Scottish Independence

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Brad., Aug 5, 2014.

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  1. Pretty sure there are a few Scots on here

    Yes or no?
  2. Why though? There are loads of benefits/advantage from leaving the UK
  3. He's from Georgia. He probably doesn't even know what you're talking about :dawg:

    As far as benefits of leaving the UK, they'd still be using Sterling just rebranded under their own name and that wouldn't be legal tender in this country, so there's one issue. Currently everywhere accepts Scottish currency, they wouldn't if they became independent.

    Their military. England currently secures the UK waters as a whole, right? So what are they going to do then. It would require massive spending that they don't have to gain sufficient defenses. Not to mention losing the Trident class submarines, we'd have to locate them elsewhere, and they currently provide hundreds of jobs to scots.

    One benefit I guess would not be being the EUs bitch, but for Scotland to really get any attraction in terms of corporations going there and moving outside of the EU they'd have to cut corporation tax hugely because they don't offer the same security that being in the EU does. (allegedly :dawg:)

    There isn't a chance in hell that Scotland vote yes. In fact if they do you can delete my account. Ain't gonna happen.
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  4. What about the main benefit - having their own government? Scotland (and the north of Eng, for that matter) barely votes Tory but is governed by them. Leaving Westminster is surely the biggest attraction. Military/currency is only minor issues which I'm sure they can easily sort post-referendum.

    Agreed, the betting odds suggest they will vote no, although I can't see why
  5. The only reason the North doesn't vote Tory is, I can tell you for a fact, because of Maggie Thatcher. What she did will never be forgotten in the north, ever. It's just a price you pay that she was part of the Conservatives, if she was labour I assure you the north-east would be tory-held.

    I guess that is a benefit for them but at the end of the day they have a parliament, they still do things for themselves. I'd say national security and currency, considering how closely they're linked, would be more of a priority than being able to create more of their own laws.
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  7. I'm in favour of getting rid of our tartan hat.
  8. Everyone talks about voting yes, even people who cant vote which makes me laugh. I haven't paid any attention to it so.
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  9. Todays the day we find I've found it quite intriguing over the last few days I can see it being very close with no being voted by the majority
  10. Have Scotland been evicted from the Big British House yet?
  11. If they want to leave they can.
  12. One of the biggest moments in Britain in decades tbh. Many say the UK elections just lead to the "same old same old" people, but whether it is YES or NO, there will be a shift in UK politics, for better or for worse. Quite intrigued to see how the change comes and how it affects everyone.
  13. Can we get rid of Wales after.
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    Since it's just a referendum vote it's not like they would have been immediately independent had yes won.

    Besides, the perks of staying in the union far outweigh the perks of leaving. Too many uncertainties should they have left the union. Especially since the Yes side had no appropriate plans for long term growth as an independent nation
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  15. How some Scots are feeling today
  16. Fun fact the pound doubled in value against the dollar whilst this was happening.
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  17. Scotland is still our bitch.
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  18. When bookies start paying out before the result is even announced you know it's not happening :dawg:
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