Scrap the US title?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 29, 2012.

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  1. The title is completely meaningless, the time that it should have on every RAW show could be used to boost the tag-team division. That's one argument for scrapping it, another argument against it would be that it could make superstars into main-eventers like Miz, he came to his own during his reign.

    At the moment though it's so bad and it probably does more damage to superstars.

  2. They should make it bigger.
    Like in the old times, US and Intercontinental champ's were huge too!
    An example: Hogan had the WWF title, and Savage the Intercontinental.
    They were evenly matched at that time.

  3. But there's the US and IC championship now. I say keep IC and scrap US personally.
  4. Scrap the WHC seriously. It's a midcard world title (Ala ECW) thats the problem two world titles messes up the midcard as there are essentially three.
  5. Agreed. End the retarded ass brand split, have a match to merge the WHC/WWE Championship and you can have two midcard champions with the US and IC
  6. I said that ages ago and I got negative reactions from most, I'm surprised you lot agree. If the brand is separated then there needs to be a WHC or the IC title can be elevated to that stage.

    Two mid card champions on the same brand doesn't make sense to me though.
  7. IC championship is an upper midcard belt and the US is the midcard belt. The titles can switch places during drafts or whatever.
  8. WWE Championship (1 main event title)
    US Championship (US and IC Champs will be mid carders with fueds that actually have thought put into them)
    IC Championship
    Light Weight Championship (Please bring this back. The X-division in TNA has some real excitement)
    Tag Team Championship (Make some real teams with real fueds. No random guys just thrown together. They need a team name and matching ring attire)
    Divas Championship (I say just dump the whole Divas division but if you are going to keep it get some women with some actual talent. No more roll up endings. Move the title around. Have some real fueds. No more farting)
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  9. Nice post. I'd bring back the cruiserweight division too most certainly.
  10. Undisputed WWE title would be nice if they would bring that back..
    But then there will be too much top guys for battle for the championship.
    Would end up in a rumble match for the title imo.
  11. Back when John Cena won the US title at WM 20, it had so much prestige. Him, Carlitio, Rey, tons of guys were competition for the belt. Now, there's not enough people being pushed. I love the look and idea of the belt but I'd say scrap it for now, make IC inter-branded and bring some life to the midcard divsion.
  12. NO! Keep it but put it back on SD! And IC on Raw!
  13. Pisses me off how easy it is to re-establish it.

    Regular TV slot, mic time and recognizable stars being involved and boom it's back. ADR, Riley and Mysterio would be a nice trio for the belt.
  14. For some reason WWE hates Riley and he gets buried on NXT. That pisses me off too, good potential talent being buried on fucking NXT.
  15. Think he's playing politics wrong, not sure to be honest. It's sickening though, he's so much more talented than Big Show or Khali.
  16. What do you mean? I've seen you post on a few occasions about A-Ri and politics. What are you going on about?
  17. He's not on the good side of people backstage. Not shaking the right hands and scratching the right backs.
  18. Being pushed is 20% talent, 50% Vince, 30% politics.

    A-Ry is at 20%.
  19. Change the belt... it's ugly,

    I'd say change it back to the old version.... but then again the WHC was in WCW so who gives a sh**

    Belts need a new design every few years and this belt looks like something I made when I was two

    IC is retro.... make the US retro
  20. If they got rid of the brand split, then I think having four championships will be the perfect balance: WWE Title, IC Title, Tag Team Titles and Women's Title. That way, you have a title for main eventers to fight over, a title for midcarders/upper midcarders to fight over, a title for tag teams to fight over and a title for women to fight over. Although I personally hate women's wrestling, so I would try to replace it with bringing the Cruiserweight title back or something, I dunno.

    As it is, I don't know if getting rid of the US Title is the answer. They just need to feature it more and actually start putting their US Champion on television. The fact that Raw is a supershow every week sort of damages it as well, because it makes one of the world championships kinda look like the second most important title, thus making the IC Title look third most important, thus leaving the US Title in 4th place at best.
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