walks out*​
    Match 1, AJ Lee Vs Paige Vs Kaitlyn for the SCW Fierce Females Championship:​
    AJ seems to be the most hated in this match. AJ begin off strong taking out Paige but Kaitlyn started the attack on AJ, They had a feud for a while. AJ fought back she threw Kaitlyn through the ropes knocking Paige who was on the outside too, AJ climbed up top and hit a massive dive to the outside, Later on she locked in the Black Widow and won the title, Rock then came out and said the match was unfair as AJ should have been pinned after Rock claimed that a 2 count was actually a 3 count, It was a weird segment but the crowd enjoyed it, Rock restarted the match, Kaitlyn rolled AJ up and retained the title.​
    Match 2, Roman Reigns Vs Luke Gallows:​
    A very big man Vs big man match, Kinda of boring, Gallows brought down the match, Gallows lost by DQ after he hit Reigns with a chair. Reigns hit a spear on Gallows once back up and walked out.​
    Match 3, Seth Rollins Vs Joey Mercury:​
    This was one of the best matches of the night, Rollins and Mercury put on a high flying match, Lots of good spots and near falls, Rollins won with the knee drop. Mercury attacked Rollins after and hit a big moonsault off the top.​
    Match 4, CM Punk Vs Dean Ambrose:​
    Best match of the night, Brawling from Ambrose and lots of flying from Punk, The match finished when Punk went for the springboard clothesline but AMbrose kicked him in the gut and hit the headlock driver and won the match.​
    Match 5, Wade Barrett VS Drew McIntyre:​
    Meh, Was okay, Barrett won from the bullhammer​
    Main Event, nWo Vs Ziggler, Langston and Bryan:​
    Okay match, Hogan seemed a bit out of it, Hall was on fire, Ziggler superkicked Bryan off the apron and tagged in Langston, Langston hit the big ending on Hogan and won the match.​
  11. The Rock segment sounded so odd, it didn't really seem like something he'd say if that makes sense.
  12. Monday Night Massacre Week 4:​
    *The pyro lights off*​
    *Big E Langston's theme hits*​
    Styles: Its time for the 5 count challenge!​
    *Big E is in the ring and ready*​
    *Rodrigo and Ricardo's theme hits*​
    Styles: The spanish duo of Rodrigo and Ricardo, Who used to be ADR's ring announcer!​
    Match 1, 5 Count Challenge:​
    They run at Big E and E hits a double clothesline, E throws Ricardo into the corner and throws punches at him, Rodrigo runs at E and E walsk out of the way, Rodrigo rams right into, E grabs both men and throws them onto his shoulder DOUBLE BIG ENDING! Big E covers both men 1 2 3 4 5! BANG! THE 5 COUNT IS STILL UNBEATEN!​
    *A promo airs showing the card for Never Forgot, So far its: CM Punk Vs Seth Rollins, The Shield Vs S.E.S, Ziggler Vs Bryan, Wade Barrett Vs Drew McIntyre, Leo Kruger Vs Sheamus*​
    Match 2, Sami Zayn Vs Curtis Axel:​
    *Sami Zayn's theme hits and he runs down the ramp and into the ring, The crowd are behind Sami*​
    *Axel's theme hits, He walks slowly down the ring, He is standing at the end of the ramp, He starts to argue with a fan*​
    Sami runs dives onto Curtis on the outside, Sami signs a fans shirt ad Axel attacks from behind, Axel throws Sami into the steel steps and starts laying kicks into Sami, Axel picks up Sami and throws him into the barricade, The match has not started, Axel grabs a chair and hits Sami in the head, Sami seems out, Axel places Sami sitting leaning on the steps, Axel runs and boots Sami in the head, Axel leaves.​
    Commercial Break​
    *Ziggler walks out to the ring*​
    Ziggler: This is ridiculous! I have to defend my title against a reckless fool who knocked out my opponent, I am your champion for one reason and one reason only and thats because I am better than everyone in the back and everyone in this shit hole. I am telling you right now I will steal the show and Ive already stole his girlfriend so no need to do that aga-​
    *Daniel Bryan's theme hits and he walks down to the ring*​
    Daniel: Ziggler you are just too full of yourself, You think that what I did to Jay Lethal was reckless? Then your in for a hell of a rude awakening because at Never Forget, You will see reckless. I will take you to places you have never been. And as for AJ, You are just using her to further your career, You are a pathe-​
    Ziggler: NO! I dont use AJ, You used her you threw her in front of a 400 pound giant to save that title and guess what you dont even have that!​
    *AJ's theme hits and she walks down to the ring*​
    Daniel: AJ you know this isnt you, You know that this isnt the real you, What happened to you​
    AJ: What happened to me? WHat happened was over a year of emotional abuse from You, John Cena, KAne and CM Punk!​
    Ziggler: Dont listen to him, He is dilusional, He was in anger managment he is UN STABLE!​
    Daniel: AJ come on this ISNT YOU!​
    *Daniel puts his arms out, AJ walks over and slaps him, Ziggler outs his arms out, AJ walks over and slaps him, Her theme hits and she skipsaway backstage*​
    *A promo is show hyping Rollins Vs Punk*​
    *Punk's theme hits and he walks down to the ring*​
    Punk: 3 weeks, 3 weeks. For 3 weeks I have reached out to 1 man, 1 man I believed I could help. But this man is beyond help, He ha srefused and refused and I am taking no more of it. For 434 days I was WWE champion and I am volunteering to help all of you sick sick people but you all refuse just like Mr Rollins, He doesnt respect me, He doest respect what I do and he doesnt respect the fact I was WWE Champion for 434 days and he hasnt been champ for 1! Seth, At Never Forget, You will never forget what im going to do to you.​
    *Punk throws the mic down and leaves*​
    Match 4, The Rock Vs Chris Jericho​
    *The Rock's theme hits and he walks down to the ring*​
    Styles: Here it is folks the return of The Rock!​
    *Mick Foley's theme hits*​
    *The arena plunges into to darkness as Jericho makes his entrance, He shakes Foley's hand and climbs into the ring*​
    Rock and Jericho throw fists and Rock hits a big one knocking Jericho out of the ring, Rock runs up the ramp and to the backstage, The ref counts him out. Rock runs down the hall looking for Foley, Foley jumps out and hits Rock with a chair, Foley walks off leaving Rock out cold.​
    Commercial Break​
    Match 5, Roman Reigns Vs CM Punk​
    We return from the break to this match, Ambrose is at ringside. Reigns runs at Punk and Punk rolls out of the ring, AMbrose runs at Punk and Punk jumps into the ring and is taken down by Reigns, Reigns picks up Punk and throws strikes into his gut, Punk is thrown in the corner and Reigns elbows Punk in the jaw, Punk drops down, Reigns steps back and rams a knee into Punk's head, Reigns pins, 1 2 and Punk grabs the ropes, Punk rolls out the ring, Punk gets back in and lays into Punk, Reigns hits the ropes and goes for a spear, Punk kicks Reigns in the head, Punk climbs up top and hits the big elbow, Punk signals for the GTS, Reigns gets up and kicks Punk in the gut, Reigns hits the ropes and hits the spear, Reigns pins 1 2 and a kick out, Ambrose argues with the ref, Punk low blows Reigns and hits the GTS, Punk pins 1 2 3, Punk sprints off up the ramp to the backstage as Ambrose checks on Reigns, Punk taunts on the stage.​
    Match 6, Leo Kruger Vs Sheamus:​
    *Both men are in the ring*​
    Kruger goes straight into the offense, Kruger throws strikes into Sheamus, Shemus throws him off, Kruger runs back and is hit wth an elbow, Sheamus throws punches Kruer knees Sheamus in the gut and throws Sheamus out the ring, Kruger picks Sheamus up and rams him into the barricade breaking it, The ref reaches a count of 10 and the match ends, Kruger walks off and seems pleased with him self.​
    Commercial Break​
    Styles: Breaking news! The Rock has made the match and it will be Kruger Vs Sheamus this Sunday!​
    Match 7, Bray Wyatt Vs Chris Jericho:​
    We return from the break to both men in the ring, Wyatt and Jericho lock up, Jericho throws in a wrist lock, Then a headlock and a headlock takedown, Wyatt breaks it with an eye rack, Wyatt starts laying into Jericho, Wyatt picks up Y2J and throws him to the outside, Wyatt drags Jericho up to Wyatt's chair and hits the sister abigail and Jericho's face went right into the chair, Wyatt shouts at Jericho and walks off and as medics check on Jericho.​
    *Promo airs hyping Never Forget*​
    Main Event:​
    Daniel Bryan Vs Curtis Axel​
    (Dolph Ziggler at ringside)​
    Bryan throws kick and drops Axel to his knees, The crowd chant "Your gonna get your fucking head kicked in", Bryan kicks him in the head and the crowd pops, Bryan covers and a 2 count, Axel rolls out the ring and Bryan suicide dives and lands on the barricade, Ziggler dives in and starts attacking Bryan, Ziggler hits the zig zag on the outside and hits Bryan over the head with the title and here comes Zayn! Zayn dives in attacking Curtis Axel Ziggler attacks Zayn.​
    *Rock's theme hits and he walks out*​
    Rock: Well well WELL! The Rock says that the final show before the PPV will not end like this we are going to have a tag team main event HERE TONIGHT!​
    Main Event 2.0: Zayn and Bryan Vs Ziggler and Axel:​
    Match: Zayn and Ziggler start off and Zayn ducks a clothesline and hits a crucifix pin and a 2 count, Ziggler throws Zayn off the ropes and bends down for a backbody drop and Zayn hits a sunset flip and a 2 count, Zayn kicks up and hits a hurricanrana on Ziggler, Zayn tags in Bryan who hits a big missle dropkick, Brayn is on fire, Ziggler tags in Axel, Bryan goes for a clothesline, Axel ducks and hits a neckbreaker, Axel pins and its broken up at 2 by Zayn, Zayn climbs on to the apron and goes for a big leap off the ropes but Ziggler pushes him down and Zayn hits the ground outside hard, Axel hits the perfect plex on Bryan 1 2 3, Axel and Ziggler have won​
  13. SCW.COM has released the Never Forget poster!​
  14. Lookin great so far
  15. Never Forget Card:​
    Daniel Bryan Vs Dolph Ziggler for the SCW Championship​
    The Rock Vs Mick Foley Hardcore Match For The Ownership Of SCW​
    Wade Barrett Vs Drew McIntyre For The SCW Elite Championship​
    British Invasion Vs The Odd Squad For The SCW Dynamic Duo Championship​
    New Age Outlaws Vs Maddox and Pierce For The No.1 Contendership For The SCW Dynamic Duo Championship​
    S.E.S Vs The Shield​
    CM Punk Vs Seth Rollins​
    Sami Zayn Vs Curtis Axel​
    Bray Wyatt Vs Chris Jericho​
  16. Never Forget:​
    Bray Wyatt Vs Chris Jericho:​
    Match wasok, Jericho hit some big dives, Wyatt hit the sister abigail, Jericho was attacked by Harper and Rowan, Jericho won by DQ, The Wyatt Family destroyd Jericho after.​
    Main Show:​
    *A huge display of pyro goes off and the crowd are going crazy here*​
    Match 1, The Shield (Reigns and Ambrose) Vs S.E.S (Mercury and Gallows):​
    *The Shield's theme hits and the crowd go crazy, Shield walk through the crowd and endter the ring*​
    *S.E.S theme hits and they walk out, They seem to be over as heels. S.E.S enter the ring*​
    Ambrose and Mercury start, They lock up, Ambrose throws Mercury down and starts throwing punches like crazy, Mercury pushes Ambrose off and Ambrose rolls under the bottom rope, Mercury hits a flip over the top rope knocking Ambrose down, Mercury grabs Ambrose and throws him back into the ring, Mercury covers and a 1 count, Ambrose gets back up and takes a clothesline, Ambrose starts fighting back with punches, Ambrose hits a DDT and covers 1 2 and a kickout, Ambrose grabs Mercury and places him in the corner, Dean tags in Reigns, Reigns puts Joey on the top rope, Reigns climbs to the second rope, Mercury pushes Reigns off, Mercury hits the big moonsault, 1 2 and Ambrose breaks the pin, Gallows runs in and takes down Ambrose, Reigns throws Gallows out the ring, Mercury rolls up 1 2 and a kick out, Reigns hits the ropes and spear! Reigns covers 1 2 and a kickout. Gallows is in his corner again and Mercury tags in Gallows, Gallows runs right through Reigns, Gallows picks up Reigns and hits the double handed chokeslam, Pins 1 2 and Ambrose breaks it, Ambrose lays into Gallows, Ambrose throws Gallows into the corner, Reigns recovers and climbs to the top, Ambrose helps lift Gallows up, Reigns has Gallows in the powerbomb position and he jumps and a powerbomb off the top rope! Pins 1 2 3, The Shield have won!​
    Match 2, Sami Zayn VS Curtis Axel:​
    *Zayn comes out to a babyface pop*​
    *Axel comes out to mixed reactions*​
    Zayn start off with kicks on Axel, He locks in a wrist lock, He runs up the ropes and hits a dropkick off the third rope, He covers and a 2 count, Zayn points up top, He climbs up and goes for a crossbody but Axel hits a mid air dropkick taking Zayn down, Axel throws Zayn out of the ring and throws him into the barricade, Axel throws Zayn over the barricade, Axel climbs into the ring and Zayn gets back just before the count of 9, Zayn springboards and is catches by Axel, Axel hits a backbreaker. Axel picks up Zayn and hits the perfectplex, He bridges 1 2 and a kickout, Axel starts throwing punches, Axel taunts and goes for a neck breaker, Zayn moves runs up the ropes, Jumps and hits the DDT, Zayn covers 1 2 3, Zayn wins, Axel isnt happy, He garsb Zayn and lays into him, He hits 2 neck breakers and leaves.​
    Match 3, CM Punk Vs Seth Rollins:​
    *Punk enters to Cult Of Personality*​
    *Rollins enters*​
    They lock up, Punk goes into the headlock, Rollins throws Punk off the ropes and hits a shoulder, Rollins runs off the ropes, Punk dives under him, Rollins hits the other side and Punk leaps over him, Punk hits a hip toss and an arm drag but Rollins pulls out a dropkick, Rollins pins and a 2 count, Rollins throws Punk out the ring, Punk leans off the barricade, Rollins dives and Punk rolls out the way and Rollins hits the barricade hard, Punk kicks Rollins in the head, Rollins falls over the barricade into the crowd, Punk is telling the ref not to count and he stops, Punk climsb up on the barricade and hits the elbow drop on Rollins, Rollins gets up and stumbles through the crowd, Punk and Rollins start brawling, Rollins throws Punk over the barricade and into the ring, Rollins bounces off the ropes ad goes for a blackout but Punk moves, Rollins misses and Punk lifts him up, and GTS! Punk pins 1 2 and a kickout, Rollins starts choking Punk in the ropes, The ref counts but Punk says no DQs, The ref gets word from backstage that at Punk's request the match is no DQ no countout, Styles announces it on the mic, Punk brags Rollins hair and throws him into the mat, Punk climbs up top and hits a moonsault, Punk covers 2 count, Rollins and Punk brawl and Rollins comes back, Rollins hits a clothes line, And a dropkick and finally a slam, Rollins climbs up top, Punk gets up and Rollins hits a crossbody, Rollins taunts but Punk comes up from behind, GTS! And both men drop to the floor, They get up at the count of 8, Rollins hits the blackout, Rollins climbs up top, Here comes Gallows and Mercury, They push Rollins off and Rollins hits a knee drop on Punk as he gets up, AMbrose and Reigns run down and take out the S.E.S, Rollins pins 1 2 3 and Rollins takes the win, Rollins runs to the backstage, Punk sits in the ring surprised, Gallows tries to help Punk up but Punk refuses, Punk walks backstage.​
    Gavin Loudspeaker: Ladies and gentlemen my guest at this time CM Punk, Punk after weeks of claiming you were going to save Seth Rollins, Whats going through your mind right now?​
    CM Punk: What going through my mind? Well, I was unfairly defeated by Mr. Rollins because of the 2 men I saved, They thew his knee into my head, This is not the end. I will defeat you Seth, Just a matter of time. You may have won the battle but not this war.​
    *Punk walks off*​
    Match 3, New Age Outlaws Vs Maddox and Pierce:​
    Maddox and Gunn start off, Maddox pushes Gunn into the corner and chops him 4 times, Maddox starts mocking Gunn, Gunn chops Maddox and starts kicking him, Gunn irish whips Maddox and hits a back body drop, Gunn hits a snap suplex and pins 2 count, Gunn kicks Maddox, Gunn takes Maddox to the corner, He climbs to the second rope and lays punches into Maddox, Maddox pushes Gunn off over the top rope and Gunn hits the floor, The ref reaches the count of 8 and Gunn gets back in, Maddox runs for a clothesline and so does Gunn, Both men are knocked down, The crowd fire up and a double tag, Dogg runs in and takes out Pierce, Dogg tries to hit the pumphandel slam but Pierce breaks it and manages to lock in an ankle lock, Dogg is reaching for the ropes, ANd here comes Gunn, Gunn attacks Pierce but here comes Maddox, Maddox hits the dealbreaker on Road Dogg, Maddox grabs Billy Gunn and throws him out the ring, Pierce covers Road Dogg, 1 2 3 and Maddox and Pierce win! They roll out the ring and run up the ramp celebrating, The NAO lay amazed in the ring.​
    *A promo airs, Its hypes the debut of Adrian Neville, Making his return to Scottish wrestling after 6 years*​
    Match 4, Drew McIntyre Vs Wade Barrett SCW Elite Championship in a Scottish Bar Room Brawl:​
    *Ringside crew set up weapons and place a bar counter with stools and beer*​
    *Barrett walks out and climbs in the ring, He holds his title high and the crowd explode in boos*​
    *McIntyre's theme hits, He walks out and panders to the crowd, The crowd are going crazy*​
    Drew starts the attack on Barrett knocking him out the ring as he was handing his belt to ringside, Drew gets out the ring and grabs a kendo stick, Drew wacks Barrett in the back, Barrett fights back by throwing beer at Drew and laying in punches, Barrett hits Drew's head on the bar table, Barrett suplexes Drew and pins 1 2 and a kick out, Barrett puts Drew on a table, Barrett climbs to the apron, Barrett and an elbow drop through the table, Barrett pins 1 2 and a kick out, Both men get up and Drew throws Barrett in the ring, Drew grabs Barrett and throws some strikes, Drew hits a big strike knocking Barrett down, Drew starts laying into Barrett with kicks, Barrett fights back and throws Drew off the ropes and hits a back body drop, Barrett pins and a 2 count, Barrett and Drew both run at each other with clotheslines and now its a double down, Drew and Barrett both roll out the ring, Drew grabs a stool and Barrett grabs a chair, They run at each other, Barrett hits Drew first and takes control, He hits a bent over Drew in the back with the chair, He takes a break and drinks some beer and Drew is on the ground, Drew hits a low blow on Barrett and the crowd pop, Drew throws strikes and Barrett backs up on the barricade, Drew runs at Barrett and rams into him, They take a part of the barricade down, the crowd are going crazy, They chant "Holy shit". Barrett crawls away through the crowd but Drew cayches up and hits a suplex on the concerte floor, Drew drags Barrett back over the broken barricade and throws him in the ring, Drew pins and a 2 count, Drew gets angry and rolls out, He grabs a trash can, He places it down, Drew grabs Barrett and hits the futureshock DDT on the can, He pins 1 2.99999, Barrett kicks out, Drew seems mind blown, Barrett rolls out as Drew recovers, Barrett grabs a beer bottle, Barrett climbs in the ring, Drew turns around and is hit with the bottle, Barrett hits the elbow as Drew falls, Barrett pins 1 2 3 and Barrett takes the win, Barrett rolls out the ring, He grabs his title and walks off, The blood is still pouring on his face, Drew is out cold with blood all over his face as Barrett limps up the ramp.​
    *Mick Foley appears on the tron getting ready for his match, There is a ref there*​
    Foley: This is a fight to the end, Who ever wins will own SCW, Im telling you, This match wont end by DQ, It wont end because one of us cant continue, It wont end from count out. This match will only end by pinfall or submission, You got that?​
    Ref: Yes sir.​
    Foley: Good.​
    *The ref walks off*​
    *The screen fades off for the next match*​
    British Invasion (C) Vs The Odd Squad for the SCW Dynamic Due Championships:​
    *Magnus, Oliver Grey and Paige walk out to the ring carrying the titles they won 3 weeks ago*​
    *The Odd Squad walk down to the ring*​
    Magnus and Goldust start, Magnus goes right into offence laying kicks into Goldust backing him into a corner, Magnus lays more kicks in Goldust in the corner and Goldust falls down, Magnus is pulled off by the ref, Magnus chokes Goldust with his foot in the corner and the ref pulls him off at 4. Magnus pushes the ref away and throws more punches. Magnus tags in Grey, Grey runs to the other corner, he runs and dropkicks Goldust sitting in the corner, Grey lifts Goldust up and goes for a suplex, Goldust stops it and hits his own, Goldust runs and dives tagging in Curtis, Curtis runs in and grabs Grey, He hits a northern lights suplex in the corner sending Grey hard into the corner, Curtis drags him into the middle of the ring, Curtis climbs up top, Grey dives up and Curtis jumps for the crossbody and Grey dropkicks mid air, Both men are down, Curtis gets up first, He grabs Grey and hits a swinging STO, Curtis hits a dropkick on Magnus, And Adrian Neville runs down to the ring, He jumps in and throughs Curtis over the top landing on Goldust, The ref calls for the bell, Neville climbs up top, He hits the Red Arrow on Grey, Magnus climbs in the ring with the titles, He hands one to Neville, Paige climbs in and raiases their hands as they celebrate.​
    *The Rock appears on the tron, He is getting word from the ref that the match will be end by Pinfall or Submission only, He seems pissed off and throws the ref out of his locker room*​
    Match 6, The Rock Vs Mick Foley For The Ownership of SCW:​
    *Foley is walking down to the ring as Rock attacks him from behind with a chair, The ref calls for the bell*​
    Rock starts laying into Foley, Foley fights back but Rock rams him into the barricade, Rock hits a backbody drop on Foley on the outside, Rock throws him in the ring and pins 1 2 and a kickout, Rock lays into Foley but Foley pushes him off, Rock leans off the ropes and Foley hits the cactus jack clothesline and they go over the top, Foley starts laying into Rock and hits his with the chair, Foley drags Rock but Rock throws Foley knees first into the steps, Rock drags Foley to the announce table, Rock put Foley on it and sets up for the rock bottom but Foley counters and a DDT! Throw the announce table. Foley throws Rock into the ring for the pin and a 2 count, Rock recovers, He throws Foley off the ropes and hits the arm drag and hip toss, Rock hits a spinebuster, He places the chair on Foley's head and hits the peoples elbow, Rock pins and a 2 count, Rock grabs the chair and hits Foley 6 times, Rock climbs out the ring and grabs some rope, Foley attacks Rock on his entry into the ring, Rock hits a low blow and a rock bottom, Rock rolls Foley over and ties his arms and shoulders together, Rock pins, Foley cant kick out due to the rope 1 2 3 and Rock cheats his way to a win.​
    Main Event, Dolph Ziggle (C) Vs Daniel Bryan:​
    *Daniel Bryan comes out to The Final Coutdown as the crowd chant*​
    *Dolph Ziggler walks out to the ring*​
    Both men stare down, They lock up, Ziggler pushes Bryan down breaking the hold, Bryan rolls up, They lock up again and Bryan is taken into an armbar, Bryan pushes Ziggler off the ropes and leaps over him, He hits a hip toss and pins 1 2 and a kickout, Bryan tries to lock in the cattle mutilation but Ziggler pushes him off, Bryan falls back, Ziggler tries to throw him out but Bryan kicks him in the head and Ziggler falls out the ring, Bryan hits the ropes and flips over the top and on to Ziggler on the outside. Both men are down, Ziggler gets up and leans on the barricade and Bryan starts kicking Ziggler's chest, Ziggler pokes Bryan's eyes and runs back in the ring, Bryan stumbles back into the ring, Ziggler rams Bryan into the corner and hits the stinger splash, Bryan stumbles out the corner and Ziggler goes for the zig zag but Bryan throws him off his back, Bryan hits a suplex on Ziggler, He pins and a 2 count, He climbs up top and dives for the headbutt but Ziggler dived out of the way, Ziggler rolls Bryan out his back and drops a big elbow, He pins 1 2 and a kickout. Bryan rolls out of the ring, Ziggler hits a crossbody off the top rope on to the outside, Both men brawl on the outside, Bryan throws Ziggler into the ring and climbs up top, He hits a huge missile dropkick, Bryan throws Ziggler off the ropes and hits his big flying elbow, Bryan picks up Ziggler onto his knees, He goes for a kick but Ziggler ducks and gets a roll up, 1 2 and Bryan kicks out, Bryan kicks Ziggler and he stumbles, Bryan climb up top and dives for a crossbody, ZIggler hits the dropkick and both men are down. Bryan and Ziggler both get up at 9, Bryan hits a clothesline, a back elbow, flying elbow and finally a bridging dragon suplex and a 2 count, Daniel starts arguing with the ref and Ziggler hits the zig zag, He pins 1 2 and a kickout, Ziggler hits the jumping DDT, Ziggler picks Bryan up, Bryan fights back but Ziggler hits a firemans carry takedown and drops an elbow, Ziggler taunts, Bryan kicks up and hits Ziggler in the back of the leg, He hits his kick combination, He tries to lock in the cattle mutilation, Ziggler grabs him into the inside cradel, 1 2 3 and Ziggler steals it! Ziggler rolls out the ring, He grabs thw title and runs up the ramp​
  17. Big Signing!
    SCW have signed Kevin Steen and The Young Bucks!
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