SCUM setting out to kill ROH

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Feb 7, 2013.

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  1. Would this be a storyline that would interest you guys? SCUM taking over ROH that is.

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  2. It would if it involved someone else. Steve Corino is a bore IMO, and I have no like or hate for Jacobs.
  3. Opinions on Steen and Rhino then.
  4. I swear RoH has a lot of "take over this company or try to kill us" type storylines.
  5. Steen should be alone, not part of a group. Also feel only indifference for Rhino at this point. Not that I know who I'd put there instead. If Steen must be in a group maybe have the Wolves turn, join him, and that would be a more believable dominant group in RoH .
  6. Thw Wolves? I don't think a heel turn could make them interesting in my eyes. I'd rather pair him up with Fish and O'Reilly if I could pick.
  7. They have no reason to hate RoH yet though, they're still pretty fresh and could be the ones fighting for RoH. The Wolves and Steen have been around long enough to have kayfabe hate for the company. That way those three guys can help elevate younger talent and make new stars.
  8. Lol what a morons...

    If you kill ROH, who will give you turds a pay then? That's why I hate when "insider" people wanna "destroy" the company that pays them. It's OK when somebody comes from the outside and wants to destroy for something, but this is stupid. It also made Steen look stupid for the past year for the exact same thing.
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