SCSA vs Undertaker WM 30

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zach, Aug 23, 2012.

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  1. Opinions? Last match of both of their careers?

    I think it would be awesome

    If you dont think so, who would you rather face Undertaker at WM 30!
  2. I think it'd be better to set these guys apart and fight younger talent for their last match. Undertaker could really put someone over, or at least make a superstar look good even if that superstar doesn't win, just needs to be a good match. Stone Cold is the same way, could have the opponent win or have a good long match, either way I rather them not fight each other since I don't think it'll be as good as their last fights in the past, even if they never met at Wrestlemania.
  3. If you could pick, who does Undertaker face at WM 30? And do you want to see SCSA at WM 30 or 29, and vs who?
  4. I dont really care which Wrestlemania it is, I'd like to see CM Punk vs Stone Cold since they'll be such great build up from the match. A beer drinking redneck badass vs a straight edge badass. It's bound to be a great match, and have some memorable promos, confrontations, and other stuff with these two. As for Undertaker, I'd say Wade Barrett. They can work off the storyline that Undertaker never got revenge for the Nexus attacking him, and he wants revenge now. Wade doesn't back off though, and says he wants the battle to happen at the best of them all, Wrestlemania. Don't care of Barrett wins or not, he can get a good rub from that match, and he'll look even better.
  5. If Barret vs Undertaker were to happen, i don teven know what i do i'd probably prematurely ejaculate all over my computer causing it to short circuit rendering it useless so i cant watch wrestlemania :okay:
  6. SCSA said he would only wrestle CM Punk.
  7. :smug: I'm sure we all will, don't really see anybody else Undertaker that could go up against that would make use of this streak.
  8. A match with John Cena is the biggest match that Taker could have at Wrestlemania at this point. And I think WM30 is the perfect place to do it. I've had a prediction for awhile now that it might even be Taker's retirement (Cena being his last victim or something like that) but regardless of that, I'd love to see that match. Austin/Taker has been done a million times and it would be a huge waste of an Austin and Undertaker appearance at a Wrestlemania.

    lol No, he didn't.
  9. no! Punk vs SCSA and Taker vs Cena!
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