Scotty 2 Hotty return on NXT

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Rysenberg, Aug 16, 2012.

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  1. Such a god :lol1:

    Lmao @ Regal: Ey up!
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  2. Scotty Too Hott =Awesome
    Regal on Commentary = Brilliance.
  3. This > Rocks return. The real GOAT is back.
  4. great to see him back. Missed The Worm. :gusta:
  5. I'm Bangin it Bangin it Bangin it Bangin it Bangin it Bangin it Bangin it Bangin it :gusta:
  6. :yay: he is so awesome wonder if he will return to be a regular performer.
  7. Just re watched this whilst watching the show, is it wrong I marked pretty hard?
  8. Nope. I was his biggest fan as a kid. Doing the worm brought back some good memories.
  9. Probably not. He could help the talent down at NXT though.
  10. He's 42 now.
  11. Jesus, really? He looks pretty much the same, especially with his body shape.
  12. Yeah I was amazed with his athleticism still too.
  13. 42 years old aye, I would say something like age seem's to catch up eventually but Scotty Too Hotty has the cure to stop aging :shock:
  14. Quite curious why he didn't return when the legends were on RAW. He would have had an awesome pop.
  15. That surprised me too. No offence to Rikishi but Scotty was more over than him.
  16. Rikishi definitely should have appeared still.
  17. Rikishi's appearance was pretty nice to see in my opinion.
  18. Wasn't it mentioned NXT was in the same city as Scotty lives? Maybe he couldn't be arsed to travel.
  19. NXT is shot in Winter Park, Florida. Not Orlando, that was a Saxton fumble. Still home field for Scotty.
  20. No idea, but seems like a reasonable reason.
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